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Subaru Forester



  • Has anyone seen side window deflectors available for a 2006 forester? I have been unable to locate any.
  • dstew1dstew1 Posts: 275
    If you're in the U.S., it's going to cost you as your options are basically limited to having them shipped from the UK, OR having them shipped from AUS.
  • au1994au1994 Posts: 762
    I had somewhat similar issues on a test drive. When we returned to the dealer, there was smoke coming from under the hood and the unmistakeable (sp?) smell of burning oil. Car ran fine during the test and wasn't smoking from the exhaust pipe. Probably just a loose fitting or some excess oil was spilled on the manifold. Salesman was understandibly embarrased.

    Had some funny sounds, but they were from the cargo area and stuff rattling around.

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  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Fuel it up, air down the tires (they ship rock-hard to prevent flat-spotting), probably other stuff, I'm sure.

  • fxterfxter Posts: 17
    Greetings to Everyone,

    I am new to the forum here. Got to learn a lot about forester in the last one month from this forum and the Thanks to everyone for their contribution.

    I have pretty much decided to get 2006 X with Premium Pkg.

    Is there a chance that Subaru might give $2000 on X with Premium Pkg. ;) ?

    I would like to hear from the experienced folks in the forum here. In the past, does subaru give better pricing towards the end of the year? Or whatever they offer now is pretty much what I can expect for the rest of the year?

    San Jose, CA
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I've been following the pricing patterns for 9 years now, and my educated guess is no.

    And believe me, I care, that's exactly the model I want, and exactly the discount that might be enough of a kick in the pants for me to trade in my '98.

    Right now the X is such a screaming deal, the Premium package is just too expensive. The street price jumps up from $19k to almost $22k.

  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    What?!?! Our resident fence sitter can't seriously be thinking about falling off! I hope Sandy doesn't find out :P

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    To be honest the timing is not ideal. I have to pay for 5 tickets to Brazil, since we're going in December. That's about $6 grand ... ouch!

    I could sell the '93 Miata and the '98 Forester and get a Limited, since the moonroof is virtually a convertible, but I'm not sure I want to go back to having only one car. The 2nd one comes in handy once in a while.

  • fxterfxter Posts: 17
    I know what you mean...
    Ever since, I got my car totalled(99 Accord) in april, I have been spending about an hour or two every day, on the web reading about foresters! I had high hopes, that 2006-models' price would fall, once the 2007 models are released for sale!!

    If the rebate is going to be same i.e. $2000 on X, and $1000 on other models... why do they make these rebates valid until a certain date!! Only to re-instate again a few days after that period is over :confuse: !

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They keep us guessing! :mad:

  • dirtbagdirtbag Posts: 57
    quote: "why do they make these rebates valid until a certain date!! Only to re-instate again a few days after that period is over?"
    To make you think you have to buy now and better not wait until next month. It's marketing 101. :)
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    I have a 2006 Forester X, and after driving it, it still has a slight burning smell -- it has 1500 miles or so on it. When I first got it, it had a burning smell almost like a skunk smell. Sometimes it smells a little like radiator/anti-freeze. Mine has squeaks, too -- but they are in the dash where the clear plastic covers the gauges.

    This is my first Forester, and I am only somewhat happy with it. I've primarily had Jeeps, and I can't wait to go back to one. Unfortunately, that will probably be a while since I've had the Forester only for two months.

    Anyone ever been in this situation where you buy a car and don't really, really like it? Any way to sell it or trade it without being upside down in the next vehicle?? I guess I should just be happy that I have a car and stop whining. . . :)
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    The thing with Foresters, and most Subarus for that matter, is that they are good, solid, dependable cars. However, they usually come with a full assortment of annoyances. Most people learn to live with them, but some get rid of them shortly after purchase.
    If you get rid of it right after the purchase, you'll be taking a huge hit on depreciation, so you need to weigh this carefully.
  • richyoungrichyoung Posts: 31
    OK, I am not your typical Subie owner (ok, that is a bit of an oxymoron, but let's move on!)...I am wondering if it would be wise (and doable) to remove the roof rack from my 06 Forester X. I do not use the rack for anything. So, should I be happy and leave well enough alone, or should I see what happens? Thanks.
  • bayview6bayview6 Posts: 141
    Rich, are you talking about roof rails or the 2 cross-bars that go across the roof. The cross-bars are definitely removable (see owners' manual) and I took mine off the day after I bought the vehicle.

    The roof rails are not removable.
  • richyoungrichyoung Posts: 31
    Thanks for that info - just may do that. I am hearing that these can impact MPG....that true? Or am I being too OCD about this?
  • dstew1dstew1 Posts: 275
    You may notice a 1-2 mpg improvement after removing the crossbars, as well as a somewhat quieter ride.

    I believe There is a way to remove the actual roof rails that the crossbars rest on, but they are screwed into the roof so you would be left with a few exposed holes up there.

  • richyoungrichyoung Posts: 31
    hmm...what if I removed...there a way to nicely plug holes? warranty issues? this is getting interesting, verrry interesting!
  • dstew1dstew1 Posts: 275
    Yesterday I noticed that the one-touch open feature wasn't working when I hit the button for the moonroof; as soon as I lifted my finger from the button it would stop. Then when I held it down continuously, it would only open about 6 inches at a time before I would have lift my finger and depress the button again.

    AFAIK, the mechanism hasn't been exposed to any water or anything like that, but the last time it worked normally it made a strange, slightly grinding sound when I closed it.

    Is this a known issue? The car is still under warranty so having Subaru fix it shouldn't be a problem, but if there is an easy, known fix I'd rather avoid the hassle of the dealership.

  • dirtbagdirtbag Posts: 57
    I've noticed my moonroof not opening/closing all the way sometimes. It might be my imagination but it seems like a full press of the button opens/closes it all the way and a half press inches it. I haven't really experimented much to figure it out. I'm usually driving when I open it and don't want to be distracted.
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