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Chevrolet Corvette Z06



  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    I thought all LS7 engines were hand-built, with only one technician involved from start to finish. In fact, there was one on display at the Chicago Auto Show yesterday. It looked like it had lot more moving parts and was much more complex than the other V8 engines on display. I wonder how much actual testing went into the development phase of this engine? To me, using a motor with a dry-sump lubrication system could be a disaster waiting to happen, given enough running time. Since it's based on the C6R engine, maybe more testing should have been done to ensure long-term reliability. Am I right? I read where it took GM several years to develop the 5.3 (DOD) engine.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Fantastic Rocketship, just loafing around, wasn't about to push it when only doing a few laps, I was still doing 10mph faster at the end of the back straight and braking earlier since I wasn't comfortable to depend on brakes that I know are better but I'd only used for about 8 minutes. Biggest surprise was how docile the whole package was compared to my coupe and the school C5 Z06's, loafed one lap, pushed a couple corners where I was very comfortable on the second lap and then got well beyond the C5's on a third lap but still taking it very easy in the high speed over 100mph corners and comming on the straights where there were walls and limited runoffs.

    BTW, just a few weeks after they got the car it turned up with a noisy valve train and GM swapped the engine in a week. FWIW
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    Here's proof that the C6 Z06 is as fast as some reports say it is:
  • You say you had the car 3 months, if the block in fact was cracked from the getgo the engine would not of held compression, water or oil and would never have passed the GM build tests before being shipped out of BG. In any case engine would have been running very badly.

    You or someone drove car for 3 months so again there is no way the block had been cracked all that time. Impossible.

    The no start is a common problem esp with a C6 where if shifter is not put in reverse then the NO KEY system never goes to sleep so that alone would not get you a brand new car.

    As to engine, someone did that damage, if it was the dealer's people or someone taking it on a joy ride but the fact that no others have had a block crack says you lose in any court action since anyone with engine knowledge knows you cannot drive a cracked block for 3 months and not know about it.

    If your to sue anyone it would be the dealer if you can prove engine was fine and not leaking when you took it in else they will insist you drove over something and did the damage.
    It may also be the tech in replacing starter ( which was not the real problem as to no start/ low voltage) torqued the bolts too much and they cracked the block.

    In any case for Lemon law to kick in dealer has 3 bites of apple to fix it and at worst LL would allow a buy back for another Z06 and you pay the cost differences.

    GM does not have to give a new car when warranty is to replace faulty parts and if GM decides it was done by abuse they do not even have to honor the warranty.
  • alenatasevich1 makes some good points to back up his assertion that he needs to be compensated with a new car however I feel that russla has stated some good common sense also. What will eventually matter is what documents were signed at delivery and what the lemon laws are for the state.
    Lets use alenatasevich1's situation and use an Impala or a Korean car... do you think a replacement would also be warranted? although an Impala is not an 80k car however it has value none the less to the owner. A company can not stay in business if it replaced repairable cars with brand new cars.
  • They should give you a new car. BUT my friend had an
    '02 M3. Transmission failed three times. BMW kept replacing/fixing it, but finally he got sick of it and traded in the car for a newer M3. No tranny problems yet with the replacement. My opinion is BMW should have replaced his car too, but I just wanted you to know you aren't alone out there, other manufacturers have treated other customers the same way.
  • I've been reading the Z06 numbers and they sound incredible. I want one but I can't afford it. I had a few Qs for the experts.

    The Z06 is a supercar and the 400hp vette is not bad. Why does Chevy leave the engine up front? Is there any technical reason or is it just that their assemly lines are set up to do front-engine cars? Is there any REAL advantage to a mid or rear engine or is it just ferrari and porsche hype?

    Why doesn't the Z06 (or the Enzo for that matter) have a supercharger on it? Could a supercharger coupled with a smaller (possibly tougher) engine keep the weight down? I've read about racing engines generating 700+ HP out of less than 3L of displacement. Have computers and better intake designs obviated the need for superchargers?

    What does it take to get 10s in a quarter mile? Hopped up EVOs can do it, but it seems cars that cost much MUCH more can't. What gives? Is it marketing? Are these EVOs going to wear out in, like, a week? Can the EVOs do anything other than rocket down a straight line?
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Interesting questions and I'm sure not the best one to answer since I just got into performance cars a couple years ago. As far as the numbers, I've seen and talked to those who think the numbers on the new Z06 are conservative, fwiw.

    As far as the front vs. mid or rear engine design I've read a lot about the trade-offs for each which seems to be the major issues. Porsche has perfected the rear engine design flaw and many use its advantages to get tremendous performance but for the average driver it can be a handful. The front engine has been evolved into an almost 50/50 weight package that makes the car easier to drive but can also give up something at the limits of performance which very few can explore. Mid-engine is ideal but seems not to lend itself to mass production or mass marketing.

