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  • two exact same vehicles run on a track one with all windows open the other with airconditioner on busted the myth that windows open caused so much drag it made the car more inefficient in miles per gallon. turns out the car with air on burned 15 % more fuel. stu
  • I've had my 2006 HCH for a little over 3 years now. It has been a great ride. I've managed to put 32,000 miles on it. A couple of oil changes, 1 full maintenance check, and things are ticking well for the most part.

    MPG - is great when road tripping.I've maxed at 51 MPG. Ok in the city, maybe around 32 MPG. I drive mainly to work (about 11 miles total per day), it's stop and go traffic. In the colder/snowy months it's less, about 25-27 MPG. I've noticed recently when my battery guage is very low, the acceleration deteriorates, it's running mainly on gas at this point. I'm hardly a press the petal to the metal person, but when it's like this, I have to just to get it to move. The batter assistance/charging battery lights seem not to work properly when this happens. It doesn't assist (no battery power) and it doesn't seem to charge. But after a little bit of cruising, the battery power gets restored, and things (lights) start to function again.

    RPM - In the colder months, my rpm's tend to jump up and down between 0 to 1 when I come to stops, instead of cutting off the gas. After a few miles, the car has warmed up and it settles down, but still keeps the RPM at at least 1. I've mentioned this to the mechanics, but nothing ever came of it. So, is this normal?

    TIRE NOISE - I've been hearing a noise as my tires rotate. I go fast, the noise goes faster. It's not a break pad grinding, but something in the rotation. I thought it might be something with the tire bearings. Again, I've mentioned this to the mechanics, nothing came of it. So I've been driving with it for at least a year. It's not a bad sound, just isn't as silent as it was when I bought it. Could this be a problem I need looked at?

    Other than those issues, the car works great! I'll be road tripping with it tomorrow. Saving gas and the world one gallon at a time. :) :)
  • cthach03cthach03 Posts: 3
    Hi There,

    I have a 2004 HCH with 245,641 miles on it. My engine light is on and so is my malfunction light. Every now and then I have a little trouble start the car. I know I need to replace the IMA battery... I wonder if anyone knows what battery starts the car? The IMA or the small regular battery? I bought to the dealer and they said my regular battery is still good but I saw the battery light comes on when I have trouble starting my car. Thank you for your help ! Daisy- CA :confuse:
  • hello Honda civic hybrid owners my name is Manny from Brooklyn NY . and i have just bought an 05 Honda civic hybrid this car is nice looking but i have one problem when i put this car in drive and starts to move out there is some sort clucking noise. only on take off. one mechanic told me it was transmission mounts which i change and problem is still there. the car runs good after take-off until i come to a stop, again that noise on take-off. does any member know what cause this or have had this symptom before IF ANYONE KNOWS PLEASE LET ME KNOW. email
  • My '07 had the same issue. Very hard transmission engagement coming off of Auto-Stop. An IMA system update from Honda resolved the issue. If your HCH is "behind" on updates (I DO NOT recommend allowing them to do the most recent one if you can avoid it...TERRIBLE), that might resolve your issue.
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