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New Ford Escape Hybrid Owners - Give Us Your Report

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
Introduce yourself and get to know other Escape Hybrid owners here!

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  • tduffy2tduffy2 Posts: 1
    I'm a new Escape Hybrid owner and the love this car. Looking forward to conversing with other owners on issues as they arise.
  • tblasktblask Posts: 1

    Tblask, here in Marin County; just moved up from San Francisco - in the FEH, 'natch. The warmer weather and flatter terrain are much appreciated by my '05 Escape, and by me as well.
    With 6,000 miles logged since delivery in December I'm at the point where
    I'll have the first service done very soon. All that city driving, with those wicked hills, certainly qualifies as 'severe service' by any standard - but, really, the crankcase oil isn't very dirty at all; however, we all know there's a pile of metal bits of all kinds just floating and flying around in there. Good riddance, right?
    Just popped in a cabin air filter, Motorcraft FP-49, which by the way fits ALL
    Escapes, and which we all know is NOT supplied by Bill Ford & Company.
    Enyhoo, Big Hello to all you kool cats and Hybirds out there!

    O & BTW, the Escape Hybrid is a true delight to own and drive by my lights
    (well, in the daytime, too).

    Toodles ~ Tblask

  • cfox1cfox1 Posts: 3
    Today, I will be purchasing the 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid.
    The reason for the purchase is obvious--gas prices. I currently enjoy driving my Toyota Highlander AWD (20 mpg), but to spend nearly $400/month in gas is down right ridiculous. My daily commute is from Grand Haven to Grand Rapids, a brisk 100 mile daily trip . Three months ago I put an order into Ford for my 2006 model. To my dismay, last week the dealer called me and told me my SUV would not be ready until early 2006 due to the lack of cell batteries (I believe I would loose the '04-05' $1,000 tax break if purchased in '06).
    I got lucky.
    A dealer in Grand Haven was trying to sell on Ebay the exact same vehicle I ordered from the Grand Rapids dealership, except it was an '06. The Ebay deal fell through and the car is mine today, just like I ordered.
    How did the much smaller Grand Haven dealer get their hands on an '06?
    My hope is that I will be able to cut my gas use by 20-25%.

    Can anyone comment on highway mileage?
  • I get about 29.7 on the highway @ 70mph.
  • getting 29.4 miles per US gallon after 2100 miles; have done more highway driving than I will typically do so expect my mileage to improve as I stick closer to home now that vacation is over.
    Have cut my consumptiuon by 33% versus my Volvo XC70 and have realized a relative savings of 12% by being able to use a less premium gas = SIGNIFICANT!
  • maimmaim Posts: 1
    I'm a new '06 Escape Hybrid owner and really enjoying the SUV.
  • Purchased 2006 Escape Hybrid in Dallas TX on 8/27/2005. After 3 tanks of gas the instruments tell me that I'm getting approx 33 mpg (haven't calcuated true mpg yet). Much better mileage than I got from my previous vehicle (Land Rover Discovery). I also hope the Escape proves to be more reliable than the Discovery.
  • Is any one signed up for the Escape Hybrid sessions in Dearborn, MI Oct. 8 or Oct. 9 ? Much to my dismay, I received the mailing and called only to find out it is full already. Just wondering, if anyone may be going that could report back in this forum what was covered and any helpful hints they offer. In May, I got my 2006 Escape Hybrid and so far I really enjoy driving it !
  • I was INCREDIBLY lucky about 10 days ago to have picked up a USED 2006 Escape Hybrid. Some guy in Santa Fe, NM with a lot of money to throw around didn't like the seat and decided to trade his '06 in after only 2 months of service for an Explorer. Ultimately it meant a price tag for me of 3000 under MSRP for a practically brand new car. He did manage to put 5000 miles on the car though, but they must have been mostly highway miles, which to me is a huge plus. Right place at the right time I guess.

    So far I love it. My only concern is the amount of technology. It seems like one giant computer chip with the navigation system, electronically controlled 4 wheel drive and of course the hybrid computers. Looking under the hood and listening to all the servos and valves opening and closing, I have to wonder just how much time I'll have before it is in the shop for repairs. The warranty on the Hybrid components is nice, but it only covers very specific items. Anyone have any experience yet with failing components?