    The small engine supercharger is a good solution for some applications but not likely for road racing, which is what many in sports cars like to do. The power isn't as linear according to some, I've never driven one on track, and makes the handling an issue. If all you want to do is go straight, enjoy the power. The fact that engines w/o SC's can easily get to 400 hp makes them good for road courses, anything over that is a race car and goes far faster than stock safety equipment should be pushed.

    About the Evo's and STI's they are good on road courses but they are really ralley cars and have a higher COG than sports cars. The AWD seems to cover up driver error until you get to the limits, again, and then when they have issues they have more rolls than what I see anything else doing on track. Although lately I've seen a few Corvette's into walls, at least they were sitting firmly on all four wheels. As to the longevity of boosted cars and work done by backyard tuners I wouldn't have a clue.

    I didn't get my first Vette until the kid was out of College, Good luck!
  • fdudefdude Posts: 1
    I have been reading the postings about the car with the cracked block. Terrible!!! My car has 400 miles on it, I don't drive it much. I was not leaving it in reverse when parked, but after reading these postings, I will be for sure.

    I do have a question for all of you mechanical Vette people. I was driving up to a traffic light, slowing down, and heard a loud bang. At first I thought something had smashed up in the wheel well or I had a tire blow-out. However, I didn't hit anything, the tires were fine, BUT the stereo, etc. had gone to Driver 2 settings. I hope that the "pop" that I heard was not electrical but I'm not so sure now. I have been having a problem with the memory settings for the seats and the power telescoping wheel seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. I've been driving and the wheel would move in or out on its own.

    I am VERY concerned about this noise that I heard. I hope that something didn't crack (like the other Z06) or break. If anyone has ANY insight, please let me know what that could have been.
  • Does anyone have advice on the proper shifting or an improved technique in shifting of the Z06? Seems like I am a little jerky and bumpy with it.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I'm thinking it might be hard to not jerk a 505hp car. When I drove one at Spring Mt. Motorsports Park in Pahrump, NV they had us work on heel/toe a lot since getting the rev's matched is what can make you smooth. I used to have to work to get my RPMs within about 1000 of my goal but after three years I can give a blip of the throttle that will just give me about 300 rpms when going real slow on the street. All it took was lots of practice, but after 54k miles on mine, of which just under 10k has been on track and probably almost 10k of the 20k on the wife's, it does get to be pretty natural. And I'm betting I'm not smooth compared to some of the instructors I've had, it just takes seat time.

    BTW, heel/toe covers a lot of different techniques that include toe on the brake, heel on the gas; left side of the ball on the brake and right side of the foot on the gas with a twist of the ankle (which works better for me) since I usually drive with wide bottom shoes. There are several other variations as well. The real objective is to take the car at say 1500 rpms in 6th at freeway speeds and get it down a gear and let out the clutch with the rpms at say 2200 rpms which will exactly match the engine to the gear box, easier to understand than to get consistent. On the street if the car surges or lags a little because the match is off by a bit is usually no big deal. On the track if you are going into a high speed corner and you lock up the rear, or even drag the rear just a bit you can pass the turn in point and with no weight on the rear, so to speak, things get very unsettled. Good luck and congrats on the new Z06.
  • my5tvettemy5tvette Posts: 4
    when I purchased my ZO6 i did look what options i had to purshase on line or with the dealer ship. when i figured the amount from poeple( dealer ships on line) i was paying the same amount that i would have through a local dealer ship. the resons were transportation cost , the fact that i touch and felt the car, and picked what i wanted.most dealer ships are charging 8,000 to 15,000 over msrp which is what is going to cost you if you purchased the car thrue an online dealer.

    Mesa AZ ;) :sick:
  • Sorry to hear about the "huge problem" someone is having with their Z06. With all the design and engineering GM poured into the car, I would have thought the General would have installed Customer Delight as standard equipment.

    THe Z06 has been a favorite car for me since its launch, but GM's response to the person with the "huge problem" makes me rethink the purchase. You can buy a lot of other car with $80K. Heck, you can buy a lot of other carS, too.

    Jeremy CLarkson of the British mag Top Gear is engaging and funny in this video of his test of the Z06. He actually races burning petrol. I won't tell you who won.
  • Not one of the numerous reviews of this car I've read have faulted it for day-to-day drivablity. Quite the reverse. They state it handles surprisingly well in traffic.

