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Honda Civic Hybrid Owners: Meet the Members



  • jguarfnjguarfn Posts: 5
    From the short time I drove it, I couldn't tell much difference from the Odyssey in the way it runs. Other than it shutting off the engine at each stop, that is. That takes a little getting used to. The pick up and acceleration was excellent and I really like watching the MPG gauge as I'm driving. She misses the higher seating position but not the trips to the pump.
  • butchinvabutchinva Posts: 4
    I'd been driving a 1994 Civic LX (automatic) since late '94, and retired her (Betsy) in favor of a used '03 HCH. That was at the end of January. I'm loving the new car. Got a 5-spd this time, and am really enjoying that, as I live in the Appalachians of SW Virginia. I suppose I could modify my habits a bit more to get better mileage, but it's still hovering around 50-52 on the computer, and 45-49 real world.

    This car should hold me until Honda comes along with the ethanol fuel cell powered one in a few years. BTW, did anyone else know that Honda is going to be importing their turbodiesel line into the US?? A friend in the UK drives an '05 Accord TDI wagon and absolutely loves it.

  • filmlabratfilmlabrat Posts: 13
    Since I've had my 2006 HCH for about a month now, I guess I get to be a member of this forum.

    I'm having fun, here in Los Angeles. I miss my 2002 Honda Accord V6 EX-L coupe but am adjusting to the totally new experience of my HCH. My first Honda was in 1976 and I've had about 9 new ones since then. My 2006 HCH is by far the most drastic change for me.

    The technology really amazes me. The Nav system is really state-of-the-art. I have a handheld GPS that I take on trips and the HCH Nav system blows it away. The audio voice feedback is really cool. A friend, that I often go to lunch with, thinks that the female computer voice is really sexy and would like to ask her for a date. If anyone has her phone number, please let me know.

    One of the many surprises for me was the interior room. Since I'm coming from an Accord, I thought I would really be cramped. The 2006 HCH is VERY roomy inside. I would guess that the total cabin cubic footage is actually MORE than in my Accord Coupe.

    One thing that's hard to get used to is the short snout on the HCH. I'll pull up behind a parked car and guess that I am, maybe, 6 inches shy of his bumper. I get out and find that I'm 3 feet away!

    I hope all you HCH brothers and sisters are having as much fun as I am.
  • davhandavhan Posts: 21
    My previous car was a 2005 2.4l 4cyl Honda Accord, which I absolutely loved. A very smooth and sophisticated drive indeed. But...when I found out about the new 2006 HCH coming out, well...I just had to have one. I wasn't disappointed at all. Amazing fuel economy in the worst traffic imaginable. 60 mile round trip in mostly bumper to bumper and I get 50mpg plus. No complaints about power or sophistication either. All in all a very good move. No GPS option here (Australia), but who cares when gas is over $6.00 per gallon and due to hit $9.00 a gallon by 2007.

    Enjoy :)
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,681
    gas is over $6.00 per gallon and due to hit $9.00 a gallon by 2007

    Don't be so pessimistic. Think positive. Maybe it will go down a buck or two. What does the government give you for the $4 in tax on each gallon? You should go with CNG vehicles down under.

    Australia's gas reserves are at an all-time high and continuing to climb steeply

    You probably have more oil than Saudi Arabia if you just look for it. You could be paying 12 cents a gallon like Venezuela.

    The continent and its marine jurisdiction are vastly underexplored; only 8000 wells have been drilled and many offshore basins have never been tested (figure 2). The big fields in any new petroleum province are usually found first, so Australia's best chance of adding major new oil reserves is to find new petroleum provinces.

    Get at it mate, we will buy any extra you have.
  • davhandavhan Posts: 21
    I guess that's why we are all thought of mushrooms down here!

    We are being regularly told to expect gas prices to rise substantially in the near future by the government and other "experts". The last time I filled up gas cost me $1.35 per litre (4.45 x $1.35 = $6.00). Our government is pretty greedy when it comes to taxes on gas (I'd better call it petrol because we also have LPG = Liquid Petrolium Gas...and I'll get confused!). Anyway, the government puts a "price parity" tax on petrol to bring us up to world oil prices, and then puts another tax on that - GST (Goods and Services tax). So we get hit twice. Now as oil prices rise, so the government makes even more money. Do we see any of these "taxes". No way. Would they ever think of removing the double dipping way. So it pays them to have petrol prices go up...not down. Petrol prices have NEVER gone down in Australia. They have been steadily rising for as long as I can remember. I think you know more about what reserves we have than we do! That's an excellent link and I'll take my time reading it.

