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  • What's this about a Blockbuster gift card? Just for test-driving? I went on a "test-sit" yesterday (and drove a 3 sedan to feel the drivetrain--pretty quick and fun to drive), but didn't know anything about it. According to another post, there's no guarantee that the 5 will even be test-drivable in 30 more days, if the parts won't be coming in until the end of October. :cry:
  • nola1nola1 Posts: 18
    I asked Mazda why there website said there were no mentions of a recall, and how long will it be before there is a fix. There response follows:

    Thanks for contacting Mazda.

    In regards to your inquiry, please remember that this program was initiated by Mazda in advance of a recall being released. Recalls are imposed federally, but we wanted to make sure hat we addressed any concerns on our new MAZDA5 as soon as possible. As such, the recall has not yet been structured officially and would not be listed through actual recall information systems yet. You'll also receive an official recall notice soon, but we wanted to be able to communicate this campaign to you in advance.

    Please be certain that it is only in the interest of ensuring that your vehicle is safe that we take this precautionary measure. This vehicle has just been launched and we want to make sure that any possible recall needs are met immediately.

    We are finalizing the repair procedure and will issue complete instructions to our dealers so they may return cars to customers as soon as possible. Developments have ben made for the completion of this recall and are nearly finished, but we do not yet have a final date for vehicle release. As noted when you were originally contacted, this process may take up to 30 days from the date that you brought your vehicle in. While it is likely to be sooner, we can not promise a date yet until all completion processes have been finalized and put into place at your dealership.

    Until hat time, please feel free to use the loaner vehicle provided to you by your Mazda dealership. Your dealership will also provide you with updates as they are available.

    The MAZDA5 is the most talked-about new vehicle in our lineup and one that has generated some of the best word-of-mouth sales we've ever seen. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused and for interrupting the enjoyment and driving pleasure of your new MAZDA5.
  • I signed up on the Mazda website awhile back for more information on the Mazda5. I received the Blockbuster promo in the mail about a month ago.
  • It's going to be even more talked about now with this recall.....I haven't heard the end of it from family, work, friends, and I have to visit the american only car buying inlaws in 2 weeks!!!....everybody told me not to buy a first year model new car.....I disagree with them all!!!...even with a recall, at least they didn't wait like Ford for 40 or 50 people to die first before initiating one!
  • You miss it?!! I'm depressed without mine!!, barely had it 2 weeks!! At least you got another Mazda, they sent me to out for a rental. First I got a Mitsibushi's a car I wouldn't take for free!!....was making me car sick on the highway to work. So I went back to the dealer and demanded my car back. They said no way, because of safety. My gut feeling told me not to be so quick to bring it in, but when you have kids, you don't want to take any chances. So they gave me a Pontiac Montana....this is like driving a school bus!!!, and I won't mention about the parking!..Tomorrow I'm trading this again for a chev colbalt....all this in only 3 days....wasting my time!! better get my M5 back soon..... :cry:
  • After speaking with Mazda USA Customer Service a moment
    ago, it looks like positive news.

    The problem of overheating according to the representative was
    an issue whereby the driver uses the manual mode of the Sport Trim
    shiftronic transmissions (the ones capable of switching between
    automatic and manual). When left in the gear and not shifted to
    a higher gear the engine strains and overheats. The representative
    indicated that the a extra heat shield for the exhaust is being
    installed as a result.
  • I was wondering when the official recall was made because I was the 2 person in my country in returning Mazda 5. Does anymore knows, because if they sell it, knowing the car had a problem, it will not be fair to the buyers. I was driving the same car for 8 years and Mazda 5 was a dreams, I miss it so much!!
  • I wonder what it is about the 5 that causes this problem--It's the same engine and chassis as the 3, and I can only assume it has the same or similar exhaust piping. To my knowledge, there have been no problems in this area with the 3. Anyone know what's up? :confuse:
  • The 5 is a little bigger and I would assume there are slight variations due to the different packaging requirements for the spare tire, gas tank, etc. so it is probably a similar, but different, exhaust and different hangers. Technically, the engine is different too. Less hp, more torque. BTW, I tested my rental MZ3 out today and it would be fairly easy to reach highway speeds in second gear. I was doing 65 at less than 7,000 RPM. I did about 20 miles like that :blush: and didn't feel any additional heat or smell anything melting when I stopped. It is certainly very loud, but for me the biggest tipoff is that speed drops rapidly if you back out of the throttle. No coasting like when you are in a higher gear. The problem is that I can't figure out how people remembered to shift from first to second but forgot to shift up to third or fourth. Weird.
  • The reason it is "weird" is because it didn't happen. Mazda will fix the cars and make them perfect. They did a great job with the recall (so far). But the second gear story is a sham. I believe conjured up just to cover for the engineering mistake. Many companies and governments do this. (or at least we suspect they do ;) ).

