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  • tlongtlong CaliforniaPosts: 4,695
    Anybody have an idea when the '07s will hit the US? How about the new Grand Touring model?
  • qddaveqddave Posts: 164
    My dealer here in Grand Rapids, MI checked his incoming inventory the other day when I was there and the first 07 arrives in early October.

  • dcdingodcdingo Posts: 21
    After nine months of ownership a few observations about our silver tourer. Overall we very much like the car. It is the most practical occasional six-seater out there. The 5 looks good, has a comfortable interior, smart instrument layout and handles well. It is superb value for the money. The kids (10 and 6) love riding in it. Excellent cargo volume when traveling with 4 people. Finding the mileage worse around town than promised, but on the flip side, better on the highway than listed. Using cruise control the AT regularly gets 29-30 mpg.
    Now some peeves. I don't miss true intermittent wipers like some, or the passenger armrest, but the lack of a decent roof rack does make my blood boil. I nearly broke down and got the factory racks but it seems once they are on, they are essentially on for good? And they are at a fixed distance apart, limiting what they can be paired up to. When I see the rails on the European model I'm just gobsmacked. What were they thinking in omitting them from the North American offering? Will we ever find out? On a related subject, I commend those who put a tow hitch on their 5 for either a bike rack or a light trailer, but I'm not going there. I'm certain my dealer would love to void the warranty from the reaction to my two discussions of the towing issue. And again, in Europe, the dealer will fit the hitch with Mazda's blessing. And that is why we have not parted with our elderly Subaru wagon. Its rack takes a ladder or a Christmas tree whenever duty calls. It will tow our small sailboat (under 800 lbs including trailer), and it will operate in snow with all season tires.
  • castg1castg1 Posts: 34
    The reason why we went for Mazda5 instead of the Odyssey are as follows:
    1. Inorder for the Odyssey to meet our wishes, we had to go for the ex-l model (to get the sunroof) and we simply can't afford it.

    2. two teenagers in the family who will soon be driving had proclaimed that they will not drive a minivan to school. lolz. It is not cool. They don't mind an SUV though.

    3. So we decided to get a car (in terms of size and fuel consumption) which would seat 6 persons.

    Everyone is happy.

    One wheel is already nicked when my daughter hit the curb.
    Ouch! oh well I guess it will come sooner or later. 'Battle scars' on the car as long as they are documented I guess is ok.
  • rockyteerockytee Posts: 35
    One wheel is already nicked when my daughter hit the curb.

    Somebody mentioned in an earlier post that the rim protrudes from the tire, which makes it susceptible to being damaged.
  • dzzdzz Posts: 1
    They're here!!! Shopped 5's this past weekend in orlando fla. Star Mazda had two '07's on their back lot. Not out front for sale. Saw the 3 year warranty and picked up an '06 sport :) at another dealer. The brown leather seats did look pretty good on the silver touring, just out of our price bracket.
  • tlongtlong CaliforniaPosts: 4,695
    Thanks for the update, I'll have to call the dealer!
  • pir8mattpir8matt Posts: 45
    Having owned my Mazda5 sport for about a year now, I'm about ready to trade it in for something else. I know I will get beat up on depreciation, but Im just not that happy with it.

    Here is my list of gripes and also the things I like about it.
    1) Underpowered - This vehicle is simply too heavy for the motor they've equipped it with. They need to offer it with a low-pressure turbo or something to overcome the curb weight, which leads me to my next gripe..

    2) Fuel economy - I've never seen the estimated city mileage they claimed on the sticker. This thing gets about the same city mileage as my 2005 Nissan Frontier did, and it had a V-6! The actual city mileage is comparable to the Dodge Magnum, which has a 345hp V-8, and is certainly not lacking in power. Highway mileage was as advertised, somewhere in the 29-30mpg range, but V8 powered vehicles with cylinder deactivation can also achieve these types of numbers, so it seems less impressive as a result.

    3) No iPod input - 'Nuff said about this already, I think everyone with a digital music player chafes at this one. I understand it will be remedied in the 2007 model, but that doesnt do me much good.

    4) 4-speed automatic, 5 speed manual - Both trannys should be bumped up a gear. 5 speed auto, 6 speed manual.

    5) A/C inadequate - It shuts off under hard acceleration, which isn't much good in Florida, where I live. The vents are also very small and don't keep people in the second row cool, much less the third.

    6) No passenger armrest - I really don't understand this one. Its a small gripe, but I just don't get it. Why do the backseats have them but not the passenger? Its just odd.

    7) Tire/Rim combo - The rims on the M5 look cool, but the way the tires fit them causes them to be easily scraped, as the rubber actually fits inset from the rim itself. You will always hit rim before tire if you come close to a curb.