    Mileage in hilly/mountainous NM so far has been hovering around 29.5 (4wd).
  • new to the board, and new to my 2006 escape hybrid! i picked it up aug. 31st and so far it has about 1700mi on it. i've gotten the mpg up to 31 (still steadily rising) but it promptly drops to 28-29mpg when my husband drives. darn leadfoot! michigan license plate NIMHBUG...and i love explaining it to people :)

  • I bought my Escape in June from Muzi Motors, Norwood, MA.
    I traded in a 2004 Chevrolet escape for the Escape.
    I commute 12 miles to work along busy Rte 9 west of Boston. The Blazer got 12mpg; the Escape in getting approx 33-35.

    The other car [wife's car] in the family is a Toyota Corolla. It gets 28 mpg, so my Escape is getting better mpg.

    I sometimes see one other Escape on Rte 9. Funny thing, usually I am driving the Corolla when I see the other Escape. Someday I hope to wave to the guy in the other Escape from my Escape.

    My father told me about these boards. He posts at the Camry forum. If you're reading here---"Hi Dad".

    Pleased to be here. Thanks.
  • Hi, just picked up our new Escape yesterday. 330 miles on it so far. Runs great, lots of interior room, very quite, lots of pep. Milage is creeping up. Much too soon to comment on the milage. Other than 8 weeks waiting for delivery from the factory to the dealer, I'm pleased with the whole deal. So far the message board has answered several questions. I'm sure I'll have more.
    More later.
  • hi - did you get the navigation system? please let me know. thanks. my nav cd's got stolen and i am lost in seattle.

    :) i'd appreciate a response.
  • Hello from the Great Brown North!
    Well it is this year, thus far anyway, even saw a Gopher today outside the Office.
    Boy is that Dude going to be in for a shock when we get snow next month.
    Any way I have had my little "Green Sprout" since August 2005 and I am enjoying the ride!
    It has some quirks but so does every car.
    I hope to draw on your help on a few things and provide help back as well when I can be of service.
    Anyway time to call it quits for tonight.
    Glad to be a part of such a great group of folks!
    Cheers! ;)
  • xertesxertes Posts: 11
    Hi. Just purchased a brand new 2006 Escape Hybrid about two weeks ago. Bought it with 48 miles on it, now have over 600! Took it on a nice day drive last weekend, and really enjoyed it. Bought it from Don Aadsen Ford-Mercury in Ronan Montana, and had a great experience. Test-drove it on Wednesday, made the deal on Thursday (over the phone), and picked it up on Saturday. The salespeople were great, and they worked with me on trade-in and financing. Turned in my 2000 Mercury Mountaineer (Premier trim w/ all the options)... bought the Mountaineer last August to move out here to MT from NC, but was only getting about 11mpg in town to/from work, the escape is already getting well over two times that. Overall, good buying experience, and I'm looking forward to more weekend trips in the coming months, not to mention visiting the gas station half as much! :D
  • 69driver69driver Posts: 4
    Bought a 06 last night at Koons Ford Sterling.

    Looking forward to being green
  • atlvibeatlvibe Posts: 109
    Just purchased an 06 Escape hybrid today. Looking forward to better fuel economy and clean air emissions. 60 month zero percentage finance rate was the icing on the cake for me. The current price of fuel made this a easy decision.
  • xertesxertes Posts: 11
    Hello. Bought my 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid about three weeks ago, traded in a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer AWD V8, since I was only getting about 11mpg in the city. So far, I love the FEH, and the gas mileage. :)
  • devomidevomi Posts: 10
    I bought a 2007 FWD Escape Hybrid last week. 260 Miles on it now and the avg. mpg is 35.4 All of the miles are city miles--no hwy miles. So far i love it. The battery starts to kick in after about a mile of warm-up. That may chnge in the winter. I have had it up 35MPH in the battery mode B4 the gas motor kicks in. I can go about a mile in battery mode B4 the moter comes on to re-charge. You do have to drive it completly different, but it only took a couple of days to get into it. I love it now when a big SUV passes me, he is getting 15MPG I am getting 35MPG. I will catch-up to him at the gas station. :)
  • I have an '06 which I took delivery of in '05 and love it. My highway mialge varies on how I drive. If in flat Florida I drive around the speed limit I get around 30.7 miles to the gallon. If I do a little over the speed limt (maybe 10 miles/hour os so) I drop down to around 26.7 MPG. On a trip from South FL to to South Carolina with a topper a fully loaded cargo area and fully loaded passenger area I did about the same. Compared to my previous van which was avg around 17mpg I am really pleased, and every time the price of gas goes up I keep on smiling :)
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