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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Which dealership did you purchase from? Were they good about negotiating?
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243

    Thanks for the tip. Following your suggestion I did post in the Mazda 3 forum and it got removed my the forum host for some interesting reasons. In any event, I appreciate your suggestion.

  • bppbpp Posts: 3
    I have visited several dealerships in the Toronto area and have found that they are unwilling to negotiate on price.

    Any recommendations?
  • Try in no particular order:
    *Carcost Canada ( they may have a pre-arranged price with a specific dealer)
    *Automobile Protection Association ( they have a pre-arranged price with a specific dealer. They are on CITY TV on the weekends)
    *Walk into a dealer and tell them you want $700 off the MSRP and you are ready to deal NOW!

    God speed and Good Luck!!! :) :) :)
  • I need to fax, or submit a copy of the Gerber discount to mazda for the 500 dollars rebate, but i no longer have it. Does anyone have the certificate so i can fax or send it. If you can e-mail it to me that would be great. If you can send it, it would be great too. I appreciate any help.
    2006 mazda5
    -500 zoom-zoom live
    s-plan pricing
    -500 gerber rebate (hopefully)
  • I just got my Mazda 5 last night.

    Price Paid: $20,200 OTD.
    Mazda 5 Touring, Automatic Transmission, Wheel Locks, Cargo Liner, Bumper Step Plate & Free Lifetime Oil Change.
    This price included my Zoom Zoom Certificate.

    $18796.75 Car w/options (includes $560 Destination Charge)
    $1903 in tax/license/reg etc.
    minus $500 Zoom Zoom Certificate
    Total OTD $20,200
    Almost $450 under invoice.

    I used the fax/email method. Dealers were all over the map from $500 over invoice down to my purchase price. Dealer offered no grief, beat my financing which will save me another $500 over the life of the loan. :)
  • Great deal on 5. I will finalize deal end of this week, I have dealer at invoice, plus zoom zoom coupon. Can you clarify the cargo liner details? How big is this, does it just cover the small storage area in back or does it also cover the back seats when folded down. I'm just finalizing details, not sure if i want the cargo liner. Nice job on oil changes
  • Brown's Fairfax Mazda sold it to us. They were VERY nice to deal with. I was glad to have agreed to an out-the-door price before I got there. When we sat down to sign the contract, they had forgotten to take out the $300 dealer fee (which had been waived). I was able to spot the error right away because the bottom line was off from what the agreement was. I fully believe it was an honest mistake though (the fee was preprinted on their form and had to be scratched out for us), and they corrected it right away Please let me know how your experience is.
  • I meant to say, almost $450 below invoice BEFORE adding the $500 zoom zoom certificate.

    As for the Cargo Liner. It's in the accessory catalog obtainable at the dealership. They had to order it so I haven't seen it yet. It looks like it covers the back of the 3rd row seats and the cargo floor. I have a dog so it's a necessity. I do wish I would have ordered front splash guards and I may do that soon.

    I would take your offer and email it to as many dealers in your area as possible. See who is willing to budge. It's the end of the year and they just aren't moving many cars, they admitted it to me. In 2.5 hours, I was the only customer in the dealership and I only went in to sign papers.

    I thought for sure I would end up buying where I test drove. They ended up having the second worse offer. They think they have you because you might be loyal. But I realized it and I got a MUCH better deal because of it. S-Plan right now should just be a starting point. Put the deal out there to everyone as almost every dealer was willing to go invoice or at least $100 under, several in the $300+ under range. Let invoice be your starting point and I bet you can do better. This probably won't work after the 1st of the year but until then, I would try to work it a bit more.

    Good Luck!
  • Even better deal you got, well done. Still negotiating on mine. Started at 1000 over invoice, then 400, then 300, now at invoice, I have been talking to a couple of others and playing this information. I'm definitely not committed to this dealer, so I will keep working on it until end of year. Time is my friend. Lastly, your assuming it covers 3rd row, please send pictures, dimensions or anything else you can find on it. I don't have pets, but like the idea. I have Sub Wagon with one and view it as a requirement. Keep me posted.
  • just got my mazda5 sport with no options for $17186 before title and license. bought from Herzog-Meier in Beaverton, and they made it a reasonably pleasant process.
  • I bought my Mazda5 with Auto tran in Touring on the 30th at $19,259 - $500 rebate + tax and registration fees. :shades:
  • txf23txf23 Posts: 5
    :) I bought a sport basic model with auto transmission on 01/02/2006 with $17436 with a $500 off from a so called S-plan. Good deal, excellent car. Love it. :blush:
  • Was that 17426 before TTL? I have the S-plan, too--for most models it gets you well over $1000 off. (For example, on the Mazda6 sport wagon base model, it gets you $1792 off.) How come you only got $500 off with the S-plan for the Mazda5?
  • batmickbatmick Posts: 17
    and it is the best and most fun car we have ever had!

    We got a black Sport model with auto trans for $19400 OTD.

    Probably could have gotten it for even less ($19k) but we suck at haggling.

    However, the buying experience at Cush Mazda in Escondido was great. Not pushy at all and very helpful.
  • We are ready to buy a Touring w/ manual trans. Has anyone had an experience with a dealer they'd care to share? I'm willing to travel out of Charleston, SC if your suggestions warrant.
  • Stokes has a much larger selection. Palmetto has one touring on the lot. I ended up buying from Palmetto since they were closer to my home.
  • Thanks, I figured that Stokes would. How was Palmetto to work with? Did they give you decent service?
  • The service was good. I insisted that I only deal with the salesman - no manager, finance manager, cute girl, etc. Just the salesman from start to finish. They complied with my request. I hate getting "upped". He was a good guy and met most of my demands. Makes me feel like I left money on the table :)
  • terpomterpom Posts: 3
    I am planning to go test drive and start negotiating in a few days. What is the S-plan?? Also, how do you get the Gerber rebate? Is that still available. Thanks
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