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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi.
    Purchased a Black Gt - 5 Speed in Montreal and i've got a pretty good deal:

    650$ off MSRP
    + 300$ more for my exchange than all garage visited

    Still, even if the car is in stock, the dealer haven't yet received the parts ...

    ME WANNA DRIVE IT!!! :shades: :shades:

    Also, since it was my 1st brand new Mazda, and obviously i wanted to try before i buy, i suggested a compromise and the salesman accepted right away:

    since they didn't had a manual ready, i 1st tried an automatic MZ5, to get the feel of the car, then, i tried a manual MZ3 Sport, for the manual - 2.3L combo.

    After the 2 road tests, i've provided a deposit on the car and signed the contract.
  • I bought mine mid September from a Mississauga dealer...and for a GT with auto, paid just under $30,000. with $950 off the price, and I got them to throw in locking wheel nuts, a cargo net for the back, and winter floor mats front and back. Not a bad deal, plus Im still waiting for the $500 cash back from the recall.
  • Bought a metallic silver GT from Santa Fe Mazda with navigation, moonroof for $22,500. They insisted there is a waiting list and that they needed to tack on a $2,000 market value adjustment but we refused to indulge that and walked away with a wonderful vehicle. It is fantastic!
  • Bought a Phantom Blue Mazda 5 Touring with automatic for $19,344 (invoice). I also attended a local zoom zoom event which gave me the $500 rebate and knocked my price down to $18,844.
    Roto Mazda, where I bought the car, had 8 to 10 cars on the lot and I suspect they were happy to be selling them again after the recall.
  • Soooo in my continuing car search... I was just offered today (via Internet sales), a Mazda5 w/ touring package, manual for $17,174. This seems to be about $500 under invoice... Has anyone else seen this kind of pricing? Are they just trying to make end of month numbers?
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    I hope that offer didn't come from Arlington Mazda.

    They offered me a Touring with automatic and nav for $20,700 which was way below invoice. Then it turned out the recall wasn't done on the car yet, so they couldn't let me drive off it off the lot.

    Make sure the recall has been completed on the car and that you can take delivery.
  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    Bought a Mazda 5 GT with air\auto in Toronto, got $700 off the MSRP. Plus I'm still waiting for my $500 cheque in the mail.
  • This weekend I bought a GS with tinted windows, stick and Air with $550 off the MSRP. They also threw in a cargo net, fog lights and winter floor mats.

    The bad news. I have to wait 3 months to take delivery. :cry:
  • I recently bought mine in IL and it did not have the recall fixed either. They just said to be careful with the manual shifting and they would contact me when the parts came in. Since I had already read about a bunch of people on this forum signing waivers and driving their cars, I wasn't concerned. I wonder why Arlington doesn't allow you to drive a car off of the lot?
  • Hello,

    My husband and I are looking for a car that can accomodate our newborn and our dog on road trips. We thought we had plenty of time to research, test drive, etc. but our daughter had other ideas and arrived 5 weeks early! She's two weeks old today. So now we are trying to move forward quickly because she and the dog cannot fit comfortably in our current cars (98 Accord and 97 Civic)...will be selling one of the current cars soon but, fortunately, we can move forward with the car purchase in the meantime.

    We never planned on looking at new cars - thought we'd end up with a 2-3 year old Forester, CR-V, or possibly an Outback. But the Mazda5 has caught our attention. We would mostly have the third row down so that our dog could ride in comfort, but it would be nice to have the extra people-seating when needed.

    I've read almost all of the posts here and on the other Mazda5 boards and my husband test drove a manual Touring edition yesterday. We both really like it but I have a few questions...

    I'm concerned that there aren't any US crash test ratings yet - how can a car be sold here without being tested by NHTSA? I did read the European review that someone posted here - it sounded great, but is it a test of the exact same car that we'd be buying here in the US? I'm particularly concerned about whether the third row seating would be safe in a rear-end collision, as has been discussed here and elsewhere.

    Also, despite all the great advice on Edmunds, I am still very intimidated with the idea of buying a car from a dealership, esp a car that is in such short supply! If anyone can recommend a trustworthy dealer in the Baltimore/DC area, I'd really appreciate it. I'm not sure if you'd allowed to do this on these boards, but just let me know if you have a recommendation and I will follow up with you individually.

