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Honda Civic Hybrid MPG-Real World Numbers



  • My Civic hybrid mileage continues to be lower and lower. I bought it new. . . a 2009. The hybrid battery has been replaced 2x by about 55,000 mi. (Scary) I even get poor mileage on the 5 between L.A. and San Fran. Can't blame it on a jack rabbit take-off in that case. I need to keep this car after it's paid off and had liked it enough that I wanted to. . . Just the same, the crummy and crummier gas mileage is a real dud. I am curious as to how off the number "estimated gas mileage" can be in the judge's mind and still be acceptable.
  • andy176andy176 Posts: 1
    Bought a used 2003 HCH last year. The battery had been replaced several years prior. The car gets 34 mpg in town. I wonder if this is a software problem and whether it can be fixed. Probably not. Also, the car rattles a lot, something in the passenger door. Besides the problems, I'm happy with the car. For the price it runs well.
  • 75926017592601 Posts: 1
    edited July 22
    2006 Honda Civic Hybrid owner. I have had 5 shops check my car, including two different Honda dealers, all confirming my car is in great running shape with everything how it should. If I take it easy on my driving, I will manage to get 36 mpg. By easy I mean taking over a minute to accelerate to freeway speeds, not using the a/c, staying far enough back to not stop at lights, "gliding" when I do reach speed.

    I am not he only one that is suffering from Honda's software update in 2010 and 2012 degrading how often the Civic Hybrid battery is used. There are hundreds of blogs of people with HCH not performing how advertised. Join me in holding Honda responsible by signing a petition o the White House website.
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