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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • The question shouldn't be whether or not you got a good deal, it should be whether or not you got the vehicle you wanted and did YOU feel it was a fair deal? A couple of hundred bucks is nothing to fret over, anything under invoice is good.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    Yeah, I thought I worked a good deal...especially being my first car purchase. I didn't know how far I could push since I never did this before, but I bought it tonight, and am extremely happy and excited.

    Thanks to all on this forum for helping me have a pleasant experience. I will continue to post and use this as a resource.

    Thanks again!
  • I am paying 22,440 for a 2006 Nissan XTerra X series 4WD, Auto and power options in Springfield, MA. I think its a good deal.
  • When will dealers start receiving the '07 models? My salesman in the Philadelphia area didn't know what the differences between the '07 and '06 models were and said he wouldn't get any in until November. If he's ignorant or a joker, I'll take my business elsewhere because I'm ready to buy NOW. My starting price on an '07 SE will be invoice minus $1500.
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    Invoice MINUS $1500 will be starting price??? Do you mean MSRP, not invoice? The 07s are out, check out Carmax's website, they sell new Nissans in White Marsh, Md., that's where I bought mine. 06s have a $1k rebate right now, the 07s don't have any. I bought a 06 at invoice minus the $1k rebate, the 07s look like they're going $300-$400 over invoice, and since Carmax is no haggle, I can't see all that many Nissan dealers blowing them out of the water for pricing? Carmax seems to be very reasonable in their pricing, I'd see what they have online and using their pricing to strike a deal with a dealership near you, or drive the 1hr-1hr1/2 to White Marsh, good luck.
  • elenadelenad Posts: 11
    Just signed papers last night and picking up 07 X-terra S on Monday. We got the following add-ons:

    Retract Cargo Cvr
    Carp Flr Mats
    In-cabin Microfilt
    Auto Dim Elechrom Mirr W/comp
    Prot Pkg
    Util Pkg
    50 St Emis

    We spent sime time negotiating, but managed to bring the price down to $24,500. The invoice on this car including all add-ons was $25,500.
  • elvissselvisss Posts: 14
    hello, elenad, I am also considering to buy a 06 or 07 xterra, is that a 4wd or 2wd price? that you!
  • elenadelenad Posts: 11
    it is 4wd, I don't think then even have 2wd on the lot now.
  • elvissselvisss Posts: 14
    thank you dude, do you know the difference between 07 and 06?
  • elvissselvisss Posts: 14
    I am planning to buy a 06 Xterra SE 2wd OR 06 2wd S

    one dealer offered me the price of

    SE 4x2 -->23,300
    S 4x2 --> $21,250

    the price include rebate and destination charge. But not documentation fee.

    I am in St.louis, MO, do you guys think this is a good deal?

    What your price is?

    Any input is highly appreciated!
  • elenadelenad Posts: 11
    Absolutely no difference. They added few more interior colors, that's it. We just decided it makes more sence to get '07, so we can sell it for more in few years.
  • elenadelenad Posts: 11
    Why are you getting 2WD in SUV? The price doesn't look bad. We were offered $22.5 on 06 X-terra S 4x4..but dedided to go with 07
  • elvissselvisss Posts: 14
    hmmmm, I think I choose 2wd because most of the time ( more than 99%) it will run on pavement, city usage.


    Thank you for your reply and enjoy you new xterra, elenad ;)
  • Need to decide which the better deal and i was hoping I could get some free advice.

    My two choices are as follows:

    Brand New 2006 Nissan Xterra S with the utility package for 21,500 (pending a dealership can make that price work) with 6.25% financing - 353 montly payments.

    2005 Xterra SE (rockford fosgate etc.) with 15,000 miles from a rich private sealer who's looking to unload it at 19,000 with 8.45% financing - 316 monthly payments.

    On one hand, i want the new truck, but on the other i know even with the great deal it will loss excessive value the first year. But it would be brand new and have a longer warranty. But the 2005 SE has bigger rims, better stereo, and more features for less money. But, the SE is a year older and has been used.