    8) Nanny Seatbelt alert - Dealer said they could deactivate the endless beeping that occurs if you dont put your 'belt on. Of course, the service department wouldnt do it. I don't mind a seatbelt nag, but the one in the 5 is excessive.


    1) Appearance - Inside and out, the M5 is a good looking vehicle. Paint quality is good, panel gaps are good. Inside, the plastics used make it feel like a more expensive vehicle, and I like that (though the black carpet is hard to keep clean, and the nose could be a little more adventurous, like the 3's)

    2) Utility - The interior is spacious, theres lots of headroom and with the seats folded flat you can carry a lot of stuff. With the seats up I've had no problem carrying 6 adults (on short jaunts..2 adults would not want to be in that third row for long).

    3) Handling - The turning circle is nice and tight and the M5 never feels topheavy (to me), and can be driven through tight turns and corners without really slowing down, which is nice.

    4) Sliding doors - work well and make ingress and egress easy, though mine have developed a bit of a rattle over time.

    Overall, I know a lot of my gripes should have been dealt with before I bought it. However, my dealer lied to me and told me that an iPod could be used with the head unit, and also told me that it was a 5-speed auto (but that we never went fast enough on the test drive to get into 5th). Sure, I was dumb to believe them and have no one but myself to blame for that.

    However, anyone considering this vehicle should be aware that if you're looking to save money on gas, think again. This vehicle is not at all efficient on gas in city driving. Most of my driving is city and I'm lucky if I get 250 miles out of a single tank of gas.

    Additionally, if you live in a hot climate, your first trip is going to have to be to the window tinting shop, because there is no factory tint provided on any of the windows and it desperately needs it. The M5 is like a greenhouse (as are most minivans). Paired with the anemic air conditioning, you will end up sweating a lot.

    At any rate, if I wanted to go slow and get crummy gas mileage, I would have just kept my pickup truck. I'm probably going to trade it in for a Magnum. At least then I'll have a reason to get bad gas mileage.
  • Actually ALL rims protrude from the tires, It's just that you are not used to low profile tires. Their sidewalls have little bulge compared to 60 or 70 series tires. It's pretty normal for low profile tires
  • That's really too bad, your list of gripes are really minor. The rim thing is pretty normal, happens on every car that has low profile tires.

    The Passenger armrest thing (lack there of) makes tones of sense. If it was there, you would not have access to the center console storage compartment. But it could have been designed differently.

    Power, there is tones of, You just need to buy the Manual. Makes for a great driver. I drive very "sporty" and regularly hit the spec's for mileage. If I took it easy, I would beat the specs easily. I regularly get 450km out of 3/4 tank. A diesel option would however be great

    As for the auto tranny having a 4 spd not 5, That's more your fault, You should be able to take your salesperson at face value. but you should always verify their claims, most salesperson's barely know anything about what they are selling (cars or not!)

    The AC could be better, but hey what did you expect. Your already getting alot of car for $25k!!!

    I don't get the seatbelt issue, just use the seatbelt and the alarm won't come on!!

    There is an Ipod input (though you have to install it yourself, takes about 15 minutes)

    Just my 0.02 worth
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    The reports in the newspapers and online last month said the "black box" in most new cars records what happens a few minutes before and right after an accident. The data is available only to the manufacturer and its dealers. It is not turned over to authorities unless by court order. The purpose is to give manufacturers a better understanding of what happens in accidents so they can design better safety systems.

  • ma3xma3x Posts: 7
    You are right fowler3. I did some research online about the black box, and the recording only happens for a few minutes prior and after the accident...
  • Anyone else think the new policy of fragmenting news groups is a bad one? It used to be I could track one group for a given car and see test drive experiences, new owner experiences, prices, problems, and of course personal attacks and off-topic whining. ;) I could use the all-powerful Search option if I want to find something specific. Now I have to track many groups. More hassle in my book.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    The place to discuss the changes would be in the Forums Software! Your Questions Answered... discussion.

    You still only have to track one group, for example, the Mazda 5 owners group here. The difference being that once you're in the group, discussions on brakes, audio, and other topics will be separated out rather than having everything in one big pile. (along with the off topic whining ;) )


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    pf_flyer HOST, maybe that's what is missing, on topic whinning! ;)
  • I saw a show last week in which the OPP use a laptop computer to access the black box information to extract the speed, whether the brakes were applied (how much brake???) and wheter the seat belt was being used.

    This information is used to help them reconstruct the events that led up to a crash/accident.
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    Does anyone know if the 2007s are in the showrooms yet?
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 73
    Probably depends on your area, but a month ago, I saw 2007's on the lot when we bought our 2006. I'm in Southern California area.

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