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Mazda5 Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • Why they trying to pull that stunt.

    Why are they under-compensating the Canadians, seems like a cheap stunt and one that will certainly make the papers !

    Who's calling Mazda to complain, I know I am.
  • Hi Vinnyfast, just wanted to know where you were located. My dealer in California says he has not heard anything about when he will be getting the parts and doesn't know when I will be getting my 5 back. It may be that the first shipment of parts went to the East coast or something like that. I am hoping I will get my car back this week - we'll see.
  • afticaaftica Posts: 14
    Just spoke with Mazda Canada Customer Relations. They received word Friday that compensation would be as I noted earlier. $500.00 plus a reset of warranty. The parts are going out to dealers this week with an expected 2 week window to receive parts and complete all repairs.
  • Hey raceymom, (cool name by the way), got my M5 back last Friday after they called me to say it was ready. I was surprised because I didn't expect it back for another month. Anyway, I'm located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, near Toronto. I guess they must have air freighted the parts in. Everything seems fine with the car at all speeds upt 90mph. I haven't driven it past that, yet, because I only have about 1000 miles on it. They detailed the car, extended my warranty to restart Dec 1st, and are sending me a check for $500 in 4-6 weeks. Got a letter from Mazda today to confirm. I kind of miss the rental I had though....had a 2006 Dodge Charger....very faaaaaaaaaaaast!!!!...but I'm glad I got my car back. :)
  • Are you not ticked off that we're getting 500CAD when the American's are getting 50US. ?
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    Didn't you pay for your car in CAD? I don't know if there is a price difference between here and Canada or not, but I paid $17,500 USD for my four speed sport model.

  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    but I paid $17,500 USD for my four speed sport model.

    ...and that's a great deal! Edmunds' TMV is $18,731 USD for the Sport AT, and is probably an accurate representation of what most US customers are paying. That's roughly $22,100 CAD, although the exchange rate varies somewhat from day to day.

    It'll be impossible to directly compare prices though, since the US and Canadian models come with different features/combinations. They're not identical cars (in terms of options).

    Also, when was the recall announcement made in Canada? Were the Canadian cars recalled later and out of service for a shorter amount of time? In the US, most of us were told about the recall on September 16 (which was the same day that my wife and I took our first child home from the hospital, in the Mazda5, after he was born on September 14...we heard from our dealer right when we got home...great timing, huh?).
  • Just heard from my Fla dealer. He got 1 out of 4 parts. They usually get parts on Wed; so it looks like at least another week. :(
  • Just spoke to Mazda Customer Relations. They swear all parts will be in by this Friday and ALL 5's will be on the road by 11/4. :surprise:
  • The base MSRP CAD price was $19,999 - what was the US price ?

    If they were different I'll certainly be chasing up the refund difference.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    They swear all parts will be in by this Friday and ALL 5's will be on the road by 11/4.

    I guarantee that my Mazda5 will not be in service by 11/4. But that's not because of the recall, so I'm sure they weren't including me in that statement.
  • dontecdontec Posts: 9
    Hello everyone,

    I spoke to Mazda USA and My dealer in Ohio. Both gave me the same response, that they started manufacturing kits in [non-permissible content removed] and Airbonning them to USA. The most interesting parts is, that the timing is off again: all cars should be done in 2-4 weeks from 24, which is exactly when " a BIG DEAL WARRANTY RESET" will start-Dec01.
    Mazda is very badly handling the situation: No official updates, misleading information from dealers and cust service.

    PS. I called about two dozens of Mazda dealers here in Ohio, and nobody had received even a single kit.

    I love the car, but I will never wait another month for them to fix this stupid heat shield.

