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Mazda5 Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • Warranty

    You are covered now. It adds x number of months o the 48 months.beginning with .the month. you purchased it.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    $500? Wow, cool! I was thinking it'd be more like $200 per vehicle.
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I wonder if everyone will get that? I am driving my car, so I can't say that I have been really inconvenienced, but it was at the dealer for ten days until I decided to get it back. Do they have any way of knowing if we have our cars or not? Will the dealer tell them who picked theirs up?

  • I think $500 is reasonable considering that I paid in full for my Mazda5, drove it for only a week, and now I'm forced to drive a stinking rental for a month already. My brand new Mazda5 is just sitting in the dealer's unpaved dirt lot while it could have been nicely kept in my garage.
  • bwatersbwaters Posts: 52
    I read this forum just about every day and noticed quite a few postings this evening. I just checked "Today's Top Discussions" on the forums page and this is the 4th most active forum. Too bad the Mazda5 Owners MPG Real World Numbers forum has been so slow as of late. Of course I can boast that we have only filled up our 5s tank once since Labor Day. If the $500 check is for real then I won't feel so bad about this surreal experience. :D
  • I called Mazda USA to check,
    they said there was nothing official regading any compensation as of yet, although they did say that something will be done.
  • 200 bucks would be an insult as far as I'm concerned.
  • International Mazda site also "alludes" to NA version having too much power. Current successful Premacy (Mazda 5) in Europe, Australia has 1.8 litre I-4 cyl. with only 121hp or 1.5 litre diesel with 115hp, and they have more weight - for 7 persons. But those models are not offered as autos - so there is a little more "perceived" ponies under the hood with 5 spds.

    Mr Element
  • r2kr2k Posts: 25

    Here is a link to a story about flood damaged cars from the Gulf Coast Katrina/Rita
    disaster areas that you might find interesting.

    The bottom line probably don't want your car back in any way, shape, or form, especially if the water was up as high as you mentioned.

    Might also be a heads up for any others who might find a "hot" deal on a "new" M5 or other brand/model of car in the near future.

    Good luck in getting a settlement.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,405
    thanks a lot for that link. Very interesting reading!


  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I had a chance to bring up your situation with one of our insurance company reps who was here yesterday.... If you had dropped your car off the night before for something like an oil change the dealership may not be on the hook...but the car was there due to a demand from Mazda...this changes things a bit. Essentially the dealership's insurance should cover this. You should contact your insurance company and ask them how they want to proceed. Based on what you have told me, I personally would be looking for a new car...The fact that it is essentially a new car already should help.
  • I have been watching the 5 since early September. Recall in the middle of September. Still, ZERO information as to when the car will be available to buy. Called 2 local dealers, only one was semi-helpful. Closest dealer to me never even asked for my phone number to contact me when the cars were available, but were completely interested in doing a "preapproval". Second closest dealer tells me, we have your number, keep checking back with us. Made 4 calls to Mazda North America in 1 month. First time I called I received some zoom-zoom stickers. Thanks. They would look a little awkward on the Nissan Quest I have my eye on. Second call I was hung up on. Third call was a deja vu response, "keep checking back". Fourth call I asked to be put on a list to be notified when the cars were available, instead I was given the CSR's extension number and finally an apology. I asked if there were ANY 5's ANYWHERE that were fixed yet and ready to sell, I am getting desperate, and I was told that information was not available. I sold my van for down payment cash in the 2nd week of September. I now drive a Miata which I plan to sell for additional down payment cash (but was going to trade in). When will I sell it... i don't know? I have 4 children. Husband has a Ford F-150. The logistics are impossible to move half of my family around. Been doing this for a month. Getting old, fast. I have my zoom-zoom live event pass for $500 off. Have my certificate / e-mail along with the magazine advertisement (I bought the Plum magazine off ebay.) for $500 off. Waiting, and waiting. If there were a similar car available, I sware to you, I wouldn't be typing right now. I think I will redirect my energy into a letter to Mazda North America (and maybe Ford Media?) ANY suggestions? I feel like I am begging!!!!!! someone to let me buy a car! I think of how excited I was that I found a car I was willing to be in debt for. I read of the enthusiasm all of you 5 owners had. I think of how hopeful I was that this little "car" would find it's segment... all of that in comparison to the way I feel right now, it's sick. Thank you for reading my rant :)
  • dontecdontec Posts: 9
    I was in the simmilar situation. I had my loan offer expired and my interest rate went up around 0.750%.
    Called many dealers, including my friend in one of the local Mazda dealerships. He was a little helpfull. The rest of the dealers were givving bad responses and were tottaly not interested, until the car is off the recall.

