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Infiniti G35 coupe vs Audi A4 sedan



  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The A4 3.2 V6 will soon have a manual option for 2006. The 255hp 6 speed Quattro should be a very sweet package
  • nyrefugeenyrefugee Posts: 35
    you are probably right, but since the break in period is only 1k miles, I decided to play it safe. I do not want any engine problems creeping up during my lease period. And who knows, i may decide to buy it in the end.

    Also, it is not easy to find the necessary open road to to take this car above 4.5 rpm for a while.
  • edwardsfedwardsf Posts: 187
    Nice post. I am not sure that we necessarilly disagree on anything except for preferred feel. I do not like my wheels screeching or body roll but I do like a car that is lighter and has a lighter steering to match the weight. The Audi feels lighter and more comfortable to me. Maybe it is more familiar as my cars have been an Audi 4000 and two Saabs (obviously, torque steer does not bother me much). If I was driving one as an ambulance, I would take the G35 as I agree, it is much more confident and has better grip and has less roll. But that said, it rains a lot here and it seems that FWD is superior to RWD on wet roads. Is that your impression?

    I do agree the G35 is better looking. In fact, I think it is the best looking of the bunch with the C230 close behind. But the gas mileage/emissions are extremely important to me and I just don't know why a modern car can't get 20 mpg in the city; that seems ridiculous. Also, that cream colored interior is unattractive to me. Are they now selling black interiors. Also, there is the old money issue. I think I can get a premium A4 for $30K. The G35 would be $33K, I think.

    Here is a question though: how do you find the headroom comparison? I would have bought a TSX for $5000 less but I can barely see out of it. The Audi seemed better than the G35.
  • klpeelklpeel Posts: 46
    I just bought a G35 AWD, and very much wanted to consider the A4 but in the end just couldn't. The base A4 is affordable, but if you want even a basic level of options, a decent-sized engine, and AWD (I live in the Washington DC area, and live on a street where snow plows never seem to stray), the A4 is just way too expensive. I was quite interested in the TL because of its amenities and (slightly) lower price, but in the end felt I needed the AWD. The G35 and A4 are both great cars, but for me the G35x was the better choice.
  • nyrefugeenyrefugee Posts: 35
    Honestly I do not know much about wet roads since I have done most of my driving in sunny southern california. But just looking at the tires of my g35 -- they cant be very good on wet roads -- they are vary fat and very low profile and their grooves are quite shallow. Of course these are the highest performance tires available for the g35, the sedans and automatics come with more reasonable tires (with the high perf ones being an option). Of caourse all G35s are equipped with ABS and various traction controls which should keep things in check. But I have not tried it yet. The only wet alsphalt ive seen here is when there is a broken pipe somewhere.

    Yeah gas mileage is a [non-permissible content removed] especially since you have to put in premium (which both the infiniti and the audi require). Now I think one should be able to drive the infiniti with high gas mileage if you just keep it at low rpm. The engine has an amazing pull at low rpm (as you said before). In fact, this car can run at idle rpms ... if you let out the clutch slowly in first gear without even touching the gas the car will get into motion and run and even climb hills. Also you have enough gears to be able to run the car at low rpms on city streets. The problem is self discipline, it is very hard to keep your foot off the gas in this car. Me, I have no discipline I basicly have to use the cruise control if I want to drive under 50 mph.

    Yes they have black interiors, actually my car has one, it looks great it contrasts very well with the aluminum pieces in the interior.

    Honestly I do not remember the prices, you can check them at the webpages. But keep an eye on the options. Audi does the German thing where they offer you the choice of taking a spartan model, and infiniti does the japanese thing where they cram a lot of stuff in the standard model. So to get what a standard g35 gives you -- power, leather, heated seats adj telescoping steering wheel, six cd in dash CD changer, power windows (yes, some audis do not even have that), sports package (standard with all g35 manuals) you have to check off a lot of options on the audi. I think I came to the conclusion that the g35 sedan was about the same price as the A4 2l turbo fwd comparably equipped. The coupe is more I think.

