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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • 2006 Xterra Offroad, MSRP 28325 plus step rails, Paid 24575 after Nissan 1000 rebate plus 289 sealant plus 389 dealer prep fee. First tank of gas yielded 17.108 mpg -- mix of city, highway -- more city than highway -- that matches Consumer Reports all around figure. So far it is a mighty fine vehicle. Engine is very peppy, it would be very tempting to use that pep. Do so and your mileage may suffer. Competing vehicle was the H3. Near bare bones H3 was 31,000 (dealer offered only 1000 off MSRP) -- find a big opening to get on the interstate, with the H3 engine, you will need it. H3 salesman, "H3 will do a lot that the Xterra will not", "Xterra will not hold its value, H3 will". Both statements likely bull. The engine difference as witnessed on back-to-back test drives, was the key factor in deciding in favor of the Xterra.

    Added Garmin Street Pilot 2720 GPS (Internet price $690 -- $999 Best Buy). Best screen (sharp, no glare) of any portable that I have seen. Great purchase for the new Xterra, fits nice in slot in top center of dash.

    I couldn't be more happy with these 2 new toys.
  • bobo9bobo9 Posts: 1
    Glad I came across this forum.

    I'm close to buying a 2006 xterra S at about 23,500 before 1000 rebate & tax, license, etc. It has utility package, splash guards and side moldings. Edmunds has MSRP at $25,685 and Invoice at $24,209 for this particular setup.

    Is this a deal I should take advantage of while it's there or can I do just as well if I wait a month? I'm not in a rush.
  • Looks like some dealers are discounting 3 to 4000 including Nissan rebate. Check their newspaper ads and make them match those deals -- worked for me. Depends on time of month and maybe how long your car has been sitting on the lot. Compare with H3 pricing and power and you will think your offer on an Xterra is very good.

    Since some people want to know real mileage -- My real city mileage on my new Xterra automatic is 17.1 and 18.6 (1st and 2nd tanks respectively). :) Very good vehicle!
  • fr0gst0mpfr0gst0mp Posts: 1
    I think I've been taken for a ride and it's my own fault, I suppose. I just bought an 04 xterra XE, 31,000 miles, and paid $2499 for the "security plus" pre-owned protection preferred plan (100,000). I thought I was getting a great deal because the super slick chick told me the plan was regularly priced at $3000.
    Could you please name the dealership that gave you that price ? I could really use the contact info. If I can get a better price it would really help me out...
    I don't know what I'm doing really and am unsure as to how I would shop the internet for this.
    Thanks !
  • aazevedoaazevedo Posts: 7
    Does anyone know if Nissan keeps there recent grad discount for the Xterra passed June 30th? Any info about this would be helpful. Thanks!
  • Hello I am wondering how you guys like the Xterra you own now. I am looking into buying a new Xterra Se myself, but would like to know more about it.I have test driven the Xterra and loved the way it drove but if you dont mind me asking, I was wondering what some of the pros and cons were of this SUV in the long run? Any input would help greatly! :)
  • well, the 05 xterra i own is almost bare bones(no power which is standard in the s model and up). the ride is firm, seats are a little softer than sitting on concrete, the fuel is HORRIBLE 17 miles hwy. at 60 miles an hour. the plastic scratches easily and theres so much of it. you need a hitch step to actually reach the bumper steps. also it pulls to the right a little and had it aligned 3 times and they say tires are fine too. i wish i never bought the truck. ALTHOUGH, like i said it is a firm ride and is a beast. it is a great truck if you do off roading. but if you want a smooth ride buy a car, or a different suv. from 1-10 for my daily 26 mile commute round trip, i give this a 4. i dont know if the 2006 or different models comes with daytime running lights or courtesy lights and theater lighting but mine does not.
  • I dont think the grad rebate ends anytime soon but the $1000 rebate ends July 5th.

