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Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla vs Mazda3



  • Look through the Mazda3 prices paid board theres alot of information about it there. It includes the website to apply for an email certificate. ANyway you need both an Ad from Gerber and a certificate. You go to the gerber website to request the ad, also the ad tells you the certificate web site. However I have all that info at work not here. Another option is people on ebay are selling zoom-zoom 500 dollar or certificate and Gerber ads. The two discounts cannot be combined.
  • Thanks Pete. I went to the Gerber website, had them call me and they said they will mail me the ad on Monday. Hopefully they will. I still don't know what I will buy, but I'll take a free $500 off coupon. If I don't use it, I will pass it along to someone I know. Too bad you can't use the Gerber and the Rev it up coupon together.
  • Which cars are you deciding between because as I probably mentioned I had the same indecision. I pretty much am leaning towards the Mazda but the 2000 savings on a Honda is tempting.
  • sr45sr45 Posts: 144
    Each dealership I talked to in Florida where I live, either did not respond to my e-mail or just told me out right that they can sell the civic at msrp or higher, and would not give me a deal, even a small one on the EX model with NAV. Finally had enough of this game playing, and bought the 06 Corolla LE, automatic with many options at a cost little over $ 16,400 out the door, tax, lic, fees, etc. As oppose to the $ 21,111.00, not including fee's, lic, etc..... Far too much. That would put a civic over $23,000 with tax and lic.
  • I'm in Southern California. Theres a honda dealer here that claims they will match any internet quote or give you 500 dollars. I was looking for the LX and got a out of state internet quote (Virginia) at 14250 which is about 1200 under invoice for the car with automatic. At least verbally they said they would match it, don't know what would really happen unless I started nogioting and was ready to buy a Civic.
    I think the same internet site gave me a 15800 quote for the EX but didn't talk to them about matching that. Anyway the internet quote is from Koon Honda somewhere in Virginia.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    "Why do you knock Hondas? Their cars have been rated Best Buy and Excellent for years. Mazda merges with Ford and that's why Mazda is a follower and not a leader and is behind the top three - Toyota, Honda, and Nissan."

    Uhh, Well Nissan merged with Renault if you want to say Mazda merged with Ford. Mazda has been partially owned by Ford since the late 70's. Also, Toyota shares a plant with General Motors in California.
  • At the moment I am considering the new Civic EX sedan and the Mazda 3s Grand Touring. I know it's not exactly an apples to apples comparison, but I am a bit torn on which way to go, the mpg of the Honda or the upscale features of the Grand Touring, leather, Xenons, Bose, etc. Plus more power but at a big hit on fuel economy.
    The Civics are at MSRP now, and I have no idea if the 06 3 will be discounted in my area yet. Decisions........
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    So there! Does that answer your questions now?

    Actually, no, it doesn't. But it does show me where you're basing your opinion. You are saying Honda has a lot more "value for the money" because Hondas are all you know about. You have never had any experience with Mazda, and you're relying on supposition and personal subjectiveness to make your point.

    I've purchased five vehicles in the Protege/Mazda3 line since 1991. I have put a combined 268,000 miles on those five vehicles. The only problem I had in all those cars and all those miles was a set of front strut bushings worth about $220 on a car that had 85,000 miles on it (and my extended warranty covered it -- I paid a $50 deductible). I also believe I caused those bushings to fail with my "slaloming" down our street to entertain our 4-year-old son. But in any case, $220 over more than a quarter-million miles seems pretty reliable to me.

    BTW, I also get free oil changes for the first 36K miles and free tires for life (as long as I do my service work at the dealership). I get a free loaner car for any service -- and not just warranty work; I can even have one if I don't want to wait around for one of those free oil changes. I get free roadside assistance during my warranty period.