    Head room is great in the g35 sedan and the audi a4. As far as the coupe I never had any problems with head room until once I hit a big pothole and hit my head on the ceiling. Then i realized that my head was half an inch away from the ceiling (I am 6'1' btw). You get more headroom if you do not get the sun roof. Visibiliti is superb in the front and sides, and lacking in the rear due to the tiny side mirrors. Somebody on these boards said that you can hide a tank in a g35 coupe's blind spot and they are right.

    If you are concerned about gas mileage definately go for the A4. It's mileage is really good and its power is not bad at all. And its engine is quite suitable for fun driving. One never really needs 300 horsepower.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I think you made the right decision, plus Japanese cars are, in general, more reliable than German cars.
  • joeshanjoeshan Posts: 70
    Nice. Perhaps the guy who buys the car after it is turned in may wonder about whether the car was broken in properly.
    Call you Mr. One-Way.
  • musca999musca999 Posts: 1

    I was interested in your post until I got to the "this car can run at idle" statement. FYI, my Honda Civic can climb a hill too if I let the clutch out slowly enough. You see, electronic engine management will make sure it doesn't stall.

    In fact if you want to play around, get the car rolling without stepping on the gas and slowly apply the brakes without depressing the clutch. You'll see that even though you are braking harder, the car still "idles" at say 1k rpm and keeps moving at constant speed.

  • bullymombullymom Posts: 2
    I'm in the market for a new car and want to go from my SUV (FX35) to a coupe. I'm a 5' 2" female and the FX is just too big. I've read all the comparisons and done the research between the cars I'm interested in, but I'm still confused. I live in South Florida so don't have to worry about snow only rain, but the traffic is crazy and I need have a car that responds quickly. I'm also a sales rep (on the road a lot) and need some storage space and would like to have Navigation. My list of possibilites is short (I think). G35 (I've had good luck with my FX35), BMW 3 Series, and Audi A4. Things that are important to me besides the previously mentioned, are comfort since I'm in the car a lot and a good sound system. I'm looking for advice and help narrowing down my choices.
  • jc112jc112 Posts: 6
    I agree. Although Audi is known for its Quattro. But I have a Jeep and thats all the 4 wheel I need. Happy with my 1.8T FWD. Plus with gas the way it is....I dont need two gas guzzling vehicles..


    I opted for the FWD version for a few reasons:

    -Car is a bit quicker because it is lighter (the AWD systems add weight)

    -Slightly better fuel economy (again, less weight)

    -Less stuff to break/ maintain (AWD systems are obviously more complex)

    -AWD is not much of an issue in my area (no snow driving in Southern California, at least for now), and if I do relocate to an area with real winters (a possibility in my case), FWD should be good enough. (The RWD versions of the G35 and 3-series BMW are noted for being a handful in the snow.)

    -A bit lower price (even with a mean haggle, I was reaching my self-imposed ceiling for what I was willing to devote to a car purchase)
  • Late to the scene but that was a terrific post !
  • greg565greg565 Posts: 4
    I owned both cars, 05's. They are two different cars and drive totally differently. I liked both but will never buy another Audi. The A4 caught on fire in our garage for no reason. It was only by luck that I was in the driveway and able to push the car out before it burst into flames. The local dealer and Audi Of America have been horrible even though they admitted it was due to a faulty coil and totally their fault (car was still under warranty but you wouldn't of known it by the way were being treated). Finally turned it over to the insurance company to deal with Audi.
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 366
    I have a 04 A4 1.8 CVT & opted for the Fronttrak for same reasons as jc112 & socal4. While I am sure that the Quattro is great the FT has plenty of traction & control with standard traction control & ESP. We in WA & drive in the lots of rain & occasion snow, traction has never been a problem. And with high gas prices ya gotta love 35+ mpg (on mid range gas no less).
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