    Well, according to my informations, my car, which I left a deposit for, will be ready in a couple of weeks or sooner. Some dealers are actually dealing at this point, and with some luck and persistance, you could get some money off (like $1000 or more) for not having your test drive.

    Good luck.
  • hi,

    I heard the $500 gerber rebate was expired on 9/30 but not very sure. You might want to double check before you make the purchase when Mazda 5 is available in the market.

    good luck
  • The Gerber rebate is good for 60 days from the date of the certificate which you had to email Mazda for. The deadline to submit the email for the certificate was the end of September. I was on the hunt for the ad (which has to be used in combination with the certificate) and did not need it to obtain certificate so I thought ahead a little bit and got the certificate, then won the ebay auction for 11.79 for the magazine w/ the ad. whew.
  • lolo2lolo2 Posts: 10
    Someone on this site had a website for the Gerber Rebate..I went to the website and got a $500.00 rebate coupon from Mazda with these dates...9/15 to 11/15/05...Since I bought my 5 on 9/10 I wanted the Gerber coupon...I talked to someone at Mazda today and faxed over my paperwork and coupon..They said they will see what they can do for me. I also asked about the recall and ..he said we should be getting our cars back around Oct. 24th....Yeah Right!
    On a side note...I was checking my credit card statement on line and ....WONDERS NEVER CEASE..Hertz was billing me $30.00 per day for a car...Hmmm .. :mad: ...I had to cancell that credit card...I have a Hertz rental from Mazda..Gee I wonder if there's s connection
  • ffunffun Posts: 29
    I called my dealer in Edmonton and he hasn't heard anything new about when he will be receiving parts. The last he heard a few weeks ago was that he would get parts the week of the 17th. He told me that as soon as they get the parts they will have my vehicle ready by the next day at the latest. I can't wait. Right now we have a Ford Focus from Enterprise. This car really makes me appreciate my Mazda5. We've only put about 500 km on our 5 and we've put over 5000 km on the three rental cars we've had over the past 4 weeks. It's nice that we didn't have to put all that wear and tear on our 5 but I'm getting sick of driving crappy rentals.
  • I purchased my Mazda5 on 9/19. I was then informed on the 23rd it had been recalled... The car was still at the dealer because I was getting my GuidePoint System installed. They called me in, gave me a rental... They had no Mazda's to give as loaner to me so I ended up with a cool/boxy looking Scion xB. I finally got upset about waiting so long went back and got a 2005 Mazda 3 as loaner. It is nice, but still want my 5. The service manager called me and said he would pay my Auto Loan bill for the first month and maybe second for as long as they keep my Mazda5. Well the upside is, my first payment has been taken care of. I can kick the crap out of a nice Mazda3 while getting used to the AT Shift so that I know what I am doing when I finally get my Mazda5. I hope that the Mazda5 is worth the wait like I have seen many of you saying.

    Have a nice day and ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!
  • I have been watching this forum and thank everyone for the info. This will be my 1st contribution:
    Took delivery of my Mazda5 end of August from dealer in Milford, Connecticut. Found out about the recall from internet- actually this web forum, and later that day the dealer called me to inform. They gave me a brand new MPV with leather, DVD etc. as a matter of course, without me asking. Had that 2 weeks and air bag light started staying on, so returned the vehicle. They gave me a demo Volvo 70 (they are also a Volvo dealer) which looks stodgy but is quite comfortable and pleasant. The salesman also called about 1 week ago to update me on the recall. He didn’t have any info not already posted on the web and the update letter from mazda came about the same time. All in all, my experience has been as good as one might expect under the circumstances. There have been no hassles other than missing the car I bought. Hopefully they will not alter the driving experience by changing the transmission calibration.
  • Bought my car in New Orleans a month before Katrina. Evacuated to Fort Worth and haven't gone back since. Dropped my 5 to a dealership here in Fort Worth. I asked them about having an MPV as a loaner but was denied and was told that I did not buy my 5 from them so they sent me home with a gas guzzler Dodge Durango. That was almost a month ago. I haven't heard anything from them eversince and I just read this forum everyday to know what's going on. The Durango is not that bad and I feel safe driving it. It looks so sturdy but it just sips a lot of gas. I missed my 5 but I just let it stay where it is until it get fixed.
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