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Mazda5 Owners MPG-Real World Numbers

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
This topic is for Mazda5 owners to share their actual MPG with others.

"Real World" Fuel Economy vs. EPA Estimates

Save Money on Gas

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  • isda65isda65 Posts: 74
    No surprise here. There's lots of stops along my 5.5km 10-minute long route to the office and back and a big hill to boot. Even if I normally drive 50-60km/hr the stops could kill any car's fuel efficiency here in North Vancouver.
  • perfectofcperfectofc Posts: 155
    I got 29mpg on my first tank... will update as I continue to drive the heck out of this car. :-)
  • mrgarymrgary Posts: 33
    I have put gas in two times so far and have gotten over 27 MPG both times.
    I drive alot of back roads and small town so don't have a lot of stop signs but also don't do much highway driving. Plus i have used the AC all the time since our temps have been in the mid 80's to the low 90's.
  • sschribersschriber Posts: 89
    Is this 29 mpg imperial?
  • perfectofcperfectofc Posts: 155
    US gallons, I did the conversion for you.
  • mrgarymrgary Posts: 33
    Jut had my low gas light come on for the first time. 350 miles on the tank of gas.
    Got 27.6 MPG this tank. 1010 Miles on it since 7 July... Just to much fun to drive.
  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    Jut had my low gas light come on for the first time

    How much did you put in the tank after the light came on, if you can remember? I only got 12 gallons in it at that point. I like to wait until the light comes on, I'm trying to figure out what my fudge factor is.
  • frank4carsfrank4cars Posts: 98
    I got 300 miles on my first tank and managed to squeeze 15.02 gallons in. I have to note, though, that I had 4 other adults with me most of the time and the temp here in Southern California meant I had the air blasting all the time. The light went on when I was at around 270 miles and the needle ended up pointing at the fuel pump icon to the left of empty by the time I stopped.
  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    The light came on again, and I put 12.772 gallons in, getting 22.6 mpg. It was mostly city driving.
  • ccweemsccweems Posts: 33
    Suggest reporting auto or manual. Thx
  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    The light came on again, and I put 12.772 gallons in, getting 22.6 mpg. It was mostly city driving.

    Suggestion taken. This is on a touring MT 5speed.
  • frank4carsfrank4cars Posts: 98
    So mine was 20 mpg with 5 aboard, spirited driving, air on full blast, and an auto trans left in auto mode 95% of the time.
  • momstoymomstoy Posts: 30
    1st tank 22 mpg - 3-4 aboard - A/C blasting - spirited driving 50/50 city/hwy
    2nd tank 24 mpg - 3-6 aboard - " "

    I think the more I get used to driving it - the more fun it is to drive!

    5spd manual
  • So the manual gets 10-20% better mileage? That's impressive. So far this second tankful looks to be giving me a better return so maybe I was just heavier on the throttle than I realized during that first one.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I think it's too soon to be doing a manual/automatic comparison, since there's not very much data posted here. But, yes, the manual should get better gas mileage than the automatic.

    So far I've seen the following reports:

    Manual: low of 22 MPG, high of 29 MPG (about 7 tanks reported)
    Automatic: low of 20 MPG, high of 28 MPG (about 4 tanks reported)

    These tanks are all for different load weights, etc., and I "stole" some of the mileage reports from other Mazda5 forums. But, based on these, the Mazda5's doing a good job of meeting or exceeding the EPA estimates! :D
  • I encourage all of you MPG buffs to visit Along with tracking your own MPG, you can see real-world numbers for most cars. Sorry to say that no one has posted for the 5 yet.
  • Hi, I did my first fill-up after reaching almost a half tank. I have a Touring edition with the 5 speed manual.

    193.6 miles on 6.906 gallons = 28.03 MPG

    40% stop and go freeway traffic; 40% cruising speeds (65 MPH); 20% city streets.

    A very positive start.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I just filled up my Mazda5, auto trans, for the first time. 338 miles driven since the dealer filled it up, and I just put 13.35 gallons in to fill it up again: 25.3 MPG!

    About 80% of the miles were highway. Most of the miles were with only 2 people in the car (driver + passenger) but some of the miles were with 4 people. We actually drove it up a small mountain when we had 4 people in it, so I thought that our MPG would doesn't seem like it did.

    Considering that we had the AC on 100% of the time during these 338 miles, I'm very satisfied with the MPG that I got!

    By the way, my gas light went on 18 miles before I filled up my tank, and when I filled it up I only put 13.35 gallons into the 15.9-gallon tank. Based on these numbers, I think that I had a little more than 3 gallons left in the tank when the gas light went on...that's kinda early for it to come on, but better early than too late! My Civic is the same way: it has a 13-gallon tank, but I've never put more than 11 gallons into it because the gas light goes on when there are about 3-4 gallons left in the tank.
  • I got a little over 28 mpg again. This time I had a passenger and gear in the car at least 25% of the time.

    I think once the engine really gets broken in, 30 mpg may not be out of the question.
  • 265 miles/ 12 gallons this time. So a 10 % improvement to 22 mpg. No passengers, no cargo 90 % of the time. 80/20 mix of city/ highway.
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