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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • (chiming in) No, there really is a Mazda owners loyalty incentive of $1000. In addition, there is an additional $1000 incentive if you do not finance with their 0% APR deal (more like a dis-incentive to finance through them).

    Go to, click "view the latest offers", it asks for your zip code, and for mine, it gives details on the loyalty incentive, plus the 0.0% APR for up to 36 months plus 0 monthly payments for 90 days (but you forfeit $1000 if you go that route).
  • speddyspeddy Posts: 16
    I'm not sure how we got the mazda loyalty incentive, because I haven't owned a mazda before. Although my father owns one. But I didn't tell them that. We ended up getting 1750 in rebates in addition to another 1200 or so money off. We bought a 08 Mazda 5 GT. So we saved about 3k off of MSRP. We bought on Dec 31. I really thought it was a good deal. So end price was 20,500 give or take from memory. MSRP was 23,500. Does this sound like a decent deal? I love the car!
  • I notice that Wellesley Mazda here in Massachusetts has some specials on their website that include a new Mazda5 for $16300. Is this too good to be true or is it a new factory incentive? It appears to be the latter: $2000 cash back.
  • Is this for an '08? We negotiated for an '08 down to $15,800. This is for a Sport with no options. $16,300 is still good IMO. Ultimately we bought the '09 for $16,800.
  • speddyspeddy Posts: 16
    Very good deal. I bought the grand touring because my wife wanted all the goodies. I would have bought the sport if I could have talked my wife into it. When you think about it that is a awesome deal. You are getting a roomy car almost like a minivan for about 5grand or more less than regular minivans. My wife and I test drove a basic dodge minivan and didn't like it. And it was 2-3 grand more than what we paid for our loaded mazda 5. Great deals out there now.
  • I think it is a 2009 Sport with no options.
  • Just signed for a 2009 Mazda5 Sport Auto for $17250. Out the door cost is $18642 after 5% State sales tax, title and doc fees.
  • EricM5EricM5 Posts: 2
    My wife and I just bought a 2009 Crystal Pearl White Grand Touring from John Kennedy Mazda in Pottstown, PA this past Saturday. (Very nice and straight forward General Manager) We just lost our Ford X-Plan/S-Plan because Ford dropped the plan for Mazda about 4 weeks ago. So I was disappointed until I walked into the dealer and they said we would get invoice right away (which is what the S-Plan would have gotten us anyway)...

    So, we got:

    Invoice Pricing
    $1000 Loyalty Cash (we own another Mazda)
    $500 Customer Cash
    3.9% financing for 72 months

    We specifically said before going in we would not get the extended warranty. However, they offered dealer cost and $0 deductable, which sucked us back in to get it anyway. We got the 5 year, 100,000 mile plan for just over $1000. Couldn't resist it since I expected more from a previous quote from another dealer. Still wonder if this will pay off. Also may change it to a 6 or 7 year since we drive less than we used to.

    Don't remember the final price, but could get it if anyone is interested.

    The White makes it a very nice/stunning looking car.
  • fufu1fufu1 Posts: 5
    I just bought the Mazda 5 09 Spot (+wheel lock and net), OTD 18000 + 0%APR 36 months.

    If I don't take the 0%APR, but 6% financing, I can get OTD 17000
  • speddyspeddy Posts: 16
    I would be interested in your final price. It sounds like you got the same car we did pretty much. Except ours is an 08 and it's not white. We got ours for 20,500 give or take before taxes and title. I thought that was a pretty good deal. (about 3k off)
  • fufu1fufu1 Posts: 5
    another dealer just called me and said he can counter offer OTD 17000 + 0% APR (instead of OTD 18000 + 0% APR). He can transfer the deal for us even we have already bought the car from another dealership.

    Have you guys heard of this arrangement?
  • Wow, How did u get this low OTD price? Where is your dealer?
  • fufu1fufu1 Posts: 5
    New Jersey
  • EricM5EricM5 Posts: 2
    Including the $670 Destination Charge it was $20,611... this included the $170 for White and $40 for Wheel Locks.

    I did notice on that the '08s were actually going for below invoice. The Mazda Loyalty Cash was the kicker for me... the extra $1000 off.
  • a101a101 Posts: 9
    Edmunds and other sites... are not good for giving pricing info on such recent models I think. Also, its hard to stay up to date with falling prices in this economy. Last month, I purchased an '08 used (15k miles) Mazda5 Touring for less than $15k. Sticker price was $17999 on that.
  • Is your price included 1K Mazda loyalty rebate? currently I don't have any Mazda car, so I wonder whether this causes big difference, but still can not understand how can you 17K+0%APR?
  • fufu1fufu1 Posts: 5
    Mazda has $1000 loyalty rebate and another $500 rebate + 0%APR ( has mentioned the 500 + 0%APR). In this low market, most of the dealership can offer invoice price as the OTD price even without the rebate. Deducting the $1500 rebate from the invoice price ($18900) is roughly $17000. In the beginning, they refused to offer 0% APR. They insisted that I can only choose either the rebate or 0%. I printed the latest incentive from which clearly stated that customer can entitle both incentives. That's the story I got $17k OTD + 0%
  • speddyspeddy Posts: 16
    I am totally with you on that. Those websites and other services can't keep up with prices that people are actually paying. We purchased a mazda 5 GT recently and before we had gone to the dealer we ordered a pricing sheet from Consumer Reports. Wow that was 14 dollars wasted! At least it was only 14! They didn't say anything about any of the rebates that we got. It didn't prepare me at all for the buying experience. We ended up getting a great deal only because the dealer just offered it to me and because I read this site. I was 1/2 tempted to call up CR and ask for my money back, but I didn't bother.
  • ams6ams6 Posts: 1
    I agree that the price reports are way out of touch.

    Just bought a Mazda5 Sport manual on 1/19. Here's how it worked:

    Dealer offered $15,995 (including destination of $670)
    Owner loyalty -$1,000

    Bought the car for $14,995 +TTL

    OTD was about $15,800
  • letoleto Posts: 23
    could you please specify which model did you get and what dealership in NJ you have worked with.

    Many thanks!
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