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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Anyone shopping for this vehicle lately?

    Trying to negotiate with a dealer. Offering car for $16825 plus taxes, fees and registration in CT. I see a fe wmonths ago people had better luck getting a car for about $1k less. Now they have 36 months 0% APR financing, so that may play a role.

    Please share if anyone got a lower price. The car has no other options on.
  • jochen74jochen74 Posts: 2
    Shopping for a 2010 Mazda3 i sport (automatic with no extras). MSRP is $17,055 (or $17,805 if you include destination charge). Invoice is $15,982.
    Got a quote via Ebay Motors of $15,339. Contacted dealer (which is 100 miles away) to confirm. Was told OTD price with tax, tag and dealer fees would be $17,415 (new tag, no trade-in, Central Florida region).
    Good deal?
  • cslasorcslasor Posts: 15
    I've been considering buying a Mazda5 for several months now, and the 0% financing offer is very tempting. I figure it would save me about $1000 in finance charges vs. financing at my credit union's rate of 2.9% for 36 months.

    What I was wondering, though, is whether it really makes any difference to try to buy during a special financing deal. I mean, do they just hold out for a higher price when they have a 0% financing deal? Or would it maybe be better to wait a while and see if the number of buyers drops off after the financing deal expires and then negotiate a better price?

    Any thoughts from you car-buying experts?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    It's discount OR special financing in most cases.
  • cslasorcslasor Posts: 15
    There are no rebates or discounts being offered in this case, just 0% financing, so that's not an issue. But the price is always negotiable and I was just wondering if they would generally negotiate to the same price while they're having a financing deal as they would after the deal expires.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    If you can buy at 1-200 over invoice and get the financing good for you. If they want full msrp to get the financing then crunch the numbers.
  • robchuckrobchuck Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    My family bought a 2010 Mazda5 Sport AT (no options) about 2 weeks ago (MSRP: $20,185; Invoice: $19,200). We used our own financing (not the 0%/36 mo. promotional rate), as we put $10,000 down (no trade) and will pay the vehicle off in 6-9 months. We paid $17,800 (incl. destination/delivery) and OTD of $19,500. The vehicle would have been $18,300 if we took the 0% financing.
  • shweeshwee Posts: 2
    $23,805 MSRP (incl. $50 wheel locks), bought today for $21,073 plus CT tax, dealer conveyance fee and reg/license fee. Paid cash, no financing.
  • After much negotiation made a deal today on Mazda5 sport 5 speed manual with no other options (MSRP $18745)

    Selling price: $16615
    With CT tax, Conveyance fee and new car registration it came to $18062.80

    Did not take 0% financing.

    I have shopped several dealers both in person and online and this seems the best price which is essentially seeling at invoice minus $1000 dealer engagement cash incentive.

    Taking delivery some time next week. :shades:
  • ckraheckrahe Posts: 10
    The end of March turn out to be a great time to buy a car.

    My wife and I bought a 2010 Mazda5 Sport, with manual transmission and no options, from Congressional Mazda in Rockville, Maryland on Wednesday (Mar 31). The car was built in December and had 2 miles on the odometer.

    $15,149.00 - Price
    $750.00 - Mazda Freight
    $100.00 - Dealer Processing
    $20.00 - Dealer Registration Fee
    $16,019.00 - SUBTOTAL

    $959.94 - Maryland Taxes
    $218.00 - Maryland Registration (2 years)
    $4.00 - Maryland Tire Recycling Fee
    $17,200.94 - Total Drive off Price

    We did not take the 0% financing offer (base was quoted $641 higher w/0%). As with our Odyssey, we paid the maximum the dealer allowed on a credit card ($2,500) to get the 1% credit card rebate.

    I've already posted one disappointing dealer review (for MileOne Heritage Mazda in Owings Mills) and will post two good reviews (Gaithersburg Mazda in Gaithersburg, and Congressional Mazda in Rockville).

    Thanks to Edmunds again for offering these forums and the dealer email service. We used Google Maps to pull together dealer reviews, and contacted only the dealers we felt were worth dealing with (5 dealers in all).

    Good luck to all other buyers!
  • rhofrarhofra Posts: 1
    Bought a Mazda5 Sport at the end of May. Got the automatic transmission and had a roof rack installed, but didn't get any other options. Paid in cash so did not need the 0% financing.

    Cost was $18,060 + MD sales tax ($1089.54) + registration, tags and title fees ($202) + dealership fee ($99)

    Out the door for $19,450.54. Would have been right around $19,000 without the roof rack.
  • sldf29sldf29 Posts: 1
    I live in CT. Also looking forward to buy 2010Mazda 5. May I know your dealer? Thanks.
  • snazarellasnazarella Posts: 2
    edited June 2010
    Am in negotiations in Ottawa Canada. Currently in discussion on a new 2010 GS, automatic with air. Getting car mats, cargo cover and bumper cover thrown in. All fees and taxes in for $27,500. He swears that this is $300 over list price. :confuse: "> Anyone know better?

  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    I would check with someone like the for a small fee the will tell you everything you want to know. I would be wary as all the Ottawa dealerships are owned by the same family (well it was when I lived there 4 years ago). Good luck. ps you might want to wait a few months as the new 5 will be out soon.
  • Thanks for your reply. I do think that I will end up paying for the information if I can't get it on my own. I don't mind driving a bit out of Ottawa to get a better deal. Is there somewhere that you recommend? Are you suggesting waiting a couple of months because the 2010s would be a better price once the 2011s hit the lots? We are not in a particular rush, we just want to strike while the car is the cheapest. We can finance with Mazda's 0% or an LOC against our house.

    Thanks so much!
    Snazzy :)
  • shweeshwee Posts: 2
    Colonial Mazda in Danbury.
  • mazdafivemazdafive Posts: 1
    Finally bought a 2010 Mazda5 sports auto without any additional options. It comes with floor mats.

    Price is $17,300 plus TTL. so far so good.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • I'm looking right now for a manual 2010 Mazda 5. I thought that it will be a good time to buy it but the best deal I can get is only $18 800 OTD if financed with them. It will be $19 600 OTD if I get the 0% APR.
    I have the feeling that I'm not getting a good price. what do you think?
  • vjoe_udovjoe_udo Posts: 30
    i got a quote for a Sport + auto
    18200 out the door. My state does not have sales tax.
    You should probably try getting financing from a bank.
    That way you can get the cash incentive 750 to customer + 750 cash to dealer.
    If you finance with dealer, you can only get 500 cash to customer.

    From what I understand.
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