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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hi vg33e,
    thanks for the welcome and reply. We'll I can say one thing: it's a good thing that it's me that's angry and my pregnant wife who is happy instead of the other way around!

    Believe me, they are going to get to know me real well down there at the parts and service department. We're making a list.

    I'd love to pick up a couple of remote keys on eBay, but unfortunately you have to have a working one already to get a second programmed, and we're starting from zero. Any idea how to find out what is "cost" for this part?

    thanks again
  • Unfortunately, these parts are VIN specific due to the frequency used for the keyless transmitter, but for my specific wagon part# G2YA-76-2GXB is for the key and part# CC43-67-5RYC is for the transmitter. Both employee cost (cost plus 10%) is $180.16 plus tax. Hope this helps you.
  • Yes that helps. Thanks.
  • model: 2009 Mazda5 Sport with AT (blue with tan interior)
    price paid: $19390 + TTL (based on $3500 kelly blue book value for a '99 Jetta trade-in, buying an '07 Mazda5 and trading it in too)

    I've been at the Cutter Ala Moana Mazda dealer every day the last 10 days except Sunday. First to look casually, then to look at a low mile '07 (post above), negotiate on the '07, buy the '07, argue about the cost of making me a key, ask them to undo it and put me in an '09, come back and ask again, and come back and ask again, all to no avail, and then I get a call today. The original salesman I had worked with the first time 9 days ago called me this morning to ask how I liked the car! I told him I had just dropped it off at the dealership a half hour ago to get a new key made for $400, fix a klunking sound due to bad bushings, get the locks fixed ... I was definitely not happy!

    He took it to the dealer General Manager and also got a different sales manager involved than the one I had been dealing with for the past week. By phone we got closer to a deal. I came in and haggled for another hour or two to get the deal posted above.

    The first night I walked in the dealership I could have had the car for 18K + TTL although I doubt I would have gotten blue book for the trade at that price. I figure the whole deal (buy an 07, trade it in 6 days later, buy an 09) probably cost me $1000-$1500 more than if I had just bought the 09 in the first place. But at least now I'm happy. I'm going to save $1000 compared to buying used by using 0% APR financing this time. Car will have more value down the road because it's 2 years newer. 5 speed AT, other little things they improved over the '07 made it a good deal.

    I went through hell and I put that dealership through a little hell too. Obviously I have mixed feelings about Cutter Mazda in Honolulu but all's well that ends well. I have nothing but great things to say about "David". I know I'm not supposed to post names but he's been great to work with and saved the reputation of Cutter Mazda in my eyes.

    Now I can get on to simply enjoying our new Mazda5!
  • Well, 10 days at the dealer, hours of price haggling, two MZ5 (07 & 09), and tired pregnant wife later you finally got what you really wanted to begin with. Congrats on your addition for your coming family addition. At least your very happy now!
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  • I'm in the Washington DC area and have been getting quotes for a 2009 Sport Automatic in the low to mid $17,000 range "with all incentives", not including tax, tags, processing. That means not using Mazda's advertised 36 month, 0 percent interest financing, otherwise they tack another $1000 on the price. I calculate that I'm better off getting their financing in terms of total money paid. When I look at what people here say they paid, few mention if they took the Mazda financing deal. I'm wondering how low dealers will go when I opt for their financing. Seems mid $18,000's is high for a stock Sport with auto, considering time of year and the economy. Am I expecting too good of a deal?
  • Has anyone purchased the extended warranty for their car? My warranty runs out very soon and was thinking of buying the extended warranty as the transmissions have failed on quite a few of mazda's after it has expired. How much have you paid etc. I bought mine in may 05 and had the warranty extended because of the fire recall.
  • EnoEno Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2009 Mazda5 Sport, no options at all in Easley, SC for $18,477 inc tax, title, tags. When I mentioned I wanted the 0% financing for 36 months they said that would increase the sales price so I said forget it. I plan on paying off by the end of March or April 2009 so the 0% financing wasn't important to me. I don't recall how much 0% financing would have increased the price.

    I traded in a 2002 Saturn L-100 with 61.5K miles on it for $3800. I felt like I got took a bit there. I felt $4K was more appropriate but they said they go by Black Book Values, not Blue Book, Edmunds or always seems to be some one else they base their offer on. Fortunately their final offer on the Mazda5 was a couple hundred dollars lower than what I thought they would settle on so I figured the lower Mazda5 offer made up for the trade-in offer.

    I also put down $4500 and will be clamping down on all expenses until I get it paid off. Not going out to eat gives the wife an incentive to agree to hurry up and pay it off so we can resume that activity again.

    I did a lot of searching and I think getting a Mazda5 out the door for $17K might be optimistic unless they come up with some rebates next month but given the sales for the Mazda5 are on of the few vehicles that have increased I don't think there is much of a chance of rebates being offered for the 5.