    I just picked up a 2006 off-road 4WD 6-speed manual with the Rockford Fosgate stereo for $682 under invoice before the rebates and TT&L. The SUV is rock solid. Make sure you get a lot of quotes, many dealers wouldnt touch that price.
  • aazevedoaazevedo Posts: 7
    I bought my new Xterra on July 2nd. It is a 2006 Xterra X (Lightning Silver) 4X2 automatic, with power package, carpets and splash guards. MSRP was $22775, and Invoice was $21423, I paid $21026 and then recieved the $1000 manufacturer rebate and the $500 recent graduate rebate, also since this was my first car Nissan gave me a great APR of 7.49% over 5 years. I bought my X at Northbay Nissan in Petaluma, California and recieved wonderful, low pressure service, I would recommend this dealership to anyone nearby. I don't think that there is a single car out there that has more value than the Nissan Xterra, I paid less than $20000 and I got A LOT of car!!!
  • i got a jet black se 4wd with every option used with 8000 miles for... 22,000!!!! i love the truck, highly highly recommended.
  • phboujonphboujon Posts: 1
    I am planning to buy by the end of July, a 2006 off-road 4WD 6-speed manual, and have been reading your posts and prices. However I am wondering:
    - Where do you find out about the Nissan incentives?
    - What are the conditions of the recent grad incentive? (I am a recent grad, 6 months ago).

    Additionally, I am curious about manual vs automatic transmission capabilities when related to the part-time 4WD system. Any comments? What would make one buy an automatic transmission? A manual transmission? (Being European, I am biased toward the manual…)

  • aazevedoaazevedo Posts: 7
    You can find Nissan incentives at I'm not sure about other rebates going on for the Xterra right now and you may want to wait until the next holiday to buy. The recent graduate discount is a year-round discount, but they change the cars it is good for every now and then. If you are graduating in the next 6 months or have graduated in the last two years, and have proof of a full time job, then you qualify for the grad rebate.

    The manual transmission is in my opinion awesome, like the engine, it was also developed and modified from the 350Z transmission. It feels very direct, and there is a much shorter throw than the FJ. The automatic is very smooth, and responds very quickly as if it can read my mind. The decision is up to you both are great.
  • tom53tom53 Posts: 1
    I am in NY, if i buy a vehicle out of state do I pay NY tax on it anyway?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,652
    Yes... in almost every case, you will pay sales taxes where you register the car...

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  • I have the same Xterra (offroad 4WD 6-SPD) that you are looking at and reccomend it. The manual is definetely the way to go. The only thing right now on it is that it has a clunk noise when I push in the clutch to shift from 1->2. If you go with the automatic it also has hill assist and decent if you dont know how to drive.
  • Hello everyone, I'm in Miami and been talking to four different dealers about a 2006 Xterra S 4x2, automatic with the Utility package and got multiple offers. The MSRP was $24,785 and best offers i got at the moment is at $21,900 from Maroone Nissan of Miami. Is this a good offer? Also, should i wait untill the 2007 com out to get a better offer on the 2006. Lastly, whats up the the iPOD adapter only avaliable for the SE and the OFFROAD.
  • drat4drat4 Posts: 7
    :cry: This really hurts to ask this. Where is the best place to post for sale an off-road 05 Xterra? I'm back on street sales and absolutely love my Xterra. But using my Xterra for sales calls is like using a VW beetle off-roading. Getting a hybrid for work but I can't keep both. Where's the best place to post to get a good match?
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    I tested the CX-7, don't know what all the fuss is about, I wasn't impressed in the least. Was waiting to see the Edge, but with all those Ford recalls I didn't want to risk a 1st year model with them, hence the Xterra won we over. S model 4x4, pretty much all the options and accessories I wanted, including the side curtain airbags and rollover protection (this made me pull the trigger), $26,400 out the door (tax, title, fees), still came in about a grand under msrp. Sale price was $80 over invoice, minus $1,000 rebate, Carmax in White Marsh, Md. (Nissan new car dealer) No pressure, no gimmicks, straight up here's the price, yes or no? Bought it Wed. night, left on a trip Thur. night, got 20.7mpgs doing 65-75mph w/ac running, was completely shocked at that, engine hasn't even been broken in yet, if that holds up I'll be happier than a pig in shhhhhh!
  • jaws4jaws4 Posts: 6
    Do yourself a favor and do not ever buy (or attempt to buy) from Capital City Nissan in Atlanta. I had been working with them for a week to get to reasonable deal on an XTerra X. Once we finally agreed on a price (which was solidly above their advertised price), they changed the deal to the degree of $1600. I walked...

    STAY AWAY!!!
  • Hi all

    I just negotiated the sale of a '06 Xterra S 4x4 AT for $1500 under invoice price. Is this a decent negotiation or have others been making deals for much less?

    Once I got below invoice they wouldn't budge on anything, and I didn't have the cajones to discuss holdback.. as I was already happy with my negotiations.

    What do ya'll think?
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