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Acura RSX Accessories and Modifications

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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Discuss RSX accessories and mods here!

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  • dengandengan Posts: 2
    Already posted on main site in error - I thought I was in the Accessories and Modifications forum but I guess not:
    #1 of 2 GrillCraft grille for Acura RSX rusting after 1 yr. by dengan Aug 12, 2005 (7:27 pm)
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    Just a warning to RSX owners or this possibly applies to anyone buying a GrillCraft grille:
    My grille started rusting after one year. I bought it from but I don't blame them, I blame the manufacturer.
    This is a Canadian car but the first year I had it on was not particularly snowy and therefore did not get salt on the grille as far as I know (Even if it did get salt on it, it shouldn't have rusted like that).
    I installed it myself but I don't really want to take it off and send it back to them for warranty (it's probably too late now anyway).
    I plan to just spray rust paint on it and hope for the best.
    Anyway, here's your warning.
    ps It is a nice grille but who wants rust in the first year.
  • Need help guys. I am thinking of replacing my 05 RSX-S's stock shift knob with a stock S2000 shift knob (titanium with leather wrap). I understand that the stock shift knob for the RSX-S has a clip that holds the ring for the boot. If I'm going to replace my shift knob with the stock S2000's shift knob, would there be a problem? I'm wondering where would the ring on the leather boot cling on afterwards. I would really appreciate your help. :D
  • rsx_varsx_va Posts: 33
    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience with aftermarket armrests for the RSX. I saw two on Ebay -- one with a storage compartment that mounts to the center console, and another that bolts to the driver's seat. Here are the auctions for these if anyone's interested:

    I like the storage aspect of the first one, but the second one looks wider and might be sturdier if it's bolted to the seat.

    Can anyone relate their experiences installing one of these or something similar?
  • rsx_varsx_va Posts: 33
    Hey JoeLuc,

    I was looking at using a TSX knob for my RSX. There is a boot adapter ring that's included if you buy one of Acura's RSX-specific knobs (the aluminum one in particular). The parts guy on Ebay that I corresponded with said the adapter rings are no longer sold separately, but I did manage to find one for sale on the web. Use to search for "rsx boot adapter" and you'll see it.

    Good luck,
  • Thanks man. Well, I actually ended up buying the aluminum 6 speed shift knob upgrade for the RSX Type S and it comes with a boot adapter set (collar and boot ring). It turns out that my friend didn't like the stock shift knob on his TSX so we ended up swapping our shift knobs. I just paid him $50 to be fair since the TSX shift knob costs at least $100. Thanks for your tip though.

  • I haven't tried either yet, but I agree the latter looks a bit sturdier. I'm considering one for my '06 RSX. It also looks better b/c I definitely don't want to have to drill holes, as I leased my car.

    Have you or anyone used the cold air intake modification? How hard is it to install? Does it void the manufacturer warranty? Does it really improve HP, torque, and MPG, + give it a nice growl???? I've always been told, if it sounds too good to be true, it is! There is one on e-bay for only $20, w/air filter.
  • Armrests: In my opinion it's good only if you have an AT. Having it on a MT can cause some obstruction each time you shift, depends on the length of one's arm of course. Since I'm 5'11", I won't consider it for my RSX since I know my arm won't be comfortable. I actually like to rest my forearm on top of the hand brake. :)

    Hmm, cold air intake modification?

    Installation: Well, that's easy to install. Whatever aftermarket brand you plan to get comes with an installation guide and all the parts you need already come with it. You might need to drill one hole on the aftermarket intake for the sensor.

    Warranty: It can void the warranty of your RSX if the dealership can pinpoint that your modification was the cause and source of the problem. But since an air intake is unlikely to cause any mechanical problems since there's nothing mechanical about it, you shouldn't have to worry about anything. Unless you installed it improperly, then that's a big issue. Remember to keep your stock air intake just in case you decide to put it back.

    HP, torque, and MPG: Slight horse power increase, something like 5hp+ but I don't know about torque. MPG, this is the major drawback. I have a 97 Civic with an Iceman cold air intake installed and my MPG went down a little bit. I am considering putting back the stock air filter but I guess it was already thrown away years ago--my bad. My friend's 2002 Accord's MPG went down a bit as well after he replaced his air intake. Everyone I know who had their air intakes replaced got lower MPGs as a trade off. My advice, get it if you don't consider your MPG going down a little bit and get a little bit more power. Your car's MPG is at it's best the with stock parts. :)
  • Thanks for the information. Bad for the suppliers, as I probably won't get either now!