    Thanks for doing the test and illustrating another piece of the puzzle that suggests the story is a fake. I never noticed my MZ5 doing a second gear start. Maybe these fictional drivers forget they had two more gears?

    Did you calculate you gas mileage in second gear?

    If this is the real problem why the new heat shield and programing change to the aut trans ECU?

    Maybe I don't want any of those changes since I plan on using all the gears.
  • mrgarymrgary Posts: 33
    At least they decided to fix the problem instead of let some one sue for burning up a car.
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    Just to let you know, I am on another board here, Mazda 5 problems and solutions. Anyway, I managed to get my five back by swearing to Mazda Corporate that I will not drive it second gear at high rates of speed. They cannot legally keep your car. Call the VP who signed the recall letter. You will need to call Mazda North American Operations in Irvine, CA. You can look it up on Yahoo Local. You will get the switchboard. Ask for Mr. VP (I suggest you use his real name, it escapes me). They will transfer you to his assistant. Tell them you want your car back, it's legally yours. I received a phone call within two hours from a Customer Service Supervisor. She called the dealership and they gave me my car back today. They told me they will contact me by mail when the parts are ready to be installed.

    HiFive :) :) :) :) :)
  • by the way i just call my dealer today about mazda recall...she told me that mazda going to put the heatsink to cool the temp down. and should be able to fix this week. sound like too easy to fix though.
    what do you guys think.? ..u think is best solution for the car??i am think to wait 2007 coming up......ha ha ha..
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I think Mazda's handling the situation well, and I'm betting that their fix will be thorough. I've had zero complaints about my Mazda5...everything about it seemed perfect for the 2 months that I drove it around. So, once the additional heat-shielding "fix" is in place, I think that I'll have a great reliable car for a long time :)

  • everything was fine for mine too, except I had it for only 2 weeks! it's going to take 2 months before I get it nack. What about leaving it parked for that long....won't it leave flat spots on the tires?????
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    The recall is very commendable for Mazda. But, I guess what I don't understand - if it is a valid potential cause for the problem - is that who in their right mind would drive their brand new Mazda5 at highway speeds in 2nd gear anyway? It's a very good way to shorten the life of the engine, transmission, or both. I would certainly never drive any car that I've paid good money for at 60+MPH in 2nd gear. If you're driving your Mazda5 in that fashion, you bought the wrong car. You should have bought an RX8!

    Although discussed before, the problem must simply be related to the exhaust temperature of the catalytic, and the design of the heat shields beneath the Mazda5. Obviously, at high revs, the exhaust temp increases rather significantly.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    vinnyfast wrote: " . . . won't it leave flat spots on the tires?"

    No, not with radials. Back in the days of bias-ply tires, especially those with nylon cord design, you certainly would have a flat spot after letting a vehicle sit for a time. But, after a few miles of driving, even those would be OK.

    You don't have to worry about the tires. I would be more concerned about any body dings that might occur.
  • hkeoghhkeogh Posts: 14
    After speaking with a representative from Mazda USA
    it looks like Mazda will not be making good on its 30 day
    turnaround for repairs. The last word from the representative
    indicated that the parts would not be available until the
    fifth week of October.

    As a result Mazda USA will be subject to the state level
    lemon laws, some of which require Mazda to offer an
    automobile of equivalent value. Since the process
    normally requires sending certain forms to Mazda at the
    below address. These forms are normally time sensitive.

    Mazda North American Operations
    Consumer Compliance
    7755 Irvine Center Dr
    Irvine, CA 92618-2922

    State Lemon Laws:

    If your state does not have a lemon law, your alternative
    is to contact the FTC for compliance under the Federal
    Consumer Rights Statute – the Magnuson and Moss
    Warranty Act at

    Federal Trade Commission
    Consumer Response Center
    Washington, D.C. 20580
  • Thank you for query regarding the upcoming recall on the Mazda5.


    Although Mazda Canada Inc. has no obligation to offer alternate transportation when a recall prevents owners from driving their Mazda vehicles, Mazda Canada Inc. has offered a replacement vehicle up to $50 per day in an effort to minimize any inconveniences for Mazda owners.


    We appreciate your patience and hope all our Mazda5 drivers are back in their vehicles soon.


    Customer Relations

    Mazda Canada Inc.
  • I got a call today saying that Mazda has found a fix - a heat shield and software that will reconfigure the cheesy manumatic so that it shifts at a certain point? Anyone know any more details? - the transmission fix sounds like it will be complicated...
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