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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • arizonajoearizonajoe Posts: 123
    wyoforester said: "The trade should be a separate transaction/negotiation."

    In reality, the trade-in will never be a separate transaction at any dealership. They will always treat the trade-in as an integral part of the new car purchase transaction.

    The best way to deal with trade-ins and other variables is to get out-the-door price quotes from each dealer (definitely contact more than one dealer!). Be sure they include the trade-in in the out-the-door price quotes. Then, you can compare apples to apples. All that matters in the end is the out-the-door price for the whole transaction, not their stated "price" for the new car, or whatever they tell you they are giving you for your trade-in.

    Again, all that matters is out-the-door price.
  • okiesanokiesan Posts: 1
    A buddy of mine that owns a used car lot found mine in an auction in Okla.City. Turns out I had looked at it the week before in a dealership used lot and was strongly considering making an offer when my buddy called the night before the auction. Got it at a great price - $20.1k and closed the deal yesterday.

    Vehicle has 13k miles and is absolutely clean in every aspect. Checking to see if I can get a hitch installed this morning but am having trouble finding many other desired accessories such as a grill guard. Many manufacturers stopped making them after 2004 -- would appreciate any leads or sources for aftermarket goodies.
  • amandagsramandagsr Posts: 8
    I'm trading in my 2005 RSX Type-S for a Nissan Xterra SE. I dealt with some a-hole Nissan dealers last night who completely lied to me about everything because I'm a young woman and they think I'm an idiot. I've been seeing that people have been getting them for around 26k, is this right?
  • Don't go into a dealer or call the sales dept. on the phone. Use the Internet first. In fact, you can use NissanUSA or Edmunds to find the dealers within 100 miles or so of you. We have driven 50 miles and saved $2,000 over local dealers. Get quotes over the Net or call the Internet depts. of individual dealerships once you have looked at their inventories on-line. Check out at least 5 or 6 dealers.
    We have used these techniques to purchase our last eight vehicles, including a 2007 Off Road and a 2007 Maxima SE. We have also been able to get a quote over the phone on our trades(subject to inspection). No deception, no stress. We actually paid what was quoted and received what was quoted for our trade. The prospective vehicle is cleaned and ready to be thoroughly test driven. The paperwork is usually done in 30 minutes. We have used several different dealers depending on the make(Subaru, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, etc.) we have been looking for. This process actually makes getting a new vehicle fun!
    Whereas, if we go into dealers without using the net and Internet depts. to get quotes first, we've been bait and switched, TO'd, and had our time wasted and our stress level maxed out.

    Use Edmunds to get the invoice price and TMV. We've always beat the TMV. We've usually been offered at or near invoice before incentives were subtracted(Northern CO and Denver area)

    SE costs vary depending on options, what dealers you are dealing with, etc. Try what I described above and see what you get. Take your time and enjoy the experience.
  • amandagsramandagsr Posts: 8
    Sounds great. I even brought in the TMV price and they STILL would not give me even close to that. Thanks so much for the ideas.
  • 'never'? I agree that 'out the door price' including trade is the way to approach buying a new car.
    However, I have had situations where the trade was treated as a separate transaction in determining the value of the trade and did not effect what the dealer offered me on the new vehicle.
    I have had used vehicles(Toyota Land Cruiser, Q45 for example) that were apparently in demand at the particular times I(we)were shopping for a new vehicle. The Used manager at a Loveland, CO dealer offered me what I wanted even though I told him I wasn't going to buy anything and just wanted to sell mine. Our used vehicle had my name on title and reg. I found out later the Used Mgr. had a buyer that was looking for the exact vehicle(color, miles, options et al) I wanted to get rid of.

    I had already obtained the internet price quote I wanted for the new vehicle at a couple of different dealers, but the Used manager did not know this as I had not contacted the Loveland dealers Internet Dept or sales dept. I had shopped my used vehicle at several dealers and he(Loveland) offered significantly more than the others.

    I then contacted the Internet Dept. at the Loveland dealer and got a quote on the new vehicle that matched the other dealers without mentioning any trade. I already had a written quote from Loveland's Used mgr., but the Internet dept. didn't know this as I had used a family member's name to request the Internet quote.

    In follow up, When I spoke to the Internet sales Mgr., I told him I(we) would take his price on the new vehicle and that my(our) trade had already received a quote by the Used Mgr. at his dealership. The 'I' mgr. said fine, as the price the Internet dept offered on the new one was what they had committed to sell it for. Bottom line, 'out the door' I received what I had been quoted separately for the trade and what I had been quoted separately for the new to net the lowest 'out the door price'.
  • george99george99 Posts: 2
    I found the post of amandagsr of June 6 2007 very useful. I did exactly what was recommended. To echo: I used Edmunds website to locate dealers within 50 miles of where I live (Coconut Grove/Miami, Florida), and looked at every dealer’s website to see their inventory. Once I found a car that seemed appropriate, I copied the VIN # and I called internet sales to get details. I did this for two dealers and found there to be a $2000 difference between two cars (primarily because of added features).

