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Honda Civic Hybrid Owners: Meet the Members

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
Introduce yourself and get to know other Civic Hybrid owners here!

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  • richard26richard26 Posts: 2
    I bought a 2005 Civic Hybrid last month and after 2 fill ups my mileage is 561.7 and my mileage per gallon is only 30.393. The mileage has been 80% city & 20% highway. The dealer tells me that there is a break in time & that I should wait until the car has 2,000 miles on it. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is the dealer correct.
  • hybrid_brihybrid_bri Posts: 15
    I just purchased an 05 Civic Hybrid with the 5-speed manual transmission.
    My first tank of gas lasted 497 miles and I put 10.5 gallons in. Thats 47 mpg.
    The trip A meter on the dashboard read 47.1mpg as the average mpg for the tank. Now I am on my second tank and the trip A meter is registering 51.7 average mpg.

    I drive up and down hills both ways to work with some flat area driving in stop and go traffic 18 miles each way.. At times I'm going 20mph other times I'm going 50mph.

    My suggestion for you to improve your milage is as follows. Push the button sticking out where the speedometer is until you see Trip A lit up. Reset trip A at each fill up. I have been reading that other owners never rest Trip B to track the life time average MPG for their car. Keep an eye as you drive on your current average mpg. As you are driving make sure the mpg realtime bar on the bottom is registering higher than you averave mpg. You will find that if you lift a tiny bit of pressure from the gas pedel as your driving your realtime milage will stay between 40 and 60 mpg most of the time.
    The owners manual states that if you use the AC you will see a HUGE drop in gas milage. Try not to use it too often. Try using your cars secondary AC system. All cars have one.
    Its the unspoken air conditioner model 450 . Four windows down at 50mph.
    Good luck with your car.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    "Four windows down at 50mph" will probably cost you more in fuel than all windows up with the A/C on. It's a well understood simple matter of aerodynamics and reduced coefficient of drag (Cd).
  • hybrid_brihybrid_bri Posts: 15
    Not true with the hybrid. Read your owners manual concerning the hit on fuel milage with the hybrid civic running with the AC on. I got 47mpg on the first tank and 51.8 on the second tank with the windows wide open averaging 50-55mph.

    I am quite aware of the fact that a normal gas only powered car or truck will achieve better fuel economy with the AC on and the windows closed at higher speeds.

    Listen, don't take my word for it. Drive around yourself with the AC on all the time for your entire next tank of gas.
    I challenge you to prove me wrong.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    As I am interested in purchasing a Civic Hybrid, but do not yet own one, I don't have an Owner's Manual to which I can refer. Please type the exact wording from the manual that (as you indicate) confirms that driving with the windows down will give you better mileage than with them up. Thanks in advance.
  • mervin36mervin36 Posts: 1

    I'm looking to buy a 2005 Civic Hybryd in the next few weeks. Has the mileage improved on you car? Anything you can tell me that I should know?

    Thanks in advance,

  • bashnaglebashnagle Posts: 1
    yea that is what my dealer told me too. Seems to be the case as far as i can tell. My 2005 civic hybrid milage slowly increased over the first 1000-2000 miles and has and is now after almost 8000 miles ave. 42mpg. I am pleased as i drive about 800miles/wk for work 50/50 city/HW.

    DN :D
  • stimetsstimets Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Hybrid and have driven it 50K miles over the last three
    years. My experience is consistent: 50 MPG during the winter
    and 44 MPG during the summer. I drive with the AC on all the
    time during summer (I live in the south and I'm not insane). So,
    yes, there's a hit in mileage when using the AC, but it's worth it!

    The thing to remember is that you are not driving a hot-rod.
    Ease up on the gas pedal, use the ECON feature, don't accelerate
    too quickly, etc. I have met a few folks that told me they weren't
    getting the mileage they hoped for, and after talking to them
    it became clear that the reason was that their driving habits weren't
    yet attuned to the "economy-car-mentality." After a while, they
    got it and they have enjoyed the 45+ MPGs that they bargained for!

  • I bought a new Civic hybrid in February of 2005. My wife drives it to work daily, and there is an elevation gain/loss of 2700 feet in a 12 mile commute each way. Averaging 37 mpg with the A/C on all the time. I can live with that. Auto trans. Linda is happy with her new car...
  • kmh3kmh3 Posts: 35
    I commute 15 miles each way to work, half city and half highway, and the highway is modest hilly terrain. Summer requires I use air on the way home, but mornings are cool enough to avoid it.

    I bought the car because I am changing jobs to an 80 mile commute. The car will save me thousands in gas over a few years.

    I am getting 43-44 mpg so far on the trip meter
    My goal is to break 50 and hold there at 50+. :-)

    I am slowly trying the tricks I read about in these forums. I pumped my tires up to 44 psi (their rated max) and that helped, the dealer had them at 32. I actually like the tighter road feel as I tend to like firm suspension cars with lots of feedback.

    The trick of accellerating normally (not too slow, not too fast) up to speed and then coasting to the next light with the clutch down does seem to improve my city mileage. I think this trick is primarily for manual tranny owners.

    I downhift into stops to recharge the battery (down through second gear anyway).
    If the battery is charged I don't downshift but let the auto-stop shut off the engine while I brake, you have to shift into neutral with the HCH-manual for the auto-stop to work.

    I only run the AC in ECON mode.

    Managing the air-conditioner with auto-stop is a bit fun since this model year needs the engine running for the compressor to be on. If I shift into gear while stopped the engine will start. And if I shift back out into neutral the engine will auto-stop again. So I can play games to save gas and still not get overheated.
    Anyone who buys a 2006 HCH won't have to do this I hear.

