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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ma3xma3x Posts: 7
    Mazda5 sport, auto, popular pk., wheel locks, cargo net, 100k miles powertrain warranty ...paid $20200 OTD ... I would think was a decent deal... any toughts ?
  • Hi, we just purchased a silver Mazda 5 touring with auto for $20,850 out the door. This price included a $350 dealer installed alarm system.

    As a brand new owner of a Mazda 5 (Touring model with auto trans.), I'd like to report my initial impressions of this "micro-van." As expected, it is a unique vehicle given its 2+2+2 seating in a compact van format. Sitting beside our our BMW 528i in our garage, I noticed that the Mazda 5 is shorter in length.

    Its four cylinder engine and 4 speed auto transmission give me plenty of pick-up with 2 passengers. In fact, I have to watch my driving to avoid speeding tickets. I haven't yet tested it fully loaded, but for my kind of driving and the sporadic occupancy by 4 or more passengers, I expect its pick-up to be MORE THAN ADEQUATE. The car's 4 speed auto willingly down shifts for additional power whenever the accelerator pedal is pressed. The car's weight & size undoubtedly helps. To estimate for yourselves what expect, just compare the Mazda 5's horse power to weight ratio against those found in full sized vans and SUVs that have V6 engines. You can get such information very easily on the internet.

    In general, I concur with everyone's opinons about the Mazda 5. Its 3rd row of seats is good only for short trips, short people, and/or young kids. Mazda 5's layout is incredibly flexible and roomy for its size. The non-powered dual sliding doors is van-like and very light to operate. The car seems to be well put together although some of its interior parts feels a bit "cheap." But what do you expect for under $20K MSRP? In comparison, the highly rated Toyota RAV4 SUV (by consumer reports) cost some $4000 more, get slightly worse mileage, and its 3rd row seats are no roomier.

    If this car's reliability holds up (introduced about 16 months ago), Mazda may have a "winner." We certainly can't lose given the ever higher cost of gasoline.
  • You do realize the M5 comes from the factory with an alarm system!!
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 73
    I don't think our M5 comes with a factory alarm - just remote key & engine disable.

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Craig: You should read fair price quote and check other sources online like Kelly Blue Book for what they think is fair --- and then make the dealer an OUT THE DOOR offer which INCLUDES the TTL. Haggling over just the new car price and your trade-in value doesn't get you the lowest price.

    Know what the invoice price is and the dealer costs of the options on the car and to be installed by them later. Also be careful about the doc fees, as high as $450, and other things they sneak in. Never buy paint protector scams. If they won't knock that off go elsewhere. All buyers do have to pay the advertising fee since Mazda doesn't re-imbuse dealers.

    But don't make a rediculous offer no one would accept.

    When you get the survey, mentioned on this forum, read it carefully and answer honestly, it is IMPORTANT for the dealer to get good reports. Bad surveys lower the number of cars he can order later.

    Ignore ignorant salesmen who send bad emails. The salesman turnovers are high and he probably won't be there when you go in for service. It isn't the dealer attacking you it's a disgruntled salesman who should be working in Sears bedding department.
  • I live in the Pacific Northwest and am looking into purchasing an Mazda5. Did you purchase a Mazda after your experience in Oregon or did you go a different route?
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  • I just purchased my 5 on 3 days ago. The deal included a $1000 rebate. Today I received a call from the "lady who handles rebates" and said the sales man and sales manager (I think that's what he was) gave me the rebate in error. It was supposed to have been for repeat customers who had the incentive mailed to them (I wasn't and I didn't). So now they are trying to get me to either pay them another grand or have it worked into the financing. I don't want either, naturally. I paid approx. $21000 OTD for a Touring with AT , Sirius (added for $400+)and metallic pearl paint ($200). They supposedly are only making $200 on it. Anybody have any suggestions (quick) as to how I can get them to stick to the original contract? I even told them I'd bring them back the car (which I don't really want to do, but would, I guess).

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    "I even told them I'd bring them back the car (which I don't really want to do, but would, I guess)."

    Sticking to that plan is your best bet... Be ready to give up a couple of hundred, if it takes that... but, don't offer..

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  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 73
    I don't understand how the dealer can make you pay more for a car that is already sold. That's sort of cheesy. They signed the contract and so did you. If you decided you paid too much, they wouldn't give you any $ back. I don't think you need to do anything.