    I called Maroone Nissan of Kendall who was selling a 07 Xterra SE for $25,852(MSRP = $28,524.94); this included a DVD dockable $1300 Two package $450, floor mats $110, microfilter $60. Other charges were going to be Tax 6%, New tags $235, Dealer fee (=profit) $599, Battery fee $8.50. Rebates of $1500 was included (could have also gotten the $500 rebate if we financed). Note: This dealer used MSRP charges for added features.

    Esserman Nissan had a 07 Xterra SE for $24,600(MSRP=28,245); this included cargo cover $70, floor mats $80, auto dimming mirror $ 180, tow package $360. Other charges were tax 6%, new tags $250, Dealer fee (=profit) $599, Electronic filing $16, Tire fee $5, Battery fee $1.50. $1500 rebate was included. Couldn't get the extra $500 rebate, as we were not financing.

    (Note there is also a $500 rebated for college grads...check on the Edmunds site for 'rebates and incentives')

    I called the internet sales department and generally spoke to a salesperson that was not empowered to negotiate price any further. Both referred me to their sales managers.

    The manager from Marrone (car with DVD) would not reduce the price any further. He refused to remove or reduce the dealer fee ($599). His 'out the door' price was $28,426.

    The manager from Esserman removed the dealer fee ($599). His 'out the door' price was $26,500. I then told him I was coming to pick up the car. There was no further haggling at the dealership, merely paying and preparation of the paperwork and the car, which took about one hour.

    I did all of this from my computer/desk, while drinking my morning coffee.

    I was intent on teaching my 19 year old son how to buy his car; admittedly I learned something thru this experience. Thanks to amandagsr’s post.
  • george99 said:'I found the post of amandagsr of June 6 2007 very useful."
    Question for george99,
    Are you referring to wyoforester's 9AM reply on June 6, 2007 to amandagsr? or is there a post by amandagsr that she made that I am not aware of or unable to view?
    You seem to be following the posted suggestions of wyoforester not amandagsr.

    Bottom line, no matter what the 'second guessers' may chime in to tell you,it's your time and money. It sounds like you had an enjoyable,low stress buying experience and made a deal you are happy with.

    Congratulations on your new vehicle.
    Hope you enjoy your X as much as we do ours.
  • george99george99 Posts: 2
    My are right. It was the post of wyoforester that was the key, and very informative. Sorry to amandagsr and especially to wyoforester.
  • chili_gchili_g Posts: 1
    I'm really peaved about this! I did what you are saying back in 1999 when I bought a new Audi A4. I got a response saying the dealer charged $1000 over dealer cost (on a $26k popular car). It was low stress, I went over the pricing (it matched edmunds data/info) and we made the deal.

    NOW, I'm looking into an Xterra (and others). Every response I have been worthless! I've been contacted back by about 4 dealers, and I might as well have just walked in the door. All this process has served, is for them to get some sales leads (me) and my contact info. They won't talk about any prices, specifics or anything, and are very very slimey. The only exception being a single subaru dealer who emailed me a quote on a particular model.

    This is in VT - Burlington and Rutland dealers. I was very happy using Edmunds/Auto-by-tel in 1999, and was expecting a similar experience (one like you mention) this go around. All I've encountered is slimy, sneaky, stereotypical car salesmen (apologies to those who don't fit the sterotype - let me know if any of you are in VT!). It sounds like you've still had some good luck, so maybe the internet process hasn't gone down the tubes - maybe it's just this location (I bought the Audi in CT).

    To top it off, there are not a lot of competing dealers around up here. You're lucky if there are two - 30 miles in each direction.

    I'll bring pricing with me, but it looks like I'm stuck walking in. Luckily I'm having a hard time picking between about 4 cars, so I can afford to play the walk out game.

    Sorry this isn't much more than venting. I would be interested in any further advice - or maybe positive experience with VT dealers.
  • Eliminate the 'slimy' dealers from further consideration.

    Our seven Subaru's were great vehicles and our two Nissans have been fun thus far.

    As mentioned, we sometimes have had to expand our search. For example, we too live in a small(ish) community with only one Nissan and one Subaru dealer within 40 miles of our home. You may need to contact dealers in a metropolitan area. It may depend on how far you are willing to travel to make the deal you want. We purchased our last Subaru from a dealer in CO over 60 miles away from our home after looking as far as 100 miles away on the net. We settled on an out the door price before driving down to the dealer. Our purchase was subject to our test drive and approval of the unit. Zero hassle and no pressure.

    There are 5 Subaru dealers within a half hour drive of each other down there(not even counting Denver). Competition can make a difference. Then again, sometimes the attitude of owner/general manager of a dealership makes a difference as well. There are some dealerships who think they are the gods' gift to buyers and don't appear to care if they never see you again for a follow up sale. We refuse to do business with them.

    Your Burlington dealers certainly appear to have a different attitude than our Cheyenne dealers. If our local dealers can't make the sale, they still follow up and invite you back to have your new car serviced there. No hostility or negative attitude. A wise dealer gets the fact that a well managed service dept. is a major source of income for a dealership. You don't needlessly alienate a potential customer.
  • imadroneimadrone Posts: 33