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Volvo S60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Did you ever get a response on this question? I'm in a similar situation and wnated to see if you got any advice and what you ended up doing about purchasing the 2007 S60.
  • Never got a response. As a matter of fact, took the dealer that I was trying to get prices from 3 days before they returned my call! Guess that they really didn't want the business. They called as I was sitting in another dealership getting a great deal!
  • Too bad, at least you got a good deal though. Care to share the details about your deal. I actually started looking at a 2008 S40, but then read some pretty bad reviews on it. Oh well
  • There are still S60 2007s (not demos) in my area. Edmund's TMV for the basic S60 is $25,757. How much should I expect to pay for an extended warranty? Also I know there is a $4500. cash back to dealer ending on Jan. 8. Do you think there will be more incentives after Jan. 8, or will this one be extended? Any advice appreciated.
  • What is the better deal

    2007 S60 Loaner (2.5T FWD with Climate and Premium) with 7000 miles for $25,795 plus TTL


    Brand new 2008 S60 (2.5T FWD with Climate and Premium) for $28,995 plus $99 fee plus TTL

    Any thoughts/help/ideas/pearls of wisdom?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    $3300 spread.. hmmmmm

    That makes it pretty even... If anything would tip me one way or the other, it would be the full 4-year warranty on the new one.. I would guess that the warranty clock has already started on the demo..

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  • yup, tough spread. I think if either of them would move their nubmer a bit, then it would make it an easy choice. I'm also struggling with the warranty issue. I will most likely put about 22k miles on in per year.

    Do you think I have more negotiating room with the 2007 loaner or the 2008 new? Have you seen better prices/deals than this?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    Well.. if you drive that much, then it isn't the time, it's the mileage... And, the mileage on the demo will only put you out of warranty about 4 months sooner...

    Assuming you are keeping the car for 3-4 years, the higher mileage will keep the re-sale price difference to a minimum..

    Given all that, I'd have to go with the demo..

    I don't follow the Volvos enough to tell you if those are good quotes.. I'm only looking in relative terms to each other.. As a general rule, demos usually aren't that great of a deal... and, they are harder to peg, because knowing what sort of incentives, dealer allowances, etc., on a demo are harder to find out about..

    But, the delta between the two looks better than on most demo/new car comparisons that I've seen... On any new car deal, you'll eventually get to a number that no dealer will go below... On a demo, you may run into a deal where they want to get rid of it, and may be willing to take a loser deal on it.. Of course, you'll have to figure that out during negotiations..

    Does Volvo have a CPO program? If so, that could be a negotiating point on the demo.. A nice extended warranty from Volvo would push me over the top.. Especially with your mileage needs, that would come in handy..

    Good luck,

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  • hmbchmbc Posts: 3
    Hi there. Just checking to make sure that I got a good price- I feel good about it but wondering what others think.
    2006 s60r
    15k miles
    18 inch chrome volvo wheels
    ipod connector
    heated seats

    I paid 29,000- it was a one owner car that was a lease.

  • I ended up buying the 2007 S60 FWD with the Premium and Climate packages. It had 6k miles on it and I paid $25,795. It sounds like you got a good deal.
  • hmbchmbc Posts: 3
    Thanks- It was lower than the blue book value- so I thought I did well. I only was able to talk them donw $500. I guess it does not help that there were 2 other people that wanted the car as well. They say the R line is hard to get.
  • I am in the market for a new car. VW Passat turbo 6A and Volvo S40/S60 are on the list.

    I also think about the 2007 S60 with 6000-10000 mile loan car at dealership. How much is a fair of good price to buy one? They are asking 28000. But given the depreciation amount on true cost sheet from edmunds it should be lower than 26000. Also the 2007 does not have those $4000 off from new 2008 models. I haven't discussed more with the dealer yet but I am thinking choosing one of those or even another brand. Of course a particular car and how the deal is are the bases make decision.
  • I paid $25,795 for my 2007 loaner with 6k miles on it. They said that it was already priced at rock bottom and they couldn't go any lower. I thought it was a good price so I bought it. MSPR was approx $35.5k
  • eights38eights38 Posts: 137
    greatcars - Where do you live? Are you looking for the S60 AWD?
  • In Florida. It's FWD, not AWD.
  • I agree with you and no need to talk for another $500 up or down. 6k miles sounds very good and I had thought it can't be more than $26000. That's not including tax, right? It also depends on the options. The ones they listed are FWD and probably are loaded with most options except the navigation system which I think is not worth buying. Usually you drive at local and don't need that. If you go to a strange place a $200 GPS will do all the work, why pay $2000?
  • kwarnoldkwarnold Posts: 41
    Hi everyone, My lease on my current car is up next month and I am looking for a nice "sporty" sedan to replace it. I had read on here that there were some BIG deals being made on S60's. Is that still the case?

    I will almost undoubtedly lease again. 15K miles per year, 3-4 years (max). There were some early comments about discounts on Volvo leases of $5,000 to 7,000 if I remember correctly. (Should have re-read the posts before posting this one!)

    My local dealer has a car that I have not seen yet, but their web site shows an MSRP of $27,200 so I am assuming it is optioned close to what I am looking for.

    Can anyone share with me what I might expect the capitalized cost of the car to be on a lease? (Hope I said that correctly - basically "what SHOULD a car like this approximately cost?")

    I want something below $400 per month and I am willing to put up a couple of dollars (not much, since it is a lease) in order to make things work.

    Any insights on what I can expect or should target are GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks, Keith
  • I just purchased a 2005 S60 2.5T AWD with sport package - $20,050 + tax & tags. 19k original miles - it was a returned lease. Both key fobs plus valet key.

    opinions please :)
  • colotjcolotj Posts: 18
    Fair deal. Both you and the seller recieved a fair deal.
  • 2008 new S60 FWD 2.5T with premium package (leather seat, moon roof), 26K + TTL

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