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Volvo S60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • izzmo7998izzmo7998 Posts: 17
    2006 S60 Demo with Climate, Premium, Bi- Xenon and Wood Steering Wheel. 10K miles. Price is 23,900. 12k off MSRP. Also is it safe to buy Demos. I heard they get abuse and abuse. Please provide any input, thanks again.
  • pixiepoopixiepoo Posts: 5
    Excuse my ignorance but the incentive I see on puchasing (not leasing) this car is $4500 manufacturer to dealer. Is the $8500 for leases only?
    Using consumer reports data that include incentives #'s I should start negotiating at $28172. Am I missing something?
  • spiderdanspiderdan Posts: 10
    You're correct, I mistakenly thought I was in the leasing forum. Sorry about that.
  • plasmaplasma Posts: 1
    I am interested in purchasing a new 07 volvo s60. The detailed description and packages are listed out below.

    Year: 2007
    Interior Color: Graphite Leather
    Make: Volvo
    Model: S60
    Trim: 2.5T 4dr Sedan (2.5L 5cyl Turbo )

    Automatic Transmission
    Metallic Paint
    Premium Package
    Climate package

    The best price before tax I can get is 28.5k. But the dealer said this offer is only valid by next Monday. Is this a good deal? In addition, will the price of volvo 07 model decease a lot in July? Thanks a lot!
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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  • cas1cas1 Posts: 6
    Just picked up an 07 S-60 2.5T Premium, Convenience Package, wood steering wheel. MSRP $35990.00 29990.00 with blue tooth hands free and window tint. +TTL
  • I am new to this forum and can use some help from anyone that can offer some pricing options or "what I'm supposed to do now" scenarios. I am looking at a 2007 Volvo S60 2.5T; White; Premium Package; Sport Package; Climate Package. MSRP is $36,845. This is a demo; no dents, dings or issues with the car - approx 7800 miles. Does not have one feature needed, the Convenience package with the homelink for the garage door opener. The dealer is advertising the car for $27,990. What should I go back and offer or ask for? I have a trade in (1998 Saturn) and financing is done, not going through dealer. I'm in Alabama. Any help or suggestions for me is greatly appreciated - I feel the price should be lower and that they can throw in the Conv. Pkg or the homelink due to this being a demo...just not sure what to do or ask for at this point. Help.
  • mfwmfw Posts: 14
    Not sure if you have already bought the car. But based on some of the postings here and my own experience, you should be able to get $7k off $36845. So close to $30k. On top of this you should deduct for the mileage. If you look at a '02 S60, it is worth about 10k to 11k. So ($30k-$11k) / (12kmile/year x 6years) = $0.263/mile. So 7800 miles cost $2058. But consider it is the first 7800 miles, I don't think getting $4k off is unreasonable. So maybe $26,000 is a decent price?
  • Here is what I got for buying for '07 S60 2.5 FWD with options: sport, premium, xenon lights, rear park assist, metalic paint, convenience = msrp $38,970. I paid $30,500 but it had 4200 miles as dealer car. Not sure if I got a good deal. Resale values scare me because I see Acura TL seems to do about 4 grand better after 3 years.
  • Possibly one of the Hosts can help me with this question..
    I remember seeing a post a few weeks ago, I dont remember if it was in the Volvo boards or maybe Ford. It had a link that showed you how much above or below invoice particular car makers are selling. I remember Volvo being something like .5% below.
    Does anyone remember that link or site?
  • Looking at 2007 S60 2.5T w/premium package. Any idea of fair price? Know that there is $$ still out there and was told by a dealership today that Volvo may have additional monies for October. I am assuming that and cash rebates should come off the invoice price? Any help is appreciated.
  • I have an offer for a new 2007 S60 2.5T w/metallic paint and premium for 28K w/o tax title and fees. The dealership has quite a few 2.0T's on the lot. Do I have room to deal? They also have some loaners that are due out of rotation very soon. They said that they do not have any idea of price. Will the $4500 rebate be applicable for the loaner? What about a deduction for mileage? It will have approximately 4-5000 miles on the loaner. The salesman said that the loaner would be considered a new car, even tho it was never titled. He suggested that I wait and see what kind of pricing I could get vs. the new car. Any thoughts?
  • Before I buy a new 2007 S60 2.5T, the dealer mentioned that they have a few cars coming out of the loaner pool. They will have approx 6000 miles on them. The dealer does not know what they will sell for (they still have a month in the pool), but did say that they would be eligible for the $4500 cash rebate. What other kind of discount can I expect? I am trying to weigh whether I want to buy a new car or a loaner. Is waiting for the loaner a good deal? Any help is appreciated.
  • Possible Remorse. Please console or congratulate. Looking for help.

    Newly Minted Deal:
    2800 Cash
    S60 2008 2.5Turbo AWD
    Blue (the light blue); Tan Interior
    Premium Package
    Lease 400 per month
    Buy out 17550 after 36 month Lease

    We looked, drove and priced pre-owned S60s, both 04 (23K miles for 23K) and an 05 and decided that the deal listed above was the best value. The dealer said we could only choose between the light blue (tan interior) or the maple (black interior). We chose the light blue (tan interior with grey and brown trim). I think it is a standard type of color and trim not sure.

    We signed this evening (Saturday night). My question is, "Did we secure a fair if not a better than fair deal?" My only concern after the fact is whether or not we could have leased a dark blue with black interior for same lease price (from another dealership).

  • kgukgu Posts: 4
    Who knows why the price of S60 Premium Package drops from $2995 (2007) to only $995 (2008). All features are almost the same? :confuse:
  • Does anyone know what kind of price to expect for a 2007 S60 2.5T that has been a loaner for 6000 miles? I know that the $4500 rebate will still be available (dealer said so). I know that they will take additional $$ off because of the mileage. The salesman said that it would be alot cheaper for me to buy a loaner vs a new 2007. Input, please!
  • micrormicror Posts: 1
    Same question. I asked the price of 2008 model and it is much higher than 2007. The dealer suggested the loaner cars but the price not good.
  • What kind of price did you get for the loaner and what packages were on the car. I don't know what price for a loaner would be good.
  • I just purchased a 2006 s60 2.5T FWD, with 18,000 miles on it. It has leather seats (tan), power seats driver and passenger, heated seats both driver and passenger, headlight washers, rain sensor wipers, red walnut trim, 8 speakers (with rear shelf loud speakers). I paid $22,000 for it.
  • Just got back from Pat Patterson Volvo in Memphis. They had over a dozen 2007 S60s still on the lot. Bought my new 2.5T with climate, convenience, premium, etc. packages for $27,249 plus tax and license, so $29K all together. MSRP was $37K and the invoice (with the x-plan price on it, so I have no reason to think it was bogus) was $34K. I was thrilled with the deal, and the service.
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