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Subaru Forester



  • leo2633leo2633 Posts: 589
    I experienced the same thing with my 2001 Forester a few years back. My doors kept unlocking themselves. I took it to the dealer and they changed the batteries in my remote. Problem solved. As a test, try removing the batteries from the remote and locking the doors, to see if the phenomenon continues. Or call an exorcist. Good luck.

  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    I have the Tribeca instructions on my web the link to my name in the title above, and then find my Tribeca reviews page...there's a link there. I also know it works for the Legacys and Outbacks. You can try in on a Forester and see if it works...let me know! (note the disclaimer warning you will find there).

    -Karen in AZ-
  • rochcomrochcom Posts: 247
    Thanks for the replies. There are a couple of other Subarus in the neighborhood. I will look at the remote and try the battery idea. My spare remote (the one previously used most) is in a drawer. Perhaps it is the culprit.
  • rochcomrochcom Posts: 247
    It does sound like either a tire problem or a bent wheel. Sometimes the problem is not visible but can be found by taking the tire off the car and putting it on a balancing machine. Or, it may be visible on the side of the tire that faces inward. The belt may have deformed or a sidewall bulge may have developed. This is more likely if the tread is quite worn.
  • spgrspgr Posts: 23
    Thank you for the responses. It was indeed a tire problem. Both my front tires had flat spots and other uneven wear that coused vibration and the pull to the right. This is despite following a very regular rotation schedule, every 6,000 miles, and doing allignments. Unfortunately, I had to pay a $51 diagnostic fee at the dealer to confirm that this was the problem and nothing else mechanical. This whole experience left a bitter taste in my mouth with both, the dealer and the place I bought the tires. The dealer charged me a diagnostic fee to tell me that there's something wrong with the tires even though the car was still under warranty and despite the fact that they did work to the vehicle (they resurfaced the rotors). Then, the place I bought the tires tried to blame the defect on the tires to mechanical failure!! I have voiced a complaint to both places but it seems that this will be another loss for the consumer.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    Looks like a nice model.
  • I have a 2005 Subaru Forester and I also have a high-pitched whistle sound eminating from the front. I can hear it when the engine is running and it continues for several minutes after the engine is off. If I disconnect the battery the noise stops so I assume it is electrical. I also pulled the fuses one by one and was not able to narrow the noise down to any specific area. Thank you ~ James
  • I hope it is, 'cause I've got an XT Sports sitting in my garage right now. Unfortunately, it's a manual shift, which, the dealer and I learned together, does NOT have VDC. So, I am waiting to swap it for an automatic XT Sports , sometime next week. As it's the ONLY Forester with VDC, I gladly gave up leather seats and the many various color combos in the XT to get VDC. :)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Check the ABS pump. I had this problem on my car and it turned out to be a bad ground on the ABS pump.

  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    Hope it comes soon for you.

    I myself would not take a Forester XT any other way than with a MT. That turbo motor works best when you keep it in the sweet spot via the MT. The AWD is enough safety for me.

    I do wish the MT had it but I would not trade the enjoyment of MT for the added safety of VDC. But that is just me and your choice is valid as well.
  • Yeah, I know what you mean about MT and the turbo, but we also have a 2005 Volvo S40 T5 with 6-speed MT (hence my username), and I've enjoyed that thing on the freeway. I doubt the XT Sports with MT would be as nifty to weave thru traffic. Our '99 Forester is also AT, so we're used to it. The additional safety is what I wanted. Plus, I hope the XT Sports gives us at least 100K miles of relatively trouble-free driving, as the '99 Forester has.
  • kate5000kate5000 Posts: 1,264
    Recently, I've had to jump start my battery. Ever since - although battery seems to be ok -- I have a strange constant blinking of the security system sign on the dash, plus car stopped flashing lights when I click remote control to open the doors. Something's fishy there although for all practical purposes it's still working ok. 160K miles on a vehicle. \\

    Should I disconnect and then reconnect the battery, to try to bring things back to normal?
  • Sounds like the system is in valet mode. Unlock and open the driver's door, click the "unlock" button on the remote, then click and HOLD the "unlock" button on the remote for 5-10 seconds. The system should return to normal.
  • Check your owner manual and reprogram the security system. There are about four different options. If your lights no longer flash when locking/unlocking, it sounds like one of the other options has been activated.
  • Has anybody had a problem finding the right oil filter for their 06 Forester? My local auto parts stores (Pep-Boys,Auto-Zone) have no listing for a fram filter in their book, only a purolator L14612. I got on the purolator website I found a cross reference conversion to a Fram Ph 6607, I then went to the Fram website and found a listing recomends a PH 9715 which is not stocked in central N.Y.
    What filter is right? :confuse:

    Note. The Fram website lists the forester as Subaru Truck
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Why not just get the filter from your Subaru dealer? It's not expensive and you'll get the crush washer too, not to mention you'll get the correct filter as well. You can probably order a case of filters from them too and save some $$$.

  • gmginsfogmginsfo San Diego, CAPosts: 113
    I originally posted the following on the Subaru Crew thread, but thought I'd copy it here in hopes of getting more feedback - if not gauging how much crossover there is between the two threads as well.

    My driver's seat belt tensioner on my '03 Forester X is a bit slack, which prevents the belt from retracting when released, sometimes allowing the door to close on the buckle, which is not a nice thing to do to a seatbelt, or a B pillar, even one as sturdy as mine! Any ideas on how to restore some needed tension to this area of my world?

    Happy New Year to All!

    PS - Drove a Malibu Max while on vacation last week - lousy traction, wheels regularly spinning, and even prompting my Dad to mention, "This car rides rough!" Too bad I couldn't have my Forester with me.

    One thing I did like about the Max, though: it's good brakes. My own seem mushy at 48K - is this a cause for concern or just a basic difference between the two cars? No problems noted at any service inspections.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    You should have your brakes flushed every 2 years or 30k miles. Chances are you didn't do it, so they are due.

  • rochcomrochcom Posts: 247
    The seatbelt retractor is intentionally a bit slack to avoid the belt irritating the wearer. If you have ever been in some of the older GM vehicles where the belt is very tight, you will know why. If you guide the belt toward the retractor, it should take up the slack. The tensioner is a separate device that pulls up the slack quickly in case of a collision. I cannot remember whether the '03 is equipped with the tensioner, but your driver's manual should tell you.
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Any issues with the Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)? Some of the newer cars I've driven that don't have the traditional cable throttle are really touchy. I was considering an 05 X. The 03-04 X don't have it.
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