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Honda Civic Hybrid MPG-Real World Numbers



  • I suggest you need to thoroughly google Honda Civic Hybrid software update. Seriously. I also commiserate with you. I have a 2007 HCH and it's been hell. Wait until your car stops accelerating reliably. I was angry about the mpg, but now I don't even care. I just want my car to act like a "real" car. Did they tell you it was because your tires were not Low Resistance and you needed these kinds of tires? They tried to tell me that. Glad I didn't buy them, altho I thought about it. Not that I thought it would make a big difference, but to prove a point. But I can't afford to do it to "prove a point" so I didn't. Google, please.
  • daven007daven007 Posts: 1
    Recently purchased 2009 (feels new) with 60,000 miles on the clock. I have run about 8 tanks of gas thus far and have never seen an indicated average of much less than 40 mpg at refuel time. Average tank has been 95 percent highway with many miles at 75-80 mph. (Keeping up with traffic.) Best was a 44mpg highway trip at 65 mph over about 150 miles.

    Last night I refueled with 454 miles on the trip odo and she took 11 gallons even after 3 top off pulls of the trigger. That is 41.3 mpg. Indicated on the dash was 39.7 FWIW. If tank hold 12.3 then 500 miles would be possible on a tank. Followed by running out of gas on the side of the road. LOL.

    It seems as though a used hybrid like the one I bought as a CPO vehicle requires little or no premium over a comparably equipped non-hybrid. Mine has EVERYTHING. leather, nav, etc. Standard Civics with EVERYTHING are scarce. Paid about $16k for the car.

    Hit me with the zingers I need to know about. I can take it. I love this little car. occasionally it freaks me out when I forget that I am not in my Porsche and the throttle pedal appears to be "broken". LOL.
  • mrwaugmrwaug Posts: 16
    I have a 07 that has never given me a bit of trouble and have never gotten less than 42 MPG. You will find others that have nothing but troubles, can only get 32 MPG, hate the car, and wish they had bought a Prius instead. The HCH can be a little finicky regarding tires, tire pressure, alignment, and oil viscosity. At 60k miles, you may find that your battery may need replacement between 80 to 100k miles, but thats where a extended mechanical policy comes in handy. It sound like you got a good one.
  • jfishingerjfishinger Posts: 1
    I bought an 09 a couple weeks ago. In a little less than 700 miles I'm getting about 29.8 according to the trip info. Lately with very cautious driving I'm at about 31. I would have been doing better with a Ford Focus and paid less. The service department at the dealer says it's fine. and not to believe the mileage claims on the internet or EPA.
  • tigerhonakertigerhonaker Posts: 40
    edited May 2012
    I have owned several Hybrid Civic cars as well as a 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid with 255 HP.
    I still have the Accord Hybrid with 26K miles on it.
    It gets 37 MPG on the interstate at 70 MPH.
    That is with the HVAC on automatic.

    The Civic Hybrids "Don't" get the mileage stated on the wondow sticker.
    That is just an {Estimate}.
    Also I can promise you if you drive that Civic Hybrid in a Normal Manner it will "NOT" ever get any real high mileage.
    I know I have owned them ......

    The only way I ever got any kind of High-Mileage was to drive it like I had Egg shells under the throttle.
    Never ever to accelerate hard at all.
    No anything that used the Power.
    That Buddy is the way it is.
    You will see people Post all those Crazy Wild High Mileage Claims but they are not telling you how they got them.

    Honestly I think the only Hybrid cars I know of that actually get the Higher Mileages are the Prius and the Toyota Hybrid Camry.
    Now they do get excellent mileage.

    Also I will add this comment.
    It gets OLD real fast to have to drive the Civic Hybrid like a "Snail" to get any sort of High Mileage.

    I don't really Post on here any longer as I have long since traded off that last Civic Hybrid for the 07 Honda Accord Hybrid.
    It does get High Highway Mileage at normal Interstate speeds, (70-75) MPH.

    I will try to do a picture here of 1-tank of 87 octane gas I did as a Test on the Accord Hybrid.
    That will show you what sort of mileage it can and does get.
    I cannot recall if this site excepts Pics or not.
    But I will give it a try.
    If the Pic does not show I will than Post the Mileage for that Tank of Gas and the miles traveled before I refueled.

    OK, it looks like the Links are there but you will need to, (Copy & Paste) them to your, (Browser) to view them.

    The Miles on the 1-picture is 660.8 and the MPG for that tank was
    That will give you an idea of what a Hybrid Accord can get.
    That was driving in the City, Interstate etc.
    I ran the car until I had to refuel.