    Just reply with your thoughts on which would be better and why.
  • elvissselvisss Posts: 14
    I would prefer the brand NEW one, there is no big difference between the price.

    btw, I think you got a good price, 2006 Nissan Xterra S with the utility package for 21,500, is that a 2wd or 4wd price?
  • 2wd price, the best I have offered so far is 21,600 with another 595 for the dealer fee. But this truck also have the mirror compass, and body side moldings. But I can't buy that one though, because it's red and the wife doesn't like the color.

    I'm working all the dealerships now to get that 21,500 price, the best i got from some other dealerships is 22,100.

    thanks for the advice
  • Finally got a dealership to make the deal work.
    06 Xterra S with utility package, body side molding, floor mats, splash guards and the TRAILERING PACKAGE....all for 21,700 out the door. 800 below invoive.

    I feel good about it and drove it home last night 200 miles... and got 21.4 MPG!!!!!

    If Nissan reliability holds up over time, this will be the hands down best SUV out there
  • elvissselvisss Posts: 14

    I also got my xterra SE on Saturday, very cool.
  • Yet another bad dealer experience that I need to vent about.

    So I'm in the market for an 07 Xterra S 4x4 with Utility package. Last Thursday, I sent about 15

    emails out to local dealers in PA & received a few quotes back via email, which range about $1500

    (give or take) under invoice with the current incentives offered by Nissan. I got a call from

    Loughead Nissan in Swarthmore, PA who gave me the usual speech about being the #1 volume dealer &

    that he can beat any pricing. I asked him to provide his quote over the phone but he said he

    couldn't & told me to come in. I gave him a number instead (slightly lower than the lowest email

    quote I received from other dealers) & he said he'll talk to his sales manager. About an hour

    later, I received a callback saying it was a deal so I scheduled an appointment for Saturday. The

    dealer called back again later in the afternoon asking whether I had a trade in & I said yes &

    gave him the necessary info of my vehicle. Keep in mind that he had already agreed to the first

    deal without any mention of trade-in

    Fast forward to Saturday at the dealership, the Xterra they had waiting for me actually had

    additional packages on it but was never mentioned over the phone (i.e. Protection package, cargo

    divider, retractable cargo cover, trailer hitch). Please note that I had specifically only asked

    for the Utility package & nothing else in my initial email. While waiting for them to assess my

    trade in value, the salesperson that I dealt with over the phone told me that it was a smart move

    to shop around by sending quotes out to all the local dealers. After about 20 min of sitting

    around with only one other customer there, the sales manager shows up & provides a quote for that

    vehicle that was higher than all the email quotes I had received & low-ball my trade in, so

    basically the price that they quoted over the phone still remained the same, they just factored

    the trade-in into the newly raised price. He further insulted me by saying, I don't need to sell

    you this car. So at this point, I just shook his hand & left. It was a waste of time & partially

    my fault for not confirming this in writing prior to showing up but I just bought a Honda Pilot 8

    months ago & went through the same process & the dealer honored the price when I walked in. There

    was no written agreement faxed, it was strictly verbal. For this Nissan deal, I would assume that they would be

    smarter than to pull the bait & switch technique since they knew that I had been shopping on the

    internet but oh well.

    So moral of the story is that if you're in the market for a Nissan vehicle, do yourself a favor &

    stay away from unprofessional, unethical, ignorant dealerships such as Loughead Nissan in

    Swarthmore, PA. Thanks for listening.
  • shasta67shasta67 Posts: 109
    I had the same thing happen to me many years ago and the feeling sucks. Just count it as a lesson learned, and bad mouth the dealership to anyone who will listen. Your story ended better than mine. Mine ended with the police called and a near brawl in the middle of the dealership. Man I miss those days when I could be a crazy kid. :P

    In the end the dealership probably felt it was ok to lie to you because you did "shop" prices. Many, if not most, of the really big dealership feel it is ok to say anything just to get you on the lot.

    If you made any mistakes they were probably not getting the quote in writing and trying to do the trade-in with the deal. I know they promised you a price but trade-ins always complicate things and gives them more opportunities to try and change the deal. I have never traded in a car and I never will.

    Don't worry too much though. You only lost a little time. You still have your money and there are lots of other dealers.
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