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Hyundai Sonata vs. Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry vs. Ford Fusion



  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    to get a few free drinks tonight ;) , but of course those won't be mixed with any type of driving.

    The Camry debuts on Jan 9. I think its going to be pretty damn impressive, especially if its using the 269 horse 3.5L and 6sp Lexus transmission as rumours have stated. That would surprise me, but you never know. The 4 will be anywhere between 158 and 166 horses and will use an all new 5 speed auto. We'll see how that pans out in terms of acceleration and economy- the new car is said to be significantly more solid in structure and weight is said to have gone up as much as 175 lbs on some models- Im hoping thats not across the board.

    It seems Bluetooth will be available on at least two of the four models (return of CE to displace 'Standard', mainstream LE, sportier SE, more luxurious XLE are expected). Side curtains (and side airbags) and 4 wheel disc ABS.... expected standard, not taking the Ford route.

    5 speed manual continues in CE, SE 4. Trunk space up, handling/ride allegely improved all around (maybe less Aunt Jemima in the steering of the non-SEs? One can only hope..)

    Again, all of this is educated specualtion based on everything I've read, but looks appealing. I have seen two different taillight designs, one I definitely prefer, so Im hoping for that one, and there has been one pic of a puke green color that I sincerely hope is not offered.

    Good thing the Fusion is off to a good start.... :P

  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    I'd be surprised if the 07 Camry didn't get the 268 hp GR engine. All the Japanese mags are saying so, and all the rest of Toyota products seem to be getting that engine as well.

    I would be surprised about the 6 speed though, but only because the Avalon only has a 5 speed.
  • goodegggoodegg Posts: 905
    Have you driven a Hyundai - lately?

    Yes, I have. Drove a Sonata LX. Liked it but wouldn't call it superior in every way. Actually gonna check out the Azera tomorrow. See if it has better seats etc.

    Go visit the 07 Camry board, after that drink. Great looking package. Salud.
  • Ah yes the old "Conform or be cast out." go with the crowd moo, moo, moo.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The GR engine is not really any longer a question- one of the folks on the 07 Camry thread saw the SE, snapped about 17 digipix, and saw the 3.5L under the hood.

    Dont know how or why, but why bother questioning- dude provided the first 07 left hand drive interior pics I've seen- of a Bluetooth, JBL 6 disc, cloth equipped Camry SE (V6). Jazzy but simple, big improvement over the current, IMO. Instrumentation looks like it will be damn pretty at night, as do the climate controls.

  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    And that folks, is the reason the Camry will continue to be the best selling sedan. ;)
  • Personally I find it quite upsetting what has happened to the US auto industry over the past 30 years. Everywhere you look and read Japanese cars are best, Korean cars are best, etc. And that's online, on the news, in the magazines, talking to your co-workers, friends.....

    I still remember when made in the USA meant something was a superior product, when people were proud of that label. Now Detroit is really on it's knees. What happens to the US with no Ford or GM? A scary thought IMHO.
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    My Honda Accord was made in America, as is my
    current Hyundai Sonata. As I mentioned before,
    my dog of a Chevy Celebrity was made in Canada.
    What I didn't mention before was that the salesman
    had a huge "Buy American" sign above his desk.
    I found this quite ironic, when I opened the door
    of my new Celebrity, and saw the Maple Leaf. :) :)
  • Yes GM and Ford are on there way out or at least headed for a substantially smaller role in the market - probably for the rest of our lives. They brought it on themselves with greedy unions and overpaid workers (including worthless CEOs). They made very poor cars for years, intentionally often times, to get us to buy a new one in three years (after lots of trips to their service department in between). We are now moving to a service economy the days of dropping out of high school to work at the plant for 100K (with over time) a year are over.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Made in America is still as good as anywhere else. My Ford F-150 and Chrysler T&C have been just as reliable and free from problems as my Toyota and Nissan vehicles...and have a much more comfortable ride. ;)
    ;) BTW, Ontario Canada is also in America. ;)
  • I beg to differ American cars are poor quality. I remember my mother's 71 Buick Estate Wagon 455 4 barrell (8 mpg hwy!) at the 1500 mile mark the trannie died. I was about 16 and driving the vehicle in 1980 and it threw a rod in spectacular fashion at the 75,000 mile mark - RIP.
    My old man's Oldsmobile 98 and Cutlass had more problems than there is paper to write them all down. My 1994 Ford T-Bird was a nice car but its trannied died at 35,000, had a power steering problem, windpw broke etc (it was made in Canada).

    If Americans made good cars people would buy them. In the old days we had no choice but to buy their over priced junk.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    It has been pounded and pounded into our heads that Ford/GM don't make reliable/quality products. Yet, I switched over in the early 90's and have never had any problems. Stigma, pure stigma that drapes over Ford/GM. Toyota is said to have this great reliability.. get out on the net.. you will find problems both about Honda/Toyota/Nissan. It is a sad day when Americans allow our heritage to slip away to foreign interests. This is not good for our children, for our economic future. Those who claim Honda/Toyota or even Hyundia build here.. you don't know the whole story. Ask where the tooling came from? the vendor support? the tech support? tax breaks? management? profits go? When you educate yourself you may be surprised.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We're talking specifically about the Sonata, the Accord, the Camry and Fusion here. These larger manufacturing and other issues belong in an appropriate discussion on our News & Views board.

    Let's try to stick to the topic ... thanks.
  • littlezlittlez Posts: 167
    Several of the vehicles you mentioned were built over 20 and 30 years ago. Sure, back then it was not necessarily good. Things have changed since then. And if you look at many of the quality and dependability studies, the domestics are better than many of the imports.
  • littlezlittlez Posts: 167

    Many on the forum have tried and many have failed.
  • The consumer has spoken.
  • littlezlittlez Posts: 167
    I think many consumers just don't know.
  • And how was the quality of Toyota, Honda and Datsun during that same time period?
  • Pat is going to be pissed if we keep this up. I am already on his bad boy list. I'll make this one last point.

    Japanese began to improve their quality and the American cars never did. If American cars began to improve and the Japanese cars didn't we would be looking at a totally different situation. I've gone out and purchased a Korean built car (Sonata) because they are more reliable and reasonably priced that is how the market works and should work. The US manufacturers may come back some day but they have alot to prove to us - since the way they treated their customers in the past.
  • oldjoeoldjoe Posts: 132
    Sigh, I guess if you design a POS in the handling department, as the unnamed midsized car is, then I guess you will have the engineers trying desperately to "fix the hamburger car", not by engineering but by vapor-hype.
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