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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Wow, sorry about that. I cant print the person's name according to past posts, but his name rhymes with Nader. I had no problems getting my price ($16,200 w/ overstock cert. showing the price as $16,477). I had no hassles. Email me and I'll fish out the email and cell phone numbers for those that helped me. I do notice they are no longer a "certified" mazda dealer on, so maybe they are doinig the bait and switch and I got lucky. my email is


  • I bought a 2010 Mazda5 today at Bob Baker Mazda in Carlsbad, Southern California

    The negotiated price for a black Sport Auto was $15,587. This is $200 below the current Overstock price for my zip code 92122. I added dealer-installed DVD option for $900 (invoice price was $950) for the total car price of $16,487. With TTL the OTD price was $18,430.

    There are still quite a few of these cars on dealers' lots in the San Diego area and the deals are getting better by the day as the new 2011 Mazda5 is going to be officially introduced in the US in the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. But I wanted to get this car before it disappears from the lots so I decided to pull the trigger now. I had a chance to check the new 2011 Mazda5 when I was in Europe two weeks ago and to me it is not worth the $5K price difference. From outside it looks like a real minivan which I didn't like and from inside the new dashboard didn't look better or worse. The only advantage to me is one additional inch of legroom in the second row seating but again not worth $5K.

    Happy with the car, especially my wife who says it drives like a car with the convenience of a van.
  • Great Deal! Man, I live about 15 miles from Carlsbad and I Didnt even remember they had a Mazda Dealership. Congrats on the deal, and may the deals get better and better. Its a great car so far (I paid $16,200) From Browning Mazda in Tustin about 1 1/2 months ago and I thought I got a great deal!

    This car is huge in Europe and Canada, I think its like Ikea, good use of its limited room. yeah, its small compared to an Odyssey or Sienna, but the majority of people with 1 or even 2 kids dont need all that room, the Mazda 5 is a good 'tweener, and the Mazda 5 uses his limited room to make it seem more spacious that it is.
  • I actually bought Mazda5 Auto yesterday with DVD player for 18,000 which was the overstock price for my zip 98007.
    Total price with tax, registration was 20,200

    Looking at what others have paid I feel that I have paid too much for it.
  • kclisskcliss Posts: 3
    Finally completed a deal for a white/tan Touring at Wilkins Mazda in Elmhurst, IL. The price, $19,107 (before tax and fees), was a bit higher than some others in the area, but they were very generous with the trade allowance. I mean that; I had a pretty good idea of what the trade was worth, and they surprised me. I'd recommend them; they seem to be pretty up-front, and the service department is competent, too, a plus, since they're the closest dealer to my location.
  • Romodome,
    I was dealing with Browning Mazda in Cerritos not the Browning in Tustin, that's why I got the different treatment. To make it short don't go to Browning Mazda In "Cerritos", they will not honored your overstock certificate.
    I went to Riverside Mazda in the Riverside Metro Automall. Great experience and got a Liquid Silver 2010 Sports Auto with popular package for $16,084 +TTL = total paid $17861.91. No game in this dealer showed the certificate, the sales guy talk to the manager and came up with the contract at the price specified. Spent 1.5 hours max at the dealer. This is the future of car buying, I was dreading to buy a new car before but after this I will pick a Mazdaspeed 3 next year for myself because I enjoyed the experience so much.
  • Seems like no one else has made a purchase lately?? I'm in the SoCal region and am looking to get one in a few days and was wondering if anyone have any pointers in getting a good price for the sports model. I am hoping I can get the pricing romodome and a few others received. Thanks in advance for the help!
  • A reporter is interested in talking with a recent purchaser of a minivan, who is a male. If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply to no later than Friday, January 21, 2011 and include your city and state of residence, the model year of your vehicle.

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  • We bought our Mazda5 last Satruday and paid $11,425. So far we love it!
  • Did you buy a used one? How many miles for that car? Auto or Manual? Thanks.
  • amterrioamterrio Posts: 8
    edited January 2011
    Sorry for the lack of detail. I'm new to this "being excited about a new car" thing as all of my past car purchases were cars that were 7+ yrs old =)

    We bought our Mazda 5 Sport at Mastria Subaru in Raynham, Ma.
    We bought it used and it had 44,645 miles on it the day we picked it up. It's an automatic. It was previously used as a rental car, hence the high mileage and low price for the year of the car.

    I had test driven several cars before I settled on the Mazda5. The fold down 3rd row seating was very attractive to me. The other attractive feature was the MPG. $41 to fill it up compared to the $60 it took to fill my old Ford Windstar.

    Love it so far!
  • tempnemtempnem Posts: 1
    I, too, filled out a USAA price certificate. Same problem, they only want to talk on the phone (I have a feeling we're talking about the same manager) and provide no commitment. She said she would honor the price when the car came in that I was quoted (note that USAA quotes are good for the current inventory only). I asked for an e-mail to spell out everything so I could understand. She refused and said she could provide info when i decided to come in so I'd be ready. If you will honor the price, why can't you write it down? Tricky....I'm about ready to head to Riverside.
  • mdashimdashi Posts: 6
    My wife & I traded in a 2001 Honda Odyssey EX (at 131k w/ onset of transmission troubles) for a new 2012 Mazda5 Grand Touring. MSRP $24,870, negotiated price of $23,199 (so 1670 off of MSRP) and we got 900 better on our trade in than any other dealership was willing to offer. Of course they gave us 4k for the trade in and said they'd have to auction it, then two days later the old van is on their lot with a "SALE" price of 6995. Gotta love dealers!

    So far, the wife loves the 5 and the Bluetooth phone & wireless music streaming is very cool!
  • dherabadidherabadi Posts: 6
    edited May 2011
    tempnem, you could also try the John Hines Mazda (the one in Irvine or SanDiego). The problem with Riverside Mazda for me personally eventhough I ended buying from them was inventory. They have a very limited number of car in my opinion...Good Luck
  • pbwhitepbwhite Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    Purchased a 2012 Mazda5 Touring with moon roof/audio package, rear bumper guard, cargo net, wheel locks and all-weather floor mats for $21,364 (MSRP: $23,300, Invoice: $21,759).

    Location: Gallo Mazda, Worcester, MA, June 2011. Buying experience was excellent, and very happy with purchase.
  • tustiktustik Posts: 2
    Did the price include TTL? If it didn't what was the OTD price? I'm looking to buy 2012 sport auto but so far couldn't find one in the price range I'd accept.
  • We just purchased a Mazda 5 Sport AT for $19888 (down from $20990 sticker) with total cost $22332 OTD.
    Had a good experience at Oakland Mazda in Oakland calif.
  • tustiktustik Posts: 2
    2012 Mazda5 Sport in tampabay, FL. Price was 18600+TTL.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Sounds like prices in your area are similiar to here, Sport with Auto $19,621.00 and Sport manual for $18,675
  • mrsmazda5mrsmazda5 Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    We just bought a black 08 Touring Auto with 64000miles, leather and dvd for 14,995. It is in really great shape and am happy with our purchase from Briggs Nissan/Subaru/Kia in Kansas. The rear drivers side strut is out, but they agreed to fix it for us.

    After purchase we took her for a 2.5hr road trip and it was the best trip we have yet with 2 kiddos (2 & 4), and a 1yr old (100lb) great dane. LOVE it so far.
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