    Maybe I'll experiment with the intake - it's on e-bay for only $20. As long as I could swap it out without too much hassle or wear and tear, it might be worth sampling...
  • Cool. But be sure that the intake has some barcode sticker (I guess it's the serial number) on it. Usually it does because you might need it by the time you get a smog check when they want take note of the aftermarket part. Some smog checks look for it, others don't. Or better, just be sure you keep your stock air intake so you can put it back for smog checks. Don't be like me when I dumped my 97 Civic's stock intake for granted and couldn't find it now. But I never had any smog check problems with the aftermarket intake installed. The smog person would just say that there's a possibility that my car would fail the test because it is beyond my Civic's reported specs. I guess it depends on the smog check shop. Good luck on modification. :)
  • Hello everyone! I need some information on aftermarket suspension kits out there that you think would be best for an 05 RSX Type S. I'm planning to get both struts and springs so I'm considering getting the Tein SS-P but not sure if it's the best. Also, are camber kits required if I'm going to get Teins? If so, what brand of camber kit should I get? I would really appreciate your help. :)
  • ramzakramzak Posts: 9
    What is recommended for driving on snow and or ice in the Acura RSX, cable or regular chains, or buying another set of rims and studded snow tires?
  • rsx_varsx_va Posts: 33
    I replaced my stock Type S shift knob yesterday with a black leather MOMO knob ("sphere" model). The new knob is larger and the black goes better with the leather seats IMO. The old knob was the one thing I really disliked about the Type S interior -- too small and cheap-looking. It never felt substantial enough to me. Plus the knob in the car I got was heavily scratched up. I drive with my hand on the shift knob almost all the time, so I like to have something there that feels good.

    Installation was very simple -- pull down the boot skirt to detach it from the old knob, unscrew the old knob, slip on the MOMO threaded collar and a rubber sleeve, push the new knob onto the shaft, tighten up three set-screws on the new knob, and screw on the threaded collar from below. In all it took about five minutes.

    The one drawback is that there's no attachment between the MOMO knob and the boot skirt, so there's a small gap between the boot collar and the new knob. It doesn't look bad because the gap is very small, but with the boot collar being loose, it rattles during shifts. I'm either going to pick up one of the aftermarket boot adapters, or maybe just slip on a couple of rubber O-rings to stop the rattling.
  • Just bought one for my Type-S. Looked at the two available. The console replacement and the flip that attaches to the lumbar lever.

    Flip - (Also on eBay)

    Console -

    I choose the flip so I can get it out of the way when I'm solo and can put it down for the comfort of my passenger.
  • rsx_varsx_va Posts: 33
    Let us know how the installation went. I'm still undecided whether I want to add one at all. My previous car was an Accord that had a built-in armrest, and it was nice for longer drives, but I remember when I first got into it, I was constantly bumping my elbow during shifts until I got used to it.
  • rsx_varsx_va Posts: 33
    So I figured out how to pop the center console cover yesterday, and added a rubber washer under the boot skirt (actually a cone washer from an old toilet installation!) that now holds the collar up snug against the shift knob. It looks much better now!

    Now I've got to deal with a slow leak in the left front tire. Damn, there goes at least $100. Why are good tires so damned expensive. I just replaced on on another car like two months ago.
  • vibsrvibsr Posts: 47
    Hey ramzak,

    A good first choice is to leave it parked when practical, but if you MUST get out there and/or you're deep in the snowbelt, go for a complete set (yup, 4!) of snow tires. If you have the funds AND THE SPACE to store a separate set of wheels, get rims. Studs are good for ice, but they'll give you a loud ride. Michelin, Yokohama, and Bridgestone come to mind for tires built with an ice-handling compound. See what they're saying at Tire Rack.
  • Anyone mount one of the aftermarke Type S spoilers on their base RSX??
  • All the SUVs with Xenon lights around annoy the hell out of me. Is it possible to replace the side mirros with auto-dimming ones? And it will be nice to put an auto-dimming rear view mirror with the temprature and compass displays.
  • Got the armrest but decided against installing it. Leather is a nice match but they didn't match the thread/stitching. I don't think most people would notice but I'm anal that way.
  • I have a 2006 RSX s-type and am looking into getting an AEM air intake kit for it. AEM tech support confirms that the part has been tested on RSX models up through 2005, but not 2006. Is there any reason(engine/mechanical systems-wise) that an air intake that works/fits on a 2005 would not work on a 2006? My impression is that the 2006 model is not substantively changed in any way from the 2005.
    Also, any thoughts on how hard this thing is going to be to install?
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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