  • meg02meg02 Posts: 2
    We're waiting for our Mazda 5 to come in - delayed because of recall. The dealer calls us today to tell us that Japan has ceased production for at least two months. It'll be at least March until they're available again!! :cry: :cry:
  • I'm done. I'm tired of waiting. The extended warranty is a joke. Why even bother? Most people will have driven the 50.000 within 2-3 years, so they really aren't extending anything. The $500 pays for the extra money I have spent in filling up the MPV that is barely getting 19 miles per gallon. It has been in the dealership for 50 out of the 100 days we have owned it and I decided I am going to lemon law it. Has anybody started this process yet? Any suggestions/advice or how Mazda is handling these? :mad: :lemon: :mad:
  • Agree with everything you said mctwins. I too am interested in doing the lemon law pursuit now. I am so sick and tired of not getting a date from the dealer or from Mazda cust. service. I know you need to send a registered letter to mazda telling them you are officially pursuing the lemon law but after that I don't know what happens. Do you need a lawyer on your side or not? What address do you send the letter to? Not the dealership I presume.. Somebody help!!

    Scott (why, oh why, did I not listen to the little voice in my head and buy an Odyssey?) :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I sent the lemon-law letter to Mazda's Customer Mediation department last week. The NJ law requires that Mazda is given 10-day's notice of the customer's intent, before the customer can actually file the lemon law. So, I gave Mazda my "notice of intent", and their extra 10 days are up, but I haven't actually filed for the lemon law. Actually, I'm not even sure how I would go about doing that, what the next step would be. Mazda did not contact me about the letter, I haven't heard a thing. But Mazda Customer Service said there was a note about the letter in my profile, so they DID recieve it and are aware of it.

    My interest in the lemon law stems from the fact that my car is NOT going to be returned to me in the same condition that I gave it to the dealer...the dealer damaged it and is still unwilling to pay for damages. So if I lemon-law the car (because it's been out of service for so long), I don't need to take the car back.

    If anyone else DOES pursue the lemon-law, I'd be very interested in knowing how things go for you. Any way we could team up and pursue this as a group? Since the laws vary state-by-state, maybe not...
  • I got a call from my dealer (Performance Mazda in Ottawa, Ontario) yesterday, informing me that my 5 is ready and can be picked up. My persistent bugging them has paid off. I originally ordered the car the second week of July, and took delivery the Thursday after Labour Day. Three days later, I got the call asking me to return the car to the dealer. Finally, almost four months after my initial order, I have my car and can (hopefully) enjoy it. It's an indigo blue GT with 5 speed and 6 disc changer. Too bad we can't get the hard disk based sound system that is available in Europe. I also got the letter confirming the $CAD 500 cheque and warranty restart.

    My biggest complaint has been the lack of information from Mazda Canada. My dealer has also expressed frustration. In fact, I never received a formal recall notice.
  • WE've had our Mazda 5 since July and love it. Recall and all, we still love it. In reading over some of these messages, I can't believe all of the anger and hostility towards the company. I think the recall was handled very well. Our last new car was a Ford and it kept going back to the dealer from the day after we purchased it (and once got hail damage when on the lot instead of covered at home). All we got was a "sorry about your luck." It's a first generation car and that's the risk that you run when you want the car now rather than in a few years. It still meets our needs better than anything else on the market and at it's excellent price. Unlike other manufacturers, Mazda didn't wait for many many cars to burn before accepting responsiblity for the problem. They acted. AND they provided a replacement vehicle. We're actually more concerned with the fact that an oil change requires a special tool and filter and our nearest dealership is about 45 miles away. Maybe we're not so frustrated because we chose to turn in our car later rather than earlier (after they determined the fix -- we called to see what was causing the problem and felt it was more of an operator issue than a vehicle issue) and got a Protege5 instead of an MPV. We're hoping that the fix won't affect the zippiness of our car. I'm actually thinking that I want another one.
  • I just got a call from my Fla dealer. The parts are vehicle specific by VIN # and some have come in. Of course mine was not included. Anyway a few Mazda%'s will be on the road in Fla today. The parts come in daily by FedX. :cry:
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