    My dealer was fresh out of Chuck E. Cheese and pedicure coupons, but I did get a $90 set of "premium" floor mats thrown in for free; my dealer has detailed my cars on occasion for free just because I'm a repeat customer; and my wife and I were offered our cars at invoice because of our loyalty. My wife and I received Mazda key rings and a bottle of touch-up paint for each of our most recent cars in the mail. I appreciate real up-front savings and extras which have something to do with the car as opposed to gimmicks like water park tickets and shopping sprees. BTW, where was your $1,000 shopping spree good at?

    As for looks, the Civic has classic lines. I also dig the fancy headlights. It's also definitely sporty looking especially with the added spoiler. I sure get a lot of looks driving down the road! What does that say?

    Absolutely nothing. It's all subjective. I happen to like Mazda over Honda for exactly the reasons you stated. And I don't know how you get all those looks driving down the road, since Civics are about as common as a Big Mac 'n fries. I not only get looks in my Velocity Red Mazda3 hatch, I get spoken compliments. Lots of 'em. A lot of people want to know what kind of car it is. I'll bet you've never been asked that.

    I don't need all the fancy bells and whistles, even though I couldn't turn down a Civic LX Special Edition with it's leather wrapped steering wheel, alloy wheels, an awesome audio system with 6 CD/MP3, and a spoiler. I bought the car for under $15,000. With the added protection of a navigation system, I couldn't go wrong.

    My 3 came with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, 17-inch alloys, and a spoiler standard. I didn't have to buy a "special edition" to get those things. It also came with a much more powerful engine (160 vs. 115 hp) that also has VVT but also has dual overhead cams as opposed to your Civic's SOHC, disc brakes on all four wheels as opposed to your Civic's drums in the rear, fog lights (an option on yours), and oh -- this makes a big difference in your wallet down the road-- a timing chain that never needs to be replaced, as opposed to your timing belt which will set you back about $500 every 60,000 miles. Your Honda's engine is an interference engine too, btw; my Mazda3's is not; so even if my timing chain does ever break, my engine won't be history as your Honda's will be with a much more likely timing belt failure.

    All the aforementioned stuff was standard on my Mazda3. I didn't opt for any of the (relatively few) options since I didn't need them.

    Funny -- I don't see a navigation system listed even as optional equipment on the Civic LX, even the SE. It is an option on the EX, which drives the MSRP of that model up to $20,000. So what kind of Nav system to you have? Garmin?

    My Mazda3 hatch MSRP'd for only $1500 more than your Civic. Considering the features that are standard on the 3 that you have to pay extra for on the Civic (or aren't available at all), I say I got more for my money. And speaking of "added protection," my added protection didn't come in the form of an electronic map. Mine came in the form of a better standard warranty, plus a 6-year, 100,000-mile bumper-to-bumper extended warranty my dealer sold me for half price. (Another loyal customer perk.)

    You can't just compare the two cars' prices and say the Civic is the winner. The Civic LX is a lot less car than the Mazda3s. Plain simple, you get what you pay for. Maybe you should be comparing the Civic LX with the Mazda3i, which is a much fairer comparison -- even though it still blows the Civic out of the water performance-wise.

  • Meade, you sure like to make incorrect assumptions about people you don't even know (and what do they say about that? :) ). And you are more than welcome to continue to talk to your heart's content, but you are not going to change my mind about my choice of automobile. I made the absolute best choice for me after doing a ton of research on all of the vehicles in the compact class.

    If you wish to continue to bury this right into the ground, that's your perogative. I don't care. Because I could have told you this from the beginning - we are talking about two different cars and car companies here. There is no comparison IMO. You love your Mazda and I love my Honda. You believe you got your money's worth and I know I got my money's worth. It's a win/win for both us. Isn't that all that matters? So let it go already man and get a life please.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's not turn this into something personal, please. Both of you can agree to disagree without the digs. Thanks.
  • And one last thing. No need to answer, but think about this. How you can be subject at all about any other automobile when all you know is Mazda? Your messages are extremely biased for that reason. But I have to say I'm amazed to see someone so passionate about a vehicle!

