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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sonodad1sonodad1 Posts: 1
    I just got home after buying a 2007 Touring 5sp, no options. I had my bags packed for a 4 hour drive to D.C. to buy a 2007 Sport 5sp, but I decided to check the small local dealer first, Berglund Mazda in Salem, VA. As it turns out, they had the Touring 5sp as their loss leader in the local newspaper ad for 16995, incl. destination. A few hours later it was mine for 17858, out the door. Frankly I didn't want the extras that come with the Touring, but at more than $1500 under invoice, it was cheaper than driving 4 hours to buy a Sport 5sp, which would have cost at least $500 more. I'm happy to finally have my Mazda5!
  • zbxzbx Posts: 30
    Does this include freight, PDI and $100 federal air conditioning tax? Does 5sp mean it's manual?

    In Jan I bought a 2007 Mazda 5 GT automatic, no leather for 25,796 + 13.5% + $100 air conditioning tax. The AT added $1,000 to the price. (Canadian)
  • ZBX said..."Does this include freight, PDI and $100 federal air conditioning tax? Does 5sp mean it's manual?"

    Yes, The price of CDN$25,883 includes everything except tax of 13.5% for a fully loaded '07. (Mazda 5 GT, 5speed manual with leather and climate control) :shades:
  • shivasshivas Posts: 1
    Purchased new 2007 Mazda 5 Touring. Automatic + DVD entertainment + all weather carpet + moonroof wind deflecter for about US $ 20.5 K plus tax plus dmv. Just wanted to share.
  • rockyteerockytee Posts: 35
    If you both didn't get any accessories included, than Uberdaddy got about $737 discount. His Leather Package includes A/C already and the tax

    Other than the color black(+$0) or Snow Flake White Pearl (+$200), the other colors add $100
    So if zbx got a $100 color option, than your discount is about $689 (not much difference)
    I know what to expect, I guess.
  • Your numbers aren't correct . in my case the MSRP on a GT 5sp w/ leather and climate control including freight/PDI, a/c tax and metallic paint is CDN$26,720.
    Missing from this MSRP is tire tax of $25. battery tax $100 and documentation fee $250 (dealership will not budge on this due to selling me the car at just 500 over invoice) for a total of CDN$27,095 plus 13.5% tax.
    I paid CDN$25, I saved CDN$1212
    not bad I'd say. I did this without having to set foot in a dealership. All over the internet and phone- in 1 day.
  • anar20anar20 Posts: 1
    Just bought a silver metallic Mazda5 touring with 5-spd (no options, except for wheel locks, whatever those are) for a little below 18.6K (incl. destination charges), which is around 150 below invoice. Got quotes from the internet sales depts of 4 dealers in the DC-MD-VA area, of which this one was the lowest by far. The buying experience was pleasant overall, especially the absence of haggling on the price. Bit of haggling about a trade-in though, before we finally agreed on something acceptable. Took the 5 out on a longish test drive before buying (had only test-driven the sport-auto version earlier). Out of the door of the dealership in less than 3 hours with the car - which was about all my 3-yr old could withstand, in spite of being periodically amused by the striking presence of an orange VW GTI on the shop floor :-). Love the car so far.... it better be good (esp. on fuel economy) since I kinda overruled my wife on this one (she preferred a RAV4 with the 3rd row), and myriad other advisors who recommended a portly Odyssey or one of its (equally obese) competitors.
  • petesmazda5petesmazda5 Posts: 12
    Hey mytitanic, what were the levies in BC. I'm in Ontario and here's what I paid for a dark silver GT: car price $24,222.25, freight $915.00, A/C tax 100.00 (gov), tax for fuel consumption $75.00 (gov), window serial number etch $248.00, PLUS PST & GST of around $3,500.00, TOTAL 29,391.77. How does that compare with any others out there or close to me?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I've got a quote for an Automatic Galaxy Grey Touring model (Automatic) for $20,418. This price includes all dealer fees. TTL will be about $775. The offer comes with 0.9% Financing for 36 months.

    This is from Oklahoma City, Bob Moore Mazda.
  • $20,800 for a Grand Touring, no optional equipment, Thousand Oaks Mazda. Test drove 3 cars there (they handed me the keys and let me test drive by myself :) ), so I came back for the final purchase. Firmed up quote on-line, left $1K for a deposit, and 5 days later they delivered it to my house. Good experience, best local price.
  • barney16barney16 Posts: 2
    Purchased last day of month for $16,500 incl Dest. minus TTL with no haggle. Only added costs/options included were Pearl Paint,Cargo Net,Bumper Guard,and Wheel Locks.
  • siajnadsiajnad Posts: 2
    I paid some $22460 (and tax+title) for 2007 GT Mazda5 pearl mica. I have asked to add some option components as well cost extra.
    Just wanted to share.
  • wardwwardw Posts: 10
    Bought a black 2007 Mazda5, Touring (with no options) this past weekend for $19,040 + $499 Dealer Fee. Total $19,539 not including TTL. Bought it at Mazda of Wesley Chapel, Florida. I think that was a reasonable deal.
  • pgcistpgcist Posts: 1
    I purchased a Phantom Blue Mazda5 Sport 5-Speed for $18,088 from Brown's Mazda in Fairfax, VA on 10 June 2007. This was the final, "out-the-door" price, which is pretty good considering the DC-MD-NoVA market.

    The process was quick and relatively smooth. The caveat is that it can a real pain to drive out there - horrible traffic, at all hours of the day. I highly recommend them, regardless.
  • x5savx5sav Posts: 44
    I just bought a 2007 Mazda Touring Automatic with no other options for $18660 plud tax and licnese. It is $850 below invoice. I am in S. Cal. And now I am a proud owner a True Silver Metalic Mazda5. :)
  • bigh2odogbigh2odog Posts: 1
    2007 Touring automatic with remote start, bumper guard and environmental package (whatever that is supposed to be)
    $19500 -300 cash back +tax and tags. in Rockingham, NC
  • siajnadsiajnad Posts: 2
    Hey, anyone with GT model : Need to know how much others paid - OTD price ?

  • emb623emb623 Posts: 1
    I'm selling my brand new 2007 mazda5 touring in Los Angeles, CA.

    17k miles on it, good as new.. all the options including NAVIGATION, etc. 100,000 mile extended warranty

    factory roof rack and hitch for bike attachment

    $17,500 obo. amazing deal.. let me konw if anyone is interested!!!
  • dr_whodr_who Posts: 8
    I'm interested in a Mazda5 and have received a quote for a no-options-at-all Sport Manual Transmission for $16,900 (inclusive of all fees and rebates) plus tax, title, and license. This also comes with 0% for 36mo financing. Any comments as to the quality of this offer?
  • x5savx5sav Posts: 44
    You can do better. The price you got only reflect $301 below invoice. Did you know you also have extra $300 cash back from Mazda? Did the dealer told you that already?
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