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Volvo S60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    edited April 2010
    I stopped into the local Volvo dealer (Volvo of Nashville) and noticed a glut of 2006 S60 2.5T FWD models and I was wondering how much I should be paying for one if I decided to buy.
    Here's an example:
    2006 Volvo S60 2.5T FWD
    25,548 miles
    Willow Green Metallic

    What would be reasonable for the car? I was thinking somewhere in the $15,500-$16,500 neighborhood... The dealer has several other 2006 models ranging from $16,800 (Silver metallic, 30,000 miles) to $18,900 (silver metallic, different wheels, 11,098 miles)

    I went and looked at several S60s on this dealer's lot when the dealer was closed one Sunday and found them to be in decent cosmetic shape. No additional details, though, for now... I'm just interested in ball park figures on '06s.

    And the dealer also has an '07 with 25,927 miles for $18,800.. The listing says the car has a rear spoiler, bi-xenon headlights, heated seats, and sirius satellite radio.

    There is also a 2008 with 51,000 miles listed for $18,800. Next to the '07s and the '06s, this one seems like it isn't a very good deal.

    Would the '07 be a better deal? It has a black leather interior that I'd rather avoid being in the South... I prefer the taupe interior on the '06s the dealer has. What difference was there between the 2 years?

    Also, none of the Volvos on this dealer's lot are certified. What are the odds of asking the dealer about certifying a specific car?
  • katie26katie26 Posts: 1
    I am recently searching for the same car. I live in Amherst Va. But , I am getting a little concerned now about all the problems after the warranty is up and the expense. My friends all sya they're great cars, but this would be my first car other than American made. It kinda gets very overwhelming. Please keep me informed if you find any more info or great buys. Thanks..
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    Consumer Reports considers the S60 a "Good Bet" as a used car purchase. The reliability of the '06 is rated as above average and the '07 and newer have been much better than average (their highest rating).

    If you're concerned about longer-term reliability, you should consider a "Certified Pre-Owned" S60. They are often well-kept lease vehicles that are turned in after their 24-36 months term is over. Volvo has the best CPO program in the business with 6-year/100,000-mile coverage (from original in-service date when new).

    Good luck!
  • I am trying to decide between these 2 cars. The volvo has 62K miles and everyone says that they are not as reliable as the Infiniti which has 55K miles on it. Both cars drive awesome. The volvo does not feel as if it has a 90/10 split in the AWD with 90% going to the front? As for the infiniti, it drives awesome, pushes the car because it is rear wheel drive. The infiniti is much quieter than the volvo, but the volvo has all wheel drive. I live in the Northeast but have a pick up truck to drive if it snows. Any thoughts
  • Spent many months looking for a car to replace my 04 acura tl. Liked everything about the T5 and thought it was the right fit for me. Here are my numbers and tell me how I did: gray T5 with climate package, premium package, and wood inlay option. MSRP was $35,500. First offer was invoice at $33,579. I emailed two other dealers and called them up asking them what their best price was. One offered 33,100 while the second offered 33,300. I called the first dealer back who then offered $32,579, $1000 below invoice. He knocked off the $79 since I was putting a nice cash deposit down making it $32,500. I thought that was fair and I accepted. Live on Long Island, so with taxes and fees it came to $35,565. The car is highly recommended, very comfortable, practical, sporty with some great tech features. Good luck!
  • bdewittbdewitt Posts: 13
    Just picked up my S60 T5:

    Ice White/Black Brown Leather
    Climate Package
    Premium Package
    Urbane Wood
    Upgraded Wheels
    Tempra Spare Kit
    MSRP: $35,325
    My price: $32,800 (including volvo loyalty).
    They also "over allowed" on my 2007 Lexus trade by at LEAST $1,000.... so I basically got the Volvo for $31,800 including my Volvo $1,000 loyalty.
  • th3oth3o Posts: 2
    Hi bdewitt my wife and I are looking at a very similar S60. Is 32,800 your price out the door or are you not including tax and title?

    Thanks for any info. I just want to have a price to shoot for!
  • bdewittbdewitt Posts: 13
    Hi th30!!

    32800 is BEFORE tax and tags. In this case I didn't pay any tax, because the trade-in value on the lexus was actually higher than the sale price of the car..... but this is pre tax.

    The s60's are very hot right now, so don't expect a MASSIVE discount. I would shoot for around 3k off of sticker (or 4k if you have Volvo loyalty bonus) on a 2012 T5 model.