    Considering the geographic layout of Australia, and how most of us are used to travelling long distances to get to work...or anywhere for that matter, you would think that the government would go easy on petrol prices. But like the revenue they earn from gambling, they're hooked and unlikely to change.

    So we just have to change the way and what we drive. So hybrids are starting to become quite popular. At first it was just the local councils that drove them to make an environmental statement. But now you see more and more average Joe's driving them.

    Don't get me wrong, Australian's still have an ongoing love affair with the V8, but it is starting to change.

    Big V8's are very hard to sell now.

    I believe, that as renewable energy sources are developed for cars, so the urge to find new reserves of oil will dwindle. And as that happens petrol prices will continue to rise.

    I believe that we still import the majority of our oil from the OPEC nations. So we are strongly linked to what they want to slug us per barrel.

    By the way, petrol prices can vary from Monday to Friday by as much as 15c. This is supposed to be a competitive market at work...but it's really strange how they all go up together just prior to vacation time!
  • worldpeaceworldpeace Posts: 1
    i also bought an 05 in april-just drove it from memphis to nm - averaged 80 mph there and back-same as you, i only got 33 mpg-disappointed but just read about the tires - the sticker on the door says 30 lbs - what have u learned so far??? could it have been the weight of the luggage and 2 passengers
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,681
    I guess that's why we are all thought of mushrooms down here!

    Don't be so hard on yourself man, we are not told the truth at least half the time in the US. I do think you are wise to get the Honda Civic Hybrid. Nice solid vehicle and with your gas prices and commute it will pay for itself. I still want one of those Ford Ranger diesels you have. Is your diesel as expensive as gas (petrol)?
  • davhandavhan Posts: 21
    Diesel is actually MORE expensive than about 10-15 cents per litre. This is because Diesel is not that popular here yet. Not sure about the Ford Ranger. Is that a "pickup" style or commuter style. I'll have to go to and take a look. We do have small car diesel's, but they are fully imported mostly...Peugot etc. and quite expensive too. Diesel's for the most part are looked on as noisy, smelly and something that farmer Brown drives around "on".

    So any saving you make on the efficiency of a diesel is lost in the extra cost of the vehicle and the fuel. Pretty dumb really because I know in Europe that diesel's far outsell petrol.
  • Hey all, just bought an 06 HCH about a month ago, have ~1400 miles on it and just filled the tank for the 2nd time... Lifetime MPG so far is 51.4. 669.3 first tank, 667.7 2nd tank. ~12.5 gallons to fill it each time. Silly stuff.

    I love the car. It's a totally different driving experience than anything else, but the combination in technology of the IMA system with the CVT is really spectacular. I cant believe how often the VVT closes the valves on the engine and shuts off fuel supply to conserve gas. It'll do it for a few seconds at a time, but they add up on my 90 mile/day commute...

    And BTW, the car *can* run on electric only at 60+ mph. Not for LONG, mind you, but it can...

    And for all who are considering it, the Nav system is a great option. It's very accurate, and I love the PC card slot. I got a PCMCIA flash memory adapter and a 4GB flash memory card and dumped upwards of 700 songs on it. They are all accessible thru the folders via touchscreen. Very cool stuff.

  • allcarsrcoolallcarsrcool Posts: 113
    Real world numbers how much does it cost to replace the hybrid battery?
  • ski49ski49 Posts: 3
    I picked up my 2006 HCH three weeks ago and have put more than 1,800 miles on it so far. My 1st tank was only 41.48 mpg, next was up to 46.07 followed by slow increases to 46.40 and finally 46.97. My travels the 1st tank was 90% city. The next three have been 60% highway & 40% city. In all cases the on board computer mileage estimates were 1.5 mpg less than what computing the mileage using actual miles driven vs actual gas purchased.