    [IMG] pics/Totalmile- - - - sdriventhistankPic1Sept2007.jpg[/IMG]

  • I also have a '09 Civic Hybrid. I just had IM Battery work done. My gas mileage has gone from 24mpg up to a whopping 34mpg. This is mixed driving and actual calculations from the amount of gas used and odometer miles. I agree with the techie that you cannot believe the mpg from the dashboard. It told me that I was getting 29mpg before and 38mpg afterwards. "It is just fine" is the techie blowing smoke.
  • I'm having the same issues with my 09 civic hybrid. This situation is beginning to REALLY piss me off! I'm getting 24 mpg city/34-35 hwy and my dealer tells me their this nothing they can do and that there is nothing wrong with the car! They sent their "driver" out with it to "check it out" and came back with the report that he was getting the required mileage. LIARS!!!! I hyper mile with the best of them and if I slow down going up a hill (of which there are very few in DFW, TX), I will get run over, flipped off, etc. I'm talking sometimes, in order to keep the little mileage gauge over 30%, I have to slow to a crawl. I have fought this battle too long and I will never buy a Honda - ANY HONDA - ever again. I used to be a loyal Honda customer but no more. They will NOT help me with this. My daughter drives our older model 04 civic hybrid and she gets 40 in town without hyper-miling. I am tempted to take all of my evidence - and I have every single record - to court and let my consumer rights attorney handle it. ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • William,

    A total waste of your Time & Effort.

    As I have Posted many times on Multiple INTERNET Sites.

  • bryan772bryan772 Posts: 6
    2009 Civic Hybrid

    47City/55Hwy before update
    Freeway Range ~620 miles
    Frequent 200 mile round trip drive resulted in just under 3/4 tank remaining gas

    45City/33Hwy after update
    Freeway Range ~350 miles
    Same 200 mile trips result in 1/3 tank remaining

    After ~50 MPH, RPMs remains high after update. On 75MPH flat freeway car stays at ~2800 - 3500 RPM (used to be 1800 - 2100). Feels as if last transmission gear or overdrive was removed if it was a regular transmission. With such a small tank, cruise distance greatly reduced as well. Honda refuses to help.
  • This thread hasn't seen much activity, but I'll toss in my 2 cents too. I picked up our 06 HCH in 09 and it was quite good until the software recall. We consistently got 44-46 mpg no matter how we drove the car, quite an amazing feat. We had it for about 2 years prior to the recall. The only complaint would be the LRR tires. Those things are terrible when it's wet, but being in Socal that doesn't get to be much of an issue.

    When we needed to change tires I opted for the non-LRR tires. Mileage did go down, it went from the previous 44-46 to 40-43 mpg. None of this was based off the computer, but calculations I did while filling up. We had 2 tanks of gas with the new tires before the recall and yes both tanks were 40-43 mpg.

    Then I was foolish and took the car to a Honda dealership for service and they performed the recall and other stuff I needed to get done. Mileage dropped precipitously to 32 mpg and the noticeable lack of battery started as all the other posters have mentioned. I took the car back and they said everything was fine. I even had the service manager in the car when the car dumped the the battery from nearly full to 0 and start recharging and we had no electric assist. I asked him, "Is this normal? It never did this before." His answer, "Yes it's perfectly normal." He then proceeded to tell me I didn't have the LRR tires, which I know would not cause a 10 mpg drop from the previous two tanks. Ah...there's nothing like being lied to straight to your face.

    So that's our story. I can tell the IMA battery in our HCH is obviously low and the recall is managing to prevent the battery from an early demise, and keep Honda from paying for a replacement. From everything I've ready I think if your IMA battery is ok, then the recall doesn't upset mileage that much, possibly not at all. But if your IMA battery is marginal, then the recall will have a serious affect. From the volume of posts and stories around the net since the recall it seems that Honda has a significant percentage of IMA batteries meeting an early demise. If they didn't I doubt they would have put resources in to the recall to contain the costs associated with the replacements.

    It's been a year or so after the recall and now that the tires are more worn down I can sometimes eek out 38 mpg with serious effort. But I usually get 35 mpg and sometimes 32. The program is obviously tailored to LRR tires. It's not bad, but the constant battery reboots make driving the car quite challenging, especially getting on the freeway. The car is almost paid off now and the payment is ridiculously low so it's not really worth trading it in. Although every time the battery reboots I think about it. Which is pretty frequent! Problem is, I don't know what I could get to replace it and keep such a low payment. Although from a driving perspective nearly anything would be better! As a matter of principle we won't be buying any more Honda's. Honda made a calculated risk that this wouldn't lose them too many customers. I hope that calculus is wrong. It'll make them produce better products in the long run. Products that I won't be buying, but hopefully will benefit others. Honda seems to have addressed the issue in the 2012 HCH, but too late for me and for Honda.
  • My Civic hybrid mileage continues to be lower and lower. I bought it new. . . a 2009. The hybrid battery has been replaced 2x by about 55,000 mi. (Scary) I even get poor mileage on the 5 between L.A. and San Fran. Can't blame it on a jack rabbit take-off in that case. I need to keep this car after it's paid off and had liked it enough that I wanted to. . . Just the same, the crummy and crummier gas mileage is a real dud. I am curious as to how off the number "estimated gas mileage" can be in the judge's mind and still be acceptable.
  • andy176andy176 Posts: 1
    Bought a used 2003 HCH last year. The battery had been replaced several years prior. The car gets 34 mpg in town. I wonder if this is a software problem and whether it can be fixed. Probably not. Also, the car rattles a lot, something in the passenger door. Besides the problems, I'm happy with the car. For the price it runs well.
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