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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • If that Mazda5 is the car you really want, then make an offer.. For all that salesman knows, you are a complete rube and he can make his whole month by selling you a car for $4K over MSRP. His job is to get as high a price as possible.

    Anyway, salespeople generally don't have the decision making power when it comes to the sales price. I always try to disregard most of what they have to say. The only thing that matters is if I get the car that I want, at the price I want.

    And, you can't find that out until you make an offer..


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  • fred222fred222 Posts: 200
    I contacted University Mazda in Seattle for a quote on a 2006 5 speed Sport which is what I really wanted anyway (vs Touring). They quoted $16868 before the $1000 rebate Mazda is offering for financing through Mazda. This is a great price but I am still concerned about the driving comfort being 6'4" tall. I will have to move the seat back 2-3" to drive this vehicle comfortably. This is why I am not jumping on it, but if nothing better comes up I may have to go that route. It is tough buying a new car that is not really big enough for you.

    BTW: I had originally contacted the dealer where I test drove the car by e-mail asking for a quote. They said come in and we will talk, but at least they had a stick I could test drive. Another dealer I contacted said they had a stick Mazda 5 and when I got there they did not have a single Mazda 5 on the lot. If the dealer where I test drove the car had quoted $24K I would not have gone there for the test drive. If I am to effectively compare the Mazda 5 to other vehicles I must have some idea of the price.

    In my previous post I compared the Mazda 5 to vehicles about $25K. Now I would have to compare it to vehicles about $16K which is very different and much more favorable for the Mazda 5.

    This is a great vehicle which I may still purchase.
  • Go back and tell the salesman that you'd really like to buy the car, but only under the condition that it isn't from him.
    I have a 5-speed, and I think it is a very good car. I also have a 2005 Odyssey LX, so I can make a direct comparison to that. The Mazda gets better gas mileage, and is more fun to drive, but the Odyssey has it beat in every other area. The Odyssey gets about 21 MPG, while my Mazda gets about 28 MPG.
    If you want your kids to be comfortable, I'd get the Odyssey. If you want a car that is fun to drive and feels like a tight Japanese car should, get the Mazda. My wife drives the Odyssey, and hauls the kids around (I have 4 kids), while I use the Mazda for my 20 mile commute to work, and also as a back-up to the Honda.
    Good luck with your decision.
    I bought my 5-speed here in Texas for $17,200.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Price is one of the key advantages to the Mazda5, but if you're going to pay in the low 20's for a Mazda5, that seems a little high to me.
  • danixdanix Posts: 19
    I'm considering a Mazda5 with manual transmission.
    At this point, there are no Touring models with manual in my area, and only a couple of Sports left.

    I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer.

    1) Besides the warranty, and colors, what has changed from 2006 to 2007? The window stickers show some additional details (like EBD) that were not on the 2006. Are these just wording changes and/or omissions on the 2006 sticker?

    2) The US roof rack is fugly. Is it possible to import the euro roof rails and install them?

    3) General consensus seems to be that the 06 warranty is better than the 07. Does that, plus $1000 cash back from Mazda Credit, make up for the difference in depreciation between buying a 2006 vs a 2007?

  • danixdanix Posts: 19
    We drove a used one tonight (it was the closest one with a stick).

    Impressions (this from a VW enthusiast):
    - good use of space
    - decent interior quality, but not VW/Audi
    - handling better than expected
    - power about what I expected
    - brakes are adequate

    We're leaning towards buying one instead of a used Passat Wagon, because of the extra space.
    I'm still not sure if $1000 back on the 06 offsets the depreciation, come 4-5 years from now. It's probably a wash.

    Does anyone know where I can find a full size picture of the 06 Gray? It changed slightly for 07 and is no longer on Mazda's site.
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 73
    2) The US roof rack is fugly. Is it possible to import the euro roof rails and install them?

    As I recall, I believe that someone looked into getting the euro rails - and found out it was very expensive & probably didn't fit anyway. Can't remember the site.

  • fred222fred222 Posts: 200
    I have several considerations regarding the Mazda 5.
    Probably #1 is that I really want a stick shift vehicle which can seat 5 in reasonable comfort and gets good mileage and is fun to drive.
    #2 is that I am 6'4" tall and want to be comfortable.