    This is my first Honda. One of the reasons I bought it is because everyone I know who owns a Honda has said they had no problems with theirs and would buy another one. Previous to that I owned Toyota (Camrys and Corollas) for 16 years. I put on a large amount of miles on those autos as well with no major problems either. That's why I kept buying them.

    I don't care about a ton of bells and whistles, whether they are standard or not. All I want in a vehicle is well-known reliability, an excellent track record of owner satisfaction and an excellent rating year after year in cost of ownership over the long haul. That what I've gotten in Toyotas and that's what I will get with Hondas.

    Have a great day! And as Dennis Miller would say -- I'm outa here! :)
  • Hello,

    I am planning to either buy a 06 Mazda 3 or 06 Corrolla S or 06 Civic LX. Does anyone know if the dashboard on a Mazda 3 or Corrolla S used hard plastic or do they used those rubbery soft material on their dashboard, because i know that civic used those standard hard plastic everywhere inside of their vehicle.

    thank you
  • Hi legalpenguin,

    Do you have the 2005 or 2006 Honda Civic LX. Is the dashboard and interior covered with hard plastic or with thoes rubbery soft material on your Civic?

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I'm not trying to change your mind. This is a comparison discussion, and I'm debating your statement that the Civic gives you more for your money. I am sorry you took my post personally; it was not intended to be taken as such.

  • Hi!

    I have a 2005 Honda Civic LX. The dashboard and interior are covered with hard plastic. No rubbery soft material at all.

    You're welcome.
  • I didn't take your tone as a debate. And frankly, I don't wish to be a part of whatever it is anymore. I did my own comparison and that is really all that matters. I went with the Civic. I bought my Honda Civic LX SE for less than what all of the other dealers in the area were going to give me for a regular LX with nothing else added in. So it's not just me who said I got a lot more for my money. The dealers who lost their bids said the same thing. I DID get more for my money. Period. There is no debate on this issue.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Best to drop it if you don't want to be a part of it anymore ...
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Stumbled on this thread and wanted to say, I drove both a Corolla S and Civic EX and LX when purchasing in '03- the Civic was more refined road-manners wize, smoother, and quieter. Both cars offer legendary reliability and gas mileage; I ended up buying an Accord (my 3rd) as I am accustomed to mid-sized cars and compacts just feel, well, too compact. We now have a Mazda6S Hatchback and it has been phenomenal; we didn't drive the 3 but read all the road tests, drove the 6 and bought it that day. Mazda knows how to tune a suspension better than any other mid-price Japanese manufacturer; the others are competent but not cutting-edge. The gentleman so passionate about his 3 did have some valid points in terms of it's advanced engineering. Mazda's aren't for everyone- and I'm glad, because they set the owners apart as more of a driving enthusiast. My Volcanic Red 6 gets looks and comments every where it goes- and I frequently see BMW owners eyeing it as it goes by. Not because they want one, certainly; but because they know it's a car that will perform at a level somewhat close to theirs (esp. if it's a 328i), looks unique, and costs 10K less. Mine has 14K miles so far with 0 problems. Oh, and it also has a timing chain. :D
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Thanks for the kind words. I think you understood my message. I'm glad you recognize that this is a discussion group and people tend to debate things. If we all just decided on the car that's best for us and didn't care about what makes one car better than another, we wouldn't be here -- especially after making our purchase -- would we? ;)

    BTW, did you trade the '03 Accord for the '05 Mazda6? Was it the better handling that made you want to get out of the Accord and into the 6 that quickly?

  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    These are front wheel drive 4 cylinder economy cars - and although they are fun to drive - they are not high performance sports cars - its kind of like a debate on who has the largest shrimp.

    Nothing against the Mazda3 - the main reason I bought one is because - when compared to the other econo boxes being sold - it is one of the most fun to drive - but anyone who thinks that a true driving enthusiast would WANT a front wheel drive 4 banger must have a different image of what driving enthusiast means.

    I would recommend test driving a BMW 325 - after 25 seconds behind the wheel you will never again compare it to a Mazda3/6.
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