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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • In WA state I am getting the following deal -
    2009 Mazda5 Sport AT
    Base + No options
    OTD Price = $17000 + tax + $120 (doc/title)

    Please advise if this is good deal. I want to get one this weekend!
  • trdsddtrdsdd Posts: 14
    Wre looking to purchase a new car. It's most likley going to be an Elantra Touring or a Mazda 5 Sport or Touring. When checking the website of a nearby dealer I noticed that they still had a 2008 Mazda 5 Touring with a MSRP $21,373. I have not went to check it out yet. Does anyone have any ideas of how much below invoice before the rebates ( $3,000 Customer Cash or 1500 cash plus apr) I should try to get this for?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am almost tempted to start at around 18K- 18.5K .

  • m5norcalm5norcal Posts: 4
    Wizkid: Just bought a manual sport base no options for 15.2, and it could have gone lower. With the invoice of the AT about $1k more, I think you should be able to go down to 16.1 or 16k even, if you're paying cash and the 1750 dealer incentive is still in place for May.
  • Thanks m5norcal. You got 09 Sport MT it for 15.2 cash which is (17.8 - 15.2) = 2.6 below invoice? Nice ...

    I will counter the dealer offer with the following and see how it goes -
    09 Sport AT with no options
    $16K + tax + title/doc/reg (Cash)
    $17K + tax + title/doc/reg (0%APR for 60months)

    (P.S. I have a trade worth 6K so hopefully some tax savings and we can write off sales tax here in WA too :-) ).
  • Well so far no luck. Am I too greedy here?
    Here is what I asked for -
    '09 Sport AT Base - $16000 cash + tax + doc
    '09 Grand Touring Base - $19500 cash + tax + doc
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    It's certainly not unreasonable. Where are you at? I got my 09 Sport AT base for $17,144 OTD, including all taxes and fees. I'm in the DC area and the dealer is Castle Ford/Mazda/Mitsubishi.
  • I am in WA state. Really want to drive home GT before this weekend and here is what I am asking for -

    '09 Mazda5 Grand Touring
    $19500 + 9.5% tax + ~200 doc/title (Cash deal)
  • Just bought a left over 08 GT for $19100 in NYC ( we live in western PA, worth the deal, lowest quoted for an 09 GT was $22100) Floor mats, wheel locks and bumper guard installed options.

    For those considering the GT, the leather,Xenons and Bluetooth make it worth it IMHO.
  • Thanks gearhead1977

    I have the following 2 vehicles on mind. Need guidance from forum as which one to buy.
    08 Touring (base stock with 39 miles) - $16000 + TaxTitleLicense
    09 GT (stock base with no options) - $19800 + TaxTitleLicense

    Both are good deals IMHO. Are these (Xeon, Bluetooth, Leather Seats, Heated Seats/Mirrors, Security) worth the extra money ~3.5K on GT?

    I am kinda stuck in these two vehicles so need help to close before EOD.
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    I don't have a GT but me personally I would dish out the extra ~$3500 for those added features.

    Xenon = better visibility and awesome looks.

    Bluetooth = never have to worry about buying a portable blutooth and having it on your ear; safer as well.

    Leather Seats = easier to clean, specially if you have kids or dogs.

    Heated Seats/Mirrors = if you live in cold/freezing weather you will love it.

    Security = factory wired alarm without the need of after-market splicing and messing with electronics.
  • Thanks vg33e power :-)

    I must say this is the best car buying experience being in the driving seat of negotiations instead of walking out with a feeling of just being robbed.

    I am going ahead with the 09 GT instead of 08 Touring
    Wifey wants leather/heated seats on her car; couldn't get on on Mother's day and can't wait for the Father's day. So go ahead with the purchase this weekend ...

    09 GT - $19000 + TTL (GT Base + Lifetime Powertrain Warranty)

    Thanks folks for this awesome forum!
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    I have a 2008 Touring which I bought because I felt the extra money was not worth it. If you really want those options, than get that car, but I did not feel I needed leather seats (the cloth seats in the Touring are good) and all that extra stuff. I would go for the 2008 Touring. It is still very well equipped. Good luck!
  • Lansing, MI

    2009 Touring - Stormy Blue (gotta say it, love the color).
    Options - Auto-dimming rearview mirror w/ compass and HomeLink

    Picked it up yesterday. I received S-Plan which isn't the best deal, but I didn't want to drive 1.5 - 2 hours to see what another dealer would give me for my trade in. Did price shop and only found one deal better and that was only by $325. Traded in a 2005 Subaru Outback 2.5i wagon, which I loved expect the reliability wasn't there. received $9,400 for the trade and with S-Plan got out the door for $15,500. The 5 rocks. Just made a 1.5 hour trip north with the wife and the 1-year old and loved it. I'm 6'2" and had to have a telescopic steering wheel. I can now drive in a comfortable position and my wife can sit in the back behind me with room to spare. Could not do that in the Subaru!! I'll miss the AWD, but love everything about the 5.

    If you're looking for vehicle that will give you room for a small family, haul some stuff, get good gas mileage, and doesn't cost $30,000, the 5 will not disappoint.
  • That is a fantastic deal. I wish I possessed your negotiating skills. I should have had you buy one for me.
  • scrappywyfscrappywyf Posts: 3
    I was quoted $21,962 for GT stock with no added options. This includes TTL and doc fee (CA).

    Is this pretty average or is there some wiggle room? :confuse:
  • Sounds pretty good to me. MSRP is $23,345, so you are getting it for below invoice. Is that including the dealer incentive or Mazda cash back?
    If you want more, have them throw in a couple of oil changes or a cargo net.
  • melarskymelarsky Posts: 5
    Gee, thought I was getting a good deal until I started reading this forum. Currently have negotiated to pick up an 09 Sport with auto, popular equipment, and dimming mirror for $17,400 + 237 fees + tax. Only 2 Mazda dealers in town and the other was 600+ higher. Is this a good deal or am I missing something.
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    I think you can do better. Many dealers are advertising 09 Sport models in the $15k range. I got mine OTD for $17,144.
  • melarskymelarsky Posts: 5
    Where do you see these advertised? I'm in the midwest and unless I want to drive to Chicago or Detroit, I don't see them advertised around here for anywhere near that. But if those are base sports with no options, then I'm not too far off. Automatic and a couple options add around $1700.
  • sehmiatasehmiata Posts: 1
    scrappywyf - can you let me know what dealership you received this quote from? I am interested in purchasing the exact spec vehicle you were quoted on. I'd really apprecaite it!
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