    This guy Clarkson is apparently prone to hyperbole and self-importance, typical boob-tube boob. I trust his objectivity and expertise as much as Paris Hilton's. For example, the butterfly exhaust valves are there to keep the noise down, esp. at low speeds, not to give the sound "extra range." Also, duh, the body is soft because it's fiberglass.

    The only useful bit of information in this piece is that the rear end has a tendency to slide when the car is pushed hard.

    And I certainly can do without Lord Twit's Euro snobbery and anti-Americanism. The Vette a boy band wannabe? Compared to what? A Jag? :shades:
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    My $0.02 - Clarkson is well known for his hyperbole, but his opinions of American cars are basically justified if you consider his point of view - he's spent a lifetime driving and testing the finest European sports cars on the planet. The Corvette Z06 is a fantastic sports car, but put it next to a Maserati or Porsche, and it can come across a little crude and rough around the edges.

    Of course, the Corvette is also less attractive overseas because, as an import, it costs a lot more to purchase in the UK (60,000 UK Pounds). That's as much as a BMW M5 or Maserati Coupe GT over there! Or maybe you are willing to sacrifice some HP for superior quality and driving dynamics? The Porsche Cayman S costs the same as the Z06 here in the US (Porsche has no problem selling them), but in the UK, the Cayman S costs a whopping 15,000 UK Pounds less than the Z06 (even the base C6 costs 7,000 UK Pounds more than the Cayman S)!

    BTW, Clarkson bought a Ford GT40 last year, so he can't be too anti-American if he spent 126,000 pounds (about $240,000 USD!) on an American car - although he did subsequently get a refund because his car experienced continuing quality problems and abysmal repair service. Imagine that, an American car company with quality control problems and poor customer service - who'd have guessed!?!?
  • According to Road & Track, the Vette Z06 does 0-60 in 3.9 sec, the quarter mile in 12.2 sec, goes 60-0 in 109 feet, and does their slalom at 69.6 mph (price as tested $71,595). Comparative figures for the Porsche 911 Turbo are 4.0, 12.4, 119, and 67.8, all inferior (price as tested $118,365).

    I wish I could remember where, but I saw a side-by-side comparison of the Z06 and Porsche 911 (it was online, one of the major mag's or, perhaps, Edmunds, and included a video). The Porsche, at twice the price, had a hair's advantage in initial acceleration and slalom, both attributed to slightly better traction due to its rear engine. Otherwise the Vette equaled or bettered the Porsche. And, imo, the Porsche is ugly and nerdy, while the Vette is stunning and sexy.

    The 911, to my understanding, is sort of a reference standard for performance for cars not in the stratosphere, i.e., under $200k.

    The Z06, btw, out-performs many of the cars in the stratosphere, such as the Ferrari F430 Spider ($205,000) and 612 Scaglietti ($269,829), as well as every single BMW, Jaguar and Aston Martin made. Admittedly, the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder ($225,180) does as well as, but not better than, the Z.

    The only consistent quibbles reviewers have had with the Z06 relate to the quality of the interior, e.g., the seats and, rarely, the radio. I've sat in one and found it fine, quite nice, actually. (And, imo, true quality audio is impossible in a car, due to road noise and limited space for speakers.)

    As for reliability and service, I hardly think Maserati, Ferrari, and BMW (or SAAB, Volvo, Audi, Land Rover, Volkswagen, etc.) have anything to brag about. The only reliability and service substantially better than that of American cars is that of Japanese cars, which are hardly fast or sexy. :shades:
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Synthetic fibers outperform lambs wool in every measurable way. Which do you prefer next to your skin, polyester or cashmere?
  • The comparison is false: No car is more "natural" than another. (Also hi-tech synthetic microfibers work better than natural fibers in some situations, whisking sweat away from the body, keeping it both cool and warm; or stronger than steel, bullet resistant, even self-sealing, puncture proof, as used in Andiamo luggage, for example).

    As a matter of fact, the Vette is a purist machine, a real sports car. (Btw, I am wearing a 100% wool sweater as I write this.) :shades:
  • You are so right...Nothing like having the car right in your face on a showroom to make anyone drool...I was doing just that not an hour ago with a Retired US Navy Chief, the local Corvette specialist; at a medium sized store here in Indy (Blossom Chevrolet). Get this...a buyer ordered his dream car some 18 or so months ago, gets impatient while waiting for his hand-built 427 and buys an in-stock Z-51 coupe instead...Now all of a sudden they have a Victory Red Z06 in 2LZ trim with HUD and NAV...WOW!! As to pricing, they're a little more saner than many at only $10k over the $79,000 sticker. They just put it on the showroom...I only hope that I can sell my Jensen in time...Cheers. :)
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