    Good luck
  • I took the plunge. Ended up getting the 2008 Mazda 5 Sport, MT for 15k even + TTL. So far so good. Just hope we don't run into the suspension problems that so many have run into.
  • I'm looking at the various posts and I seem to be getting better offers for a Mazda5. I prefer to pay cash for it and I am not going to trade in anything. I went to a dealer last Wednesday 11/26 and they offered me a 2009 Mazda5 touring edition for 17k + TTL with 0% financing. My wife went to a 2nd dealer yesterday at 12/1 and they offered the same car for 16.5k cash straight up. But the dealer there was pushy and wanted us to pay cash up front on that day so we walked away. My wife is going to the 3rd dealer to see what they are going to offer. After that, we are going to go from there.
  • Wow, sounds pretty good. May I ask which area/state you are? I am in California.
  • As I explained above, I paid $19.3K for an '09 Sport but that was after an ordeal involving an '07 that we had for a few days and traded back, and a VW trade in. We took the 0% so I guess if we hadn't done that we could have gotten it for 18.3K. Considering we lost a lot of bargaining leverage giving back our '07, I have no doubt you could pick one up for 17K. Clearly some people are. But if you look at Edmunds TMZ values or Kelly Blue Book new prices, the average of what people are paying for this car is 19.2 - 19.6K. So going by that, even I got managed to get an average deal. It just means that some people are paying a lot more, and some people are paying a lot less. I think some of might have to do with what a particular dealership has in stock, and how long they've gone without selling a car. If they are offering to sell one for $16.5K cash if you take it now, they probably are probably desperate to make a sale. The is also a lot more competition between Mazda dealers at some locations on the mainland. There are only two dealers here in Hawaii.

    After the ordeal with the key on our '07, Mazda USA ended us sending us a $300 gift certificate to get a new one. Since we got a new '09, we're going to use the gift certificate for the Mazda seat covers. We're happy.
  • I live in NYC and there are 4 dealers within the 5 boroughs. Consequently, my wife went to the 3rd dealer and couldn't match the price of $16.5k. I rather not get into the juicy details until we sign to buy the car. I'm going back tomorrow to the dealer who is offering $16.5k and to see if we can close the deal. Perhaps our leverage is that we can pay cash straight up and no trade ins.
  • In Ft Lauderdale was offered an '09 Sport Auto with compass/HomeLink mirror for 17,500 +TTL + 400 fee. (MSRP 20,050) To get 0% 36 month financing they add 1,000. Was under the impression the no interest financing would add only 500. Another dealer contact me and quoted 3,200 off MSRP, would make it 16,850 +TTL but did not say what their fee is. I am close by, will stop see what their fee is.

    Do the prices quoted seem in line with what is going on? TMV and CarsDirect are higher, but I guess they do not reflect the dealer engagement money.

    Also, any idea what the MEPP Total Care extended warranties go for? I am hoping to purchase today.
  • Just came back from the dealer that quoted $3200 off MSRP, making the 20.050 price 16,850 + TTT but they had an 800 dollar service fee. So the cost ends up being 17,650 +TTT as opposed to 17,900 + TTT the other dealer was charging.

    I figured I had a better deal, when I sat down and asked for the 0% financing, they went back on their promise that they would add only 500 to the price, and stood at 1,000 additional. Still a better deal by 250 from the first dealer, but I dislike being lied just to come into the dealer. I'll give the other dealer a chance to match the 250 and if they don't, I'll end up buying from the ones that "misquoted" me.

    No one wants to quote a price on the MEPP because "there are so many factors, we need the computer." What computer? I know the plan I want, the miles and time frame, there can only be one price!
  • I bought a 09 Touring for 19538+Tax and Fee with 0% financing back in the middle of November with dealer bidding for my business. If I pay cash, then the price would be 18538+tax and fee. I am in SF Bay Area.

    P.S. Anyone figure out what the deal is with the owner incentive program (Is that a dealer or the manufacturer program? If it was a manufacturer program, I think I missed out. I have another Mazda.)
  • What's with the $500, $750, or $1000 "service fee" if you take the 0% offer???? If there is a fee for taking advantage of the 0% APR, then the question is where is the benefit or the savings of taking the 0% APR offer?????
  • Here in Florida, the "Dealer Service Fee" is charged by most dealers on every transaction. It varies from what I have seen between $250 and $895. This is added after you negotiated your "best price" on the car, and if you challenge it, they say that they "have to" add it on, because they do that to all customers. Sometimes they will reduce the "best price" you negotiated by the amount of the fee if you walk out, but many more times, they will offer to be "generous" and "split" the difference with you.

    When you choose the 0% financing, you do so "in lieu" of (instead) the $1,000 "dealer engagement" money that apparently Mazda has on the 2009 Mazda5. The 2008 has $1,500 "dealer engagement" money.
  • Okay, so let me get this straight. In Florida you pay an additional fee to the dealership besides the normal (Tax, Tittle, License, and Doc Fees) or are those the fees you are referring to? Usually is:

    Price of vehicle + Tax + Tittle + License + Documentation + Tire + Financing (if applicable) = Total Out The Door Price

    You mean to tell me that in addition to this, Florida resisdents have to pay an adittional fee?
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