    I would have to move the seat of a Mazda 5 back at least 2" to be comfortable over the long term. I can do this, but then I negatively impact the seat behind the driver making that seat less useful. Also, I question just how useful the third seat is in the Mazda 5. My wife has a Pacifica with the three rows of seats and the third seat is really only good for small kids and I think the Pacifica has more room there than the Mazda.
    Right now I am driving a 1999 Intrepid ES with the 3.2L engine and autostick purchased new. This car has 225HP and is fast (0-60 about 2 sec faster than the Mazda 5) and fun to drive. It gets 22-24 mpg in town and 28-30 mpg on the highway on regular. It is in great shape with less than 80K, but is getting old. Also, even though it is a big car, I do not like having three people (even with one 4 year old) in the back seat. This is what has steered me away from other "sedans" with manual transmissions. I question how much better the Mazda 5 will be than my Intrepid. My 14 year old son said that the seats in the Mazda 5 were narrower and it felt more cramped which I agree with.

    As a final comment, I priced some of the tires for the Mazda 5 on-line today. WOW!!! I see no need for 17" wheels on this vehicle and if I purchased one would certainly want change to 16" or preferably 15" wheels. I much prefer the ride, noise, durability and price of 60-65 series tires. The Mazda 3 comes with 15" and 16" wheels. Does anyone know if these will fit on the Mazda 5? When I test drove the 2006 Touring Mazda 5 the dealer commented when I was on the Highway (I90 in Post Falls, ID) that this was a "rough" part of the road, I guess to explain the excessive road noise from the tires. I drove the same section of road in my Intrepid which has snow tires on right now and was thinking how quiet the road was.

    If the Mazda 5 was just a little bigger and came with 15" or 16" wheels I probably would have purchased one. I may yet, but I am still looking. I hate to buy a new vehicle that is not exactly what I want. Still life is full of compromises.
  • danixdanix Posts: 19
    This forum is far less active than I had hoped. Bummer.

    Right now, I have access to a new 06 Sport with PEP for $16400 (including the MAC rebate) or a slightly used (under 2000 miles) 06 Sport with PEP and sunroof, at $15800. I'm trying to figure out which way I want to go, but I'm still not sold on the Mazda5. My biggest concern is depreciation, especially with a stick. In 4 years, this car will have almost no value, which has to factor into your buying decision.
  • fred222fred222 Posts: 200
    My biggest concern is depreciation, especially with a stick. In 4 years, this car will have almost no value, which has to factor into your buying decision.

    Depreciation is a fact of life with cars. You will get less depreciation with a Honda or Toyota, but they still depreciate and you pay more up front. If you really are worried about depreciation, I believe the best advice is to buy a 2-3 year old domestic vehicle and drive it "until the wheels fall off".
    If you do go the Honda or Toyota route, don't forget the additional tax and financing you have to pay on the higher price which you do not get back when you sell the vehicle. I purchased a new Honda Odyssey last year. The tax rate here is over 9% so right away the vehicle had depreciated over $3000 the second I signed the papers. If I had purchased a Dodge for about half the price, the tax depreciation would have been 1/2.
    As for the Mazda 5s, if you really want the sun roof get it. Otherwise get the new vehicle.
  • After reading your post, I too, looked up the tire prices on the 17 inch tires. Wow!
  • danixdanix Posts: 19
    Thought I had a deal on one in Hayward, but the car was sold when I got there. So, yesterday I flew to Long Beach, and picked up an 06 Touring in Gray, with rear bumper step, wheel locks for $17990-$1000 MAC = $16990. This was at Browning Mazda. They still have the identical car in silver.

    Funny thing is, I had negotiated the price at invoice (allegedly $17500) over the phone, and when I got there, the car had the lower price in big numbers on the windshield :)

    One major dislike - they install an aftermarket alarm on EVERY car, and if you don't want it, they remove it (after much selling pressure of course). This leaves two holes in the lower dash, which they fill with two screws. I intend to contact Mazda about this.