    I thought the car was really wimpy at first and was dissapointed. 93 hp combined should be just fine for a car this weight. I began to notice the gears were really tall (the electric motor gives huge torque at very low rpms thus allowing tall gears).

    Then I calculated the redline speeds for each gear (I won't take the engine to redline until the break-in is over so these figures are calculated not observed):
    1st 33 mph
    2nd 61 mph
    3rd 98 mph

    I only tried it a few times, but downshifting into second or third when needed and mashing the gas pedal produces enough power for situations like uphill highway on-ramps.

    The electric assist meter pegs itself when I do that, which is kind of fun to watch in a strange way, since driving this car like that is wrong on so many levels, but it is good to know it can do that when I need it. :-)

    I am going to put synthetic oil in at 3k miles after the break in is done.
    I hope Mobil1 comes in 0-20 weight.

    The tires that came on the car have a 240 treadwear (which is kind of low) so I started shopping in advance for replacement tires. I haven't heard any feedback from others yet about how long the Bridgestone B381 tires last.

  • Greetings all y'all.
    I am awaiting for 06 Civic Hybrid and thinking about my options. First, I am not interested on spending $12.- plus to commute 80 miles/day to work. I drive 99 Dodge Ram Quad Sport and I am getting 500 miles on 26 gallon tank.
    Second, I am 6' 4" 240lbs., not tiny fellow. I owned 84 DX which I rolled on the roof in Wyoming with only 5K on it. No scratches on me - DX totaled. Smallest car I owned since that was 89 Eagle Premier. Well I sat in & drove 05 Hybrid and i was pleasantly surprised with some of the features being almost identical to DX from two decades ago (remote trunk & gas door levers, tilt wheel lever etc.) BUT, long commute may call for Accord Hybrid. Please share your thoughts. ;-D
  • Hi Richard,

    I bought my HCH in mid April. I am already at 4,224 miles and still only average 33 mpg! I've been learning all the tricks from here and other sites and employing them. I had my recall done 1 1/2 months ago and although I see a minor increase, it's not much of one.

  • Hello...I bought my 05 HCH about 2 months ago. The car runs great and quiet. I have been getting anywhere between 43-47 MPG. I have tried to use all three different levels of octane for gas. I didn't notice a great difference on the fuel efficiency, thus, I stuck with the octane 92 so that my engine would be cleaner in the long run. However, I have been wondering when I should do an oil change. The dealer told me every 5k, but I am wondering if I should bring it into the dealer sooner. I am approaching 4500 miles now.
  • davem7davem7 Posts: 35
    I just purchased a 2006 HCH and already have 2000 miles on it, previously I owned a 2005 HCH CVT for 6 months and put on 20,000 miles.

    So far the overall mpg for the '06 is 49 combined city and highway and methodology is to cap the tank to the same exact level on each fill up.This is in Western New York where elevations vary considerably from level to foothills.. The '06 has both a real time and trip mpg but I have doubts about their accuracy however i'll withhold final judgement until I put more miles on it.

    The major performance improvement I see between the '05 and '06 is in the Auto Stop feature. On the '05 you had to be going almost 20mph for it to engage and if you took your foot off the brake for a second it would not reengage unless you resumed the previous speed.

    With the '06 the Auto Stop engages closer to 10mph and re reengages at about the same speed, sometimes even slower. If you spend a lot of time idling or crawling at low speed when traffic is backed up the Auto Stop will significantly improve your mpg over a period of time Unfortunately it takes about 5 minutes of driving before the vehicle warms up enough for the Auto Stop to function so you may find find yourself idling in the gasoline mode at your first two or three stops.

    Hope to make further reports after more driving, esp. with winter setting in to see what effects the cold temperatures have on fuel economy.
  • mistermemisterme Posts: 407
    Bought a new 2004 HCH about 22 months and 52K miles ago.

    I've owned 18 used cars and this is my 4th new vehicle. By far it has been the most fun and economical.

    Over the past 52K miles I've averaged over 60MPG, most of last winter (2005) I've done mid-upper 60's MPG driving carefully.
    I drive almost 100 miles a day over very hilly North Georgia.

    So far the battery capacity hasn't changed, at least as far as I can tell and haven't had any other problems.

    This car has been a win-win.
  • Borek,
    I am not sure how different the '05 Civic Hybrid is from my new '06, but they are both very efficient cars for mixed mode (city/suburban) driving. For flat-out highway driving, though, they are really just toting around an expensive regenerative system that will hardly get used. If I were you, I'd get a Jetta diesel. They reliably go on highways with high 40s to low 50s MPG, and they don't even rust out as fast as most gas powered cars.
  • What are people paying for 2006 HCH's out the door (i.e. after tax, license and fees). We paid around $24,000...pretty steep, but we really love the care. Thanks.
  • jguarfnjguarfn Posts: 5
    We saw the 2006 HCH last week at a car show in Albuquerque and were impressed by it and the Prius. Toyota told us it would be a 6 month wait. We've been Odessey owners for the past 7 years and figured it couldn't hurt to ask with the pump prices pushing $3/gal. The Rio Rancho dealer had one with Nav that really didn't appeal to us, but 3 hours later we drove home at nearly the same payment level. The navigation features are pretty cool from the descriptions of the book and we look forward to putting on some miles.

    Jguarfn :shades:
  • jph3006jph3006 Posts: 49
    Congratulations on your purchase of the HCH. May I ask you to write about your impressions (or your wife's) about driving the hybrid and it's dual system vs. the old Honda van? Thanks
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