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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm shopping for a 2009 Mazda5 Sport with automatic transmission and no other options. Here's my calculation of what I should negotiate for. Please let me know if it's reasonable and whether anyone has gotten close to this price or whether I've left anything out:

    MSRP: 19105
    Invoice: 17899
    Factory holdback: -382 (2% of MSRP)
    DealerCash: -1500
    Destination charge: +670
    Documentation: +200
    Sales Tax: +834 (5% in Massachusetts)
    Customer Rebate: -500

    Total OTD payment: $17221

    Also, has anyone managed to negotiate a trade-in value higher than KBB, while also keeping the price of the new car low?
  • shawbegshawbeg Posts: 11
    I've narrowed, and narrowed my choices and am relatively firm on this decision now. Reason for the 08 is that the 07s did not have a/c vents in the back (huh?!). I'd prefer a manual tranny if I can find one, but they seem few and far between. I'm seeing a few as low as the 15s but most are 17K up into the low 20s. What I don't know is what kind of deals I should expect. Somewhere in these posts I saw that someone paid less than $17K for a *new* 09. Advice please.
  • fufu1fufu1 Posts: 5
    Mazda 5 09 Spot basic model, with wheel lock, floor mat and net in the truck
    dealer is maxon and the one in Rt 23

    Special financing is very important too. Remember to bargain 0%APR
  • I paid $16264 for 2009 Mazda 5 silver sport automatic transmission with 4 miles on it

    My options are

    Remote starter
    rear bumper guard
    fog lights

    I think I got a good deal... a very good deal
  • I paid $16264 for 2009 Mazda 5 silver sport automatic transmission with 4 miles on it . I live in MA to so add 850 for sales tax

    My options are

    Remote starter
    rear bumper guard
    fog lights

    I think I got a good deal... a very good deal
  • a101a101 Posts: 9

    Certainly a great deal for a brand new M5. Does this also include all the documentation and destination fees that dealers charge?

  • 16229 plus 300 doc fee plus MA sales tax 853

    Go to Quirk Mazda and tell business manager that Chris and Susan told you to go to to the fast talking salesman or his brother who works there. I negotiated deal on phone for 15,800 and then added the remote starter for 429....factory deals end Feb 2
  • Did that price include the $1000 owner loyalty?
  • shawbegshawbeg Posts: 11
    I'm in the final stages of negotiating the price on a *new* 2008 Sport Manual w/ 172 miles. No added options.

    Price I've been quoted is $16,793.20 OTD. We don't qualify for the loyalty rebate.

    What is and who qualifies for the Special Purchase Offer of $2,000 Customer Cash listed on the mazdausa website?

    Dealer has offered to bring this car to me - 2 hours away - and did not indicate that there would be added cost.

    I'm planning to pay w/ credit card (even though I know he's not going to like it!), but I'm not inclined to budge much on the price if they balk given that 2009s are selling for a similar price in some places.

    Anything I have overlooked?

  • MSRP: 22645
    Invoice: 21229
    Dealer Price: 20549
    Destination charge: +670
    Documentation: +55
    Sales Tax: 1861+ (8.75% LA county)
    Mazda rebate: $1000 (included in the dealer price)

    Total OTD payment: $22135 plus 2.9% financing.

    Paid for the rear bumper guard separately, negotiated over the email and phone, it was easy and fun!
  • I got some quotes from some dealers already, but want to know how much other people are paying, so I can negotiate my deal.

    Also, the incentive offer by manufacture says $1000 customer cash if financing with dealer, but several dealer told me I'll get the $1000 even if I pay cash or have my own financing. Could this be some kind of tricks? So that once I step into their dealership, they'll take back what they said?

    Could someone help me?
  • I'm in the same situation. I'd say ignore what the car is listed for and just make up your mind as to what you think you should pay and stick by it.

    I'm looking at the Sport AT with about 10k miles listed at $15k and am prepared to go up to $13,500 for it. There's also a MT version around that is listed for $14k so you should be able to save there if you can find one. For a MT version with 15k+ miles, I'd say around $12-13k but I am by no means an expert.

    Hope that helps.
  • Here is what I my goal is to get...

    2008 Tourning with cargo net, wheel locks, bumper plate, roof rack & ski/sb kit
    MSRP should be about 22,050
    Price prior to incentives...20,000
    Incentives...$1600 (I just heard today that there is an extra $600 or $750 being offered till Tues 2/17/09)
    Cost prior to taxes and license: 18,400
    0.9% financing

    This one is in blue and I could be going after a silver '08 touring with remote start and auto dimming mirror yet w/o roof rack for about the same.

    What do you all think?
  • heres the deal i got 15800 for 2009 Silver Mazda 5 Sport AT with fog lights and bumper guard. Added remote starter for 429 to to make it 16229. straight off the truck with 4 miles on it
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Avoid using the TMV figure. You may be able to build a 2 lane highway to China and back with the money lost by the thousands following it over the years.

    Good luck

    New poster here. Sure wish I had found this forum last friday. I now realize that I could have had an '09 Mazda 5 for what I paid (~17K) for a used 07 with AT. The TMV prices on the website must be stale. We paid about $500 over Used Private Party price and got it from a dealer so I thought that was acceptable.

    I guess the dealer incentives and desperation to sell new cars has not caught up with TMV, which shows people paying 20-21K for a new 09. Some of you are getting them for a lot less than that!
  • i wish our experience was as easy and fun as it was for you. We had to deal with two different dealers (we walked out on the first one). In the end we think we got a good offer, doesn't feel that way though? 2009 Mazda Touring for 19605 out the door.
  • BMATTBMATT Posts: 8
    I bought a 2009 Mazda5 Touring AT over the weekend from John Kennedy Mazda in Pottstown, PA. My Final out of the door cost is $16598.

    Invoice Price of Mazda5 : around $20500 (I don't remember the exact amount)

    Mazda Rebate : $1000

    Rebate for Paying Cash : $500

    Trade-In for 2003 Corolla CE (130K miles) = $3500

    Sales Tax (6%) : 930

    Documentation Fee : less than 100
  • Oh wow, that sounds like an awesome deal. I kept asking the salesman if the $1000 rebate applied to anyone and he kept insisting it was only for customers who financed through Chase bank. I even had him go to the website and it did in fact said *ony for customers financing with chase... Or something along those lines. I wish I had a better feeling about my car, I didn't have much to compare against (besides the other dealer), in the end their bottom line price was much much better than that of the other dealer. Btw if you are in the Hampton road area avoid going to any HALL Automotive Dealership TRUST US they are not worth your time. All said and done, with 117 miles since we bought we are totally in love with our new MAV!!! :D
  • I'm looking seriously at the Mazda5 (at John Kennedy Ford, BMATT). The dealer quoted me $20, 994 for a 2009 Mazda5 GT, which includes $1500 worth of incentives.

    Does anyone think that Mazda will offer better incentives after the current ones expire at the end of the month??
  • BMATTBMATT Posts: 8
    I would guess that there might be no additional incentives in the Month of March. I heard that Mazda5 is the best selling vehicle among all the Mazda Models, So I would assume that they might transfer the manufacture incentives to models that are not selling that well. Again this is just mere speculation.

    Is $20,994 the out of the door cost, including taxes,trade-in etc?
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