    So far I couldn't be happier with the driving expierence and mileage. Especially since the mileage is more than double what I was getting with my 2003 CRV.

    In other posts I saw a number of comments concerning the lack of a fold down rear seat or at least a pass thru to the trunk, along with the lack of a power sun roof, larger tires & wheels, and the rather misleading XM ready labels on the radio.

    Fold down rear seat / pass thru - can't be done due to the fact that the battery pack sits directly behind the rear seat.

    Power sun roof - weighs too much which would reduce mpg.

    Larger tire and wheels - see power sun roof.

    XM ready radio - as much as I would like to force the issue with Honda I already owned an XM radio that I had removed from my previous vehicle. Installation in the HCH was only $80.00 by Circuit City instead of the $400+ Honda wants and the $450 for the XM module. You can but an XM or Sirius radio for less than $100 plus installation and use the money saved for other fun things. I simply plug it into the auxillary port and it works great.
  • davem7davem7 Posts: 35
    I agree that the price for the integrated XM radio for the '06HCH is excessive.

    On my '06HCH I have the integrated unit, on my previous '05HCH I had the "Roady" type.

    I have found the difference in performance between the integrated and the "Roady" types to be considerable with the integrated superior.

    As I understand it the integrated type has a dedicated frequency for XM, witb the "Roady" types you have about 8 FM frequencies to choose from. Depending on your location you may receive overriding interference from a non XM station on the same channel and it may require switching frequencies. This has never happened with the integrated type-there is no other frequency to switch to.

    I've had no experience with Sirius.
  • ski49ski49 Posts: 3
    Sorry for the delay in replying.

    I don't use the FM frequency mode for my Roady2. In my 2006 HCH there is an auxillary port that is directly compatible with the Roady2 using a simple standard connection available at any Radio Shack or similar store.

    It will plug in right below the cigarette lighter and is also used to attach and MP3 player and similar items. Using this connection method gives almost exactly the same performance as the dealer installed unit. To hear the XM radio simply chose the AUX button.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Power sun roof - weighs too much which would reduce mpg. :( :sick:

    22 lbs.

    That is difference in curb weight of a car with power sunroof and without power sunroof with all other equipment being the same. The results were obtained using Mitsubishi Lancer.

    Power Sunroof is not going to affect mileage in any significant manner at all whatsoever.
  • Windows down can actually increase gas consumption as well! Air-stream effect or something like that.
  • On my 2002 HCH is seemed as though I got better mileage with the windows closed and A/C on, but with my 2006 going the same speed and the same road I get better mileage with the A/C off and windows open. I don't care about aerodynamics and anything else, I just know my personal results.

    Also, the 2006 is far superior to the 2002 in size, pep, and mileage.

    I love this car.

    Winds, hills, heavy foot will make a difference. I can control the last one, but not the first two.

    Someone earlier mentioned the Accord Hybrid. We drove one prior to purchasing the Civic and chose the Civic.

    The Accord is a SUPER car, but I could not justify the cost when it only got a couple of miles more per gallon. The performance was terrific and I could have gotten a lot of tickets with it but chose to pass. :)
  • oktokt Posts: 1
    I just bought a used 2006 HCH with Navi - it says it's XM ready, but I can't seem to find any activation instructions. I already have XM in my wife's Acura, but this one has me stumped.
  • jberkjberk Posts: 1
    Has anyone out there tried a K&N high flow air filter in the civic hybrid. I know that I have gained some mileage with them on my other vehicles.

    Is there any way to reprogram the system to allow the motor to not restart if you come to a stop and shift to park.

    Does anyone know why Honda detentes the shifter to second instead of drive??
  • i bought this car at 98,000. it had the shutter and honda is now fixing it by putting in a new clutch. i am planning to do my own oil changes and transmission oil changes. parts are a problem. the dealer has had my car for two weeks. parts for the clutch and air conditioner could not be found locally. carquest sells all the oils and filters far cheaper than honda. i was advise to change the transmission fluid every 12000 and the oil every 3000-5000 depending on length of time the engine is on. 20 miles or more on open roads, each time you can get 5000 miles. stop and go on local streets every 3000 miles. i have heard that adjusting valves is very important. i have not found out yet how many miles before adjustment. does nayone know? stuart williamson - ca
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