    Also, I called MAC to ask if there were any prepayment or early termination penaties on the loan, and they said no. The salesman at the dealer said you have to keep the loan for 3 months. Who's right?
  • yad5yad5 Posts: 3
    One major dislike - they install an aftermarket alarm on EVERY car, and if you don't want it, they remove it (after much selling pressure of course). This leaves two holes in the lower dash, which they fill with two screws. I intend to contact Mazda about this.

    I take it from this that the car does not come with an alarm system standard. Anybody out there want to weigh in on whether or not you had an alarm installed? And if so, how? At the dealer, before you took the car? At a separate place? Do-It-Yourself?

    I'm considering buying a Mazda5, and am wondering whether it might be smart for me to get an alarm system. I also don't know if installing one myself or having anyone other than the dealer install it would void some warranty.

    Could use some input on the tinting, too.

    The other advantage to having it installed by the dealer before I drive the car off the lot is that if anything gets terribly messed up, I can refuse to take the car.

    Any thoughts?
  • yad5yad5 Posts: 3
    Danix, congratulations on your new set of wheels.

    I would be very frustrated about the alarm holes, too. Especially since I'm sure they did not mention that to you until after you flew all the way there to get it. Definitely mention it to the manufacturer. But I don't know if it'll really do anything.
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 73

    My experience with tinting. Usually the dealer just sends it off to a local place to get it tinted - you can just go directly to this tinter (this is what we did). From my research on the web, there are many brands of tints with various qualities of tints. In general There are 3 main types of tints, dyed, metallic, and ceramic. Dyed are the cheapest, but can fade, metallic are durable, but can block cellphones, etc. Ceramic are durable, but are expensive. Colors differ between brands & type of film. I bought 3m color stable - which is a dyed film with a warranty against fading. I had to pay extra for the nationwide warranty, but this means I can go to any 3m dealer.

    Application depends on the skill of the applier - needs experience. Ask to look at their work. Rear window should be applied in 1 piece. If you look at your windows, there are a bunch of black dots around the edge of the window - I believe that this is called the frit. The tinting will not stick to the frit. Unless special things are done - this will create a whitish area over the frit. I understand that some tinters paint/sand/tape these areas. However, this whitish area didn't bother me and the tinter we used didn't do anything special to the frit for any of their cars.

  • jecajeca Posts: 1
    Just got a new pearl white 2007 Mazda5 GT; only option was the homelink mirror. Paid $19,938 + $489 "consumer services fee" + TTL for an OTD price of $21,877. Great service from Sutherlin Mazda in Buford, GA.

    Hope someone finds it helpful when getting their 5!
  • Don't feel bad - I gave my dealer (Northtown Mazda, Buffalo, NY) a deposit in July followed by the order being placed in September (changed color to the plum in the beginning of October - incorrect info from the sales manager on model/color choices?). Now the year is almost over, I have no car and no information from Mazda USA or the dealer! Everyone seems to point the finger of blame at each other. It seems like you received more info then I have. It appears Ford's management style (1/3 ownership in Mazda) has more influence on this company then I thought.
  • Hello - on Sunday night we drove the Mazda lot and decided we couldn't pass this one up.: a 2006 Sport, Carbon Gray, Auto, Moonroof, Popular Equipment, Fog Lights, Cargo Net, Floor Mats/All Weather Mats, Wheel Locks. It almost qualifies as a Touring...

    The list was $20,525. The dealer took $3,300 off plus we got the $1,000 MAC rebate. (We have to make 4 payments before we can pay it off.) So the final price was about $16,225 + tax and doc fee.

    Edmunds and the msprotege forums were invaluable in our quest!
  • danixdanix Posts: 19
    CAUTION! It is NOT the case that you have to make 2, 3, or 4 payments on the loan. You can pay the MAC loan off immediately. Each day you leave the loan open, you are accuring interest. I just sent in a payment for the payoff amount on the payment coupon I received, but first called MAC to confirm that I can indeed pay it off now (the dealer said you have to wait 3 months, not true).
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Your can be paid off anytime but, do you realize that the dealer gets charged back the rebate if you pay it off prior to the third payment? So I suggest once you pay off the loan to find another dealer to service your car. You won't have to many friends at the original dealer.
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