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Mazda5 Owners - Meet the Members

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
edited March 12 in Mazda
Introduce yourself and get to know other Mazda5 owners here.

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  • isda65isda65 Posts: 74
    I'm a proud owner of a Platinum Silver GT since July 7th. Currently have 600+ kms and loving every minute of it.
  • perfectofcperfectofc Posts: 155
    Another proud owner here - I bought my Platinum Silver GT 5-speed on July 10th. Currently just over 1,000km on it, and can't find the words to tell everyone how much fun this car is to drive... :)
  • msljmslj Posts: 4
    Just bought mine last night! Black Touring!! Only 50 miles on it so far. Can't wait to leave work and drive more! :)
  • kaiankaian Posts: 36
    Phantom Blue Touring 5-speed. Picked it up July 14 and ~240 miles so far.
  • tcw2tcw2 Posts: 9
    I picked up a Carbon Gray Mazda5 MT/Sport on July 2. We have just over 600 miles on it so far and think it's great.
  • momstoymomstoy Posts: 30
    Hello from North Jersey

    We picked up our Phantom Blue Touring 5-speed w/Nav on July 19 - 100miles so far and loving every minute of it! :shades:
  • mrgarymrgary Posts: 33
    I bought my Phantom Blue Sport 5 Speed on July 7.
    So Far I have put 710 mile on it. I was the only one to test drive it so except for the dealer getting gas and moving it around the lot 705 of the miles are mine.
  • dag25dag25 Posts: 1
    I bought my Carbon Grey Touring 5 with navagation on July 17. So far I have only 50 miles on it.
  • Bought mine the other day (July 22). Carbon gray, Touring automatic with nav. Drove 200 miles yesterday and it really is fun to drive. I'm so glad that I waited. I originally planned to buy Honda CRV three months ago.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 303
    Proud new owners!

    1) How is the "build" quality and fit/finish of this vehicle? Any squeaks, rattles or leaks?

    2) Is the Mazda5 Made in Japan?

    Thanks for your feedback.
  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    I purchased my Carbon Gray Touring manual transmission on June 30, 2005. 750+ miles to date. I enjoy the car very much. I liked the finish, no obvious problems so far, no squeaks or rattles.
  • r2kr2k Posts: 25

    How's the automatic climate control A/C work there...pretty hot and humid I would guess?

    Other posts in other forums indicated that the A/C might be a little weak, especially in the back seats.

    Does the A/C seem to drag the engine down much?

    I am considering an auto Touring so it would be nice to know.

  • isda65isda65 Posts: 74
    The A/C is not the 5's strong department. I'm thinking that the windows have to be tinted to lend support to the A/C. The A/C however doesn't drag the engine as far as I am concerned. I didn't detect any deterioration at all. However, I don't drive aggressively. I always stick to speed limits even on the highway.
  • Automatic Climate control works fine in the hot and humid environment of Louisiana. A/C has to be always on when you drive here during this time of the year but the engine is still strong. It does not "drag the engine down" at all. I have no problem with my A/C, not like others say it is weak.
  • r2kr2k Posts: 25
    isda65 and drspongklong:

    Thanks for the replies.

    When I drove a Touring/Auto the A/C did not seem to bother it at all, but I live on the Oregon coast and the temp struggles to get over 60F at times--maybe 65F the day I drove it. It was hard to tell if it was even on except the air coming out of the vents was a bit cooler than outside.

    We use A/C here to mainly cool off a car from the sun (when it shines)..and the black interior will probably heat up a bit with only lite tinting on the windows or when we go to the Willamette Valley, where it is quite a bit warmer than the coast, but nothing like Louisiana or Arizona. However it seems quite warm to us "coasties" if it gets over 80.

  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    Other posts in other forums indicated that the A/C might be a little weak, especially in the back seats.

    There are no vents in the back for the third row.
  • r2kr2k Posts: 25

    Knew that, but sort of hard to test A/C in the back by myself, and as I mentioned, where I live it does not get warm enough to need A/C about 11 months of the year.

    So I was seeking information from somebody that lived in a hot, humid area and might be able to at least say how the A/C worked in general in that climate because of comments in several other forums.

    I forgot to ask drspongklong if he carried any 2nd row passengers yet and if there were any comments from them about the A/C.
  • Yes, I have had 2nd and 3rd row passengers and everybody are comfortable with the temperature inside even though temp outside reads 95 degrees F. I set the temp inside to 70 degrees F and set the fan to number 3.
  • r2kr2k Posts: 25

    Thanks much for the update....sounds like it should work just fine in my part of the country and even if I take a trip over the Cascade Mtns to the hot side of the state or someplace further south.
  • robyneilrobyneil Posts: 26
    We're happy proud owners of a white touring 5 in the bay area, CA. Haven't been able to carry 6 passengers yet to test AC, but great for 4. AC set at 60F cools the whole cabin quickly and grandma on 2nd row is comfortable after leaving '5 baking under the noon sun (in the low to mid 90's). It seems good enough from the third row, but the weather is not as humid here.

    All I can say is it's most fun I've had driving in a very long time. Turning and handling is one of the best for this size or bigger vehicle I've tried so far. I believe it's the 5's best trait.
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