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Audi A4 vs Acura TL vs Volvo S60 vs VW Passat



  • My wife and I just purchased a new 2010 TL /tech package. Our reasons were the tech package, ride quality, performance, size and what we thought was a good price for the vehicle we wanted. We tried the A4 and just were not blown away. back seats were just to small.

    My wife drives the car daily and I get the driving chores (!!) when we go out and Church. She likes It and I like it too.

    I will admit that it does not seem as zippy as a S2000 in rush hour traffic but if pushed will surprise you as far as how well it does handled. Just remember it is 3735 lbs. I would not drive it at 9/10 under those conditions.

    It is definitely a freeway cruiser and a adept passer when you need to. Quicker than the seat of your pants will indicate. One glance in your rear view mirror will
    assure you that you are going a lot faster than you think.

    In all fairness we liked the Volvo S60 (I believe it was out of our price range) and VW Passat (rear seats room was tight)
  • Congrats on your purchase! I had an 04 TL for a long time, and agree that it is a great, sporty family sedan!

    The Passat should probably no longer be in this discussion - my understanding is that the Passat only comes with a 4 cylinder engine now - the "CC" has the 6 cylinder engine.

    Enjoy your new ride!!!
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