    Thanks so much for your help!

    PS: I am posting this on the General Discussion board as well because I'm not sure where it belongs...
  • Replied on other forum - I love my 5, it sounds like a perfect fit for you! Hope your husband enjoyed the 5-speed? :)
  • kev604kev604 Posts: 30
    Not a bad deal with the cash discount and the options thrown in considering its the GS model.
    I put a $500 deposit on my platinum silver GT Auto on Sept.29 and have been waiting ever since. Havent heard from the dealer since I put my deposit down, no phone call to update whatsoever.
    I'm in Vancouver BC and the vehicle is popular here, every dealership has a waiting list for the 5. Even before the recall it was about a 2month wait to take delivery. I'm not expecting mine till end of December maybe even into January. I hope you have better interaction with your dealer then I have had.
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    We got a Whitewater Pearl MZ5 Touring with auto and nav for just over $21k today.

    Dealt with Winchester Mazda in Winchester, VA. Very friendly internet sales manager who offered a very fair deal on my trade and what I felt was a good deal on the new Mazda.

    Overall, very smooth transaction and we're delight with the car.

  • I got my $500 check from Mazda yesterday, along with a free bottle of touch-up paint. That brings my total purchase price down to $18,400 for a Touring automatic.
  • I just got back from buying a Mazda5 Touring with manual transmission and without navigation, in platinum silver. We had very few cars to choose from as there were only two touring manuals in the entire San Francisco Bay area, one gray and one silver. We wanted black, the but the silver looked great and the grey car was another 40 miles away.

    Besides the initial test drive, the sum of my experience with this car is the 20 mile drive home about an hour ago, but I'm really impressed so far. The manual trans shifts great but is a bit reluctant to engage fifth gear, but I imagine that this will improve with age. In any case, the shifter is much better to operate than my old Protege5 with 40k miles on it. It's really smooth with really solid shifts while the Protege was always a bit loose and notchy feeling. Definitely getting closer to Honda standards in this regard.

    I never got to test drive a touring model before so this is the first I've experience the automatic climate controls and I already like them. I frankly couldn't care less about fully automatic controls but I like the way these can be controlled. Most of these systems seem to do things you don't like, such as going to full-force fan speed when the car is started, but the system on the Mazda5 doesn't try to out-think what the driver wants. The upgraded stereo on the touring is great. I wouldn't call myself a real audiophile, but I think it sounds crisp and the bass isn't all muddy like most factory systems I've heard.

    I'm a bit embarrassed to admit what I paid for this car. I got an S-plan certificate from a Mazda USA employee friend which essentially gives the car at invoice. The MSRP was $19,545 (standard features plus a cargo net) and the S-plan price was $18,455. I also had a $500 off Zoom Zoom event certificate from a test drive event that Mazda had last summer and last week I got a $500 off certificate that Mazda sent out to prior customers, so my price ended up being around $17,500. To put this in perspective, this is about what we paid for the Protege a few years ago for a lot more car.
  • Just wondering if anyone opted for the mazda extended warranty, Dealer applied rust proofing, scotchgarding of fabric seats and carpets etc? Is it cheaper to go aftermarket?
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Always better to go aftermarket. What you described is one of the main reasons dealers can make a profit, even if they sell a car "below invoice." They make a ton of profit on extended warranties, rust proofing, scotchgarding, etc. Another other big source of profit is financing (the only profitable part of GM is the GM Finance), and finally the trade-in is where they make big bucks.
  • I bought a Platinum Silver Metalic Mazda5 Touring last night. Only options were automagic transmission, wheel locks, and dealer installed tint. Price was $18,641 + $349 for tint, plus TTL. Total out the door was $21,177.33.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Hey Folks!

    Seriously jones'in for an M5 Touring with Auto and Nav. Am I outta luck scoring a $500 coupon deal or are they still out there?

  • wusterwuster Posts: 153

    If you check out a couple of the Mazda3 forums, folks over there are giving away the $500 Zoom Zoom live coupon.

    I used one to buy my Mazda5. It's good till the end of December and it can be combined with other incentives (say so on the coupon).
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