    Dealers will sell you cars for under their cost if they need the sale to make their monthly bonus.

    If they take the car back, my understanding is that they can only re-sell the car as used - so they'll lose $ anyway.

    What was the price of the car before TTL? You can check the invoice price & holdback on the Edmund's price to see if they were really losing $. (OTD price doesn't mean anything on this forum because the taxes & licence differ by state/city) Ok, I checked for you ... Invoice for your car including AT, Sirius, Pearl paint & destination is $19,625.

    Tell us what happens.

    My 2 cents,

  • Thanks for your replies, kyfdx and David. I guess the dealership decided to just "eat" it. It's been 2 days and I haven't heard a word from them regarding the rebate mix-up. My down payment check went through and my credit union loan is on the books for the amount I signed the contract for.

    So I think I got a pretty good deal - invoice is $19625 (Touring, AT, Sirius and Pearl Paint). I got mine for $18900 after the $1000 rebate I wasn't supposed to get (ha,ha). That's before TTL, of course ($21000 after). What do you think??????

    I'm really enjoying the car/minivan/whatever it is. My daughter will be having another baby (making it 2 under age 2, plus a 10-year-old) and I just couldn't see me getting two carseats in and out of my Dakota QuadCab when I have the privilege of babysitting them. This definitely is a dream vehicle in that respect. Lovin' it!
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 73
    Hi Sandie,

    Looks like you drove a pretty good deal, $725 under invoice. They probably have about $400 in hold-back so I don't think they lost much and they probably will find some way to get the rebate. I think once they sign the contract, they can't change it, but it probably depends what state you are in. Since the 07's are coming out, the dealer will give you pretty good deals on 06's (which have a longer bumper-to-bumper warrantee anyway.

  • Cool! Thanks again!
  • sf5sf5 Posts: 1
    I just bought one of the remaining 2006 Touring, automatic transmission Mazda 5s (silver) for $18509 (supposedly $800 under invoice +$200 advertising) + TTL (taxes $1583, license $184, $8.75 for California Tire Fees (whatever those are) and $45 in document prep fee). Royal Motor Sales here in San Francisco were good to work with, and with less high pressure than my last car buying experience a few years back. I was tempted by the 2007, but it would have been $1000 more to get it at invoice out here, and that would have a year less on the warranty.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854

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  • tlongtlong CaliforniaPosts: 4,737
    We've narrowed our choices down from CRV and Mazda 5 to the 5.

    1 - has anybody seen the new color - dark plum? It seems it is the only color that has not been made yet. We wanted to get a look at it but we aren't going to wait very long.
    2 - does anybody else think Mazda made a poor choice of leather color on the GT? We have decided on a Touring instead and we'll add aftermarket leather
    3 - isn't it annoying that Mazda does very little advertising on this vehicle? Are they capacity constrained for the US and don't need more sales?
  • riproyriproy Posts: 57
    I have to chime in regarding your third point. I also find it frustrating that the 5 is not pushed more here in Canada. We received a glossy Mazda pull-out with our newspaper last week and the 5 received a half page of half-hearted copy. I am so curious to know the reasoning behind this from Mazda's standpoint. Anyone??
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 73

    Re: question #3

    Well in my selfish opinion, I think its better that there's not as much advertising - otherwise, there'd be more demand and we'd have to pay more for our M5s. We also have unique cars, easier to find our car in the parking lot.

    On the downside, since not as many are sold, we don't have as much aftermarket support.

  • I am a Canadian moving to US, specifically Lawrence Kansas. I will be buying a Mazda 5 Grand Touring (i.e. Auto with Leather) with Navigation, DVD, and remote starter. MSRP is 25,445. What is a reasonable price for that region? The TMV price in edmunds is based off a much lower MSRP, and hence, I don't know if it's accurate. Any help will be much appreciated!
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 73

    I just ran the TMV price in edmunds - the MSRP is $25,410, Invoice is $23,450 and TMV is $24,911 for zip code 91362.

    I believe that buying agents such as Costco can get you your car at invoice +$500 or so - see other threads. Depends on how much in demand the Grand Touring is.

    What MSRP is Edmunds giving you? Did you select all your options?


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