    It's a great car... good luck!! Let me know how you make out!! Where are you planning to buy??
  • th3oth3o Posts: 2
    Hey Bd Thanks for the reply! We are in Pittsburgh PA 3k was around what I am looking to knock off we are planning to start trying to work a deal the end of this week. I will definitely update once we have finalized. Thanks again for the reply and the positive review of the car we loved it on the test drive and my wife is definitely set on it so I hope we can get a decent deal.

  • redstone2redstone2 Posts: 4
    edited July 2011
    Looking @ 2012 S60 T5 with Premium Package,Climate,Metallic Paint, Wood Inlay and Dual Pipes. List is $35,850. What's reasonable on a best deal? Seems like adequate inventory in Dallas. Any help is appreciated.
  • SeegarzSeegarz Posts: 11
    In the military overseas and looking into purchasing an S60 T6 R with Multimedia & Technology pkg, IAQS, BLIS, PCC, and Elec Silver metallic for $41,790. This will be my first Volvo and debating between this or an IS350, G37. Any thoughts?
  • jiggytomjiggytom Posts: 3
    Just financed a new Volvo S60 T5 with Climate, Premium, and 17" Rims with Self Supporting Tires (Run Flats). Did a 72 month finance with 4K down, payment is 479/month including everything. Selling price of car was 33,300 (500 under invoice), MSRP was 35,800. How did I do?
  • redstone2redstone2 Posts: 4
    edited July 2011
    I think that is a good deal. Did you have the $1000 loyalty.
  • No, didn't have the volvo loyalty. If I did, it would have been been about 15 bucks less a month.
  • jim1969jim1969 Posts: 62
    I live on Long Island also and am looking at the R design. Which dealers did you go to?
  • i ended up buying my car from smithtown volvo. i did send out an email to all local dealers and used glen cove and huntington to help get a better deal. all three dealers were nice to deal with. good luck!
  • jim1969jim1969 Posts: 62
    I test drove the s60 R-Design at Huntington on Saturday. I want to test drive a xc60 R-Design also. I have to call around to see who has one.
  • stone19stone19 Posts: 18
    Looking into S60 T5, looking for 1k under invoice, does that sounds doable? Dealer was willing to go to invoice without even haggling so an additional 1k sounds like it could be done.

    Also debating until waiting until December to purchase, do they historically run better deals come December?
  • I'm waffling between these two! My 3 yr lease on my Audi A4 is ending in a few weeks and I have been looking for my next car. My A4 is my second Audi and I am stunned that Audi has made no effort to contact me to retain my business. My daughter's Jetta lease doesn't end until January and VW has already been contacting her. I've enjoyed my Audis (previously in a '05 TT which I LOVED) and would consider staying if the price was right.

    Anyway, I've looked at: Volvo S60, BMW 3 series, VW Passat/CC, Honda Accord EX-L V6 and Acura TL/TSX. We've narrowed it down to the TL and S60. both have very comfortable seats, which is important to my bad back and commute. The Volvo has a beautiful exterior and great color options. The instrument panel/console is a little offputting to me, but I could get used to it for the nice ride and handling.

    The TL has an improved appearance, yet only available in shades of blah (black, white, and shades of the road). The tech package is incredibly enticing! I've asked about the Basque red pearl and have been told there are NONE available or on order in all of Southern California. The Volvo S60 red is readily available.

    I am interested in a 15,000 3 yr. lease. I want to be well informed about the pricing and financing options/figures. When the time comes I will use the AAA car buying service, regardless of lease or purchase, to arrange for the base price. I've used this before with success, but my last experience found the dealership difficult to deal with, wanting to yank my chain and put the AAA pricing aside. That was with Hyundai (for my daughter). You can be sure AAA knew about my experience with this particular dealership. I hope with Volvo or Acura that they will be a little more respectful.

    I find the look of the Volvo S60 to be so appealing, and so comfortable, and the pricing is better than the Acura. I don't want a boring gray or white car, can't handle black in So Cal. Yet the Acura's a very comfortable car and the Tech Pkg is so interesting (if not a bit intimidating). I found the ride and comfort to be very comparable. The Acura is more expensive but should retain a good value long term. With the current ownership of Volvo I am concerned about longevity. The S60 should do well to keep them in business.

    I know that is a lot of information, but my head is so full of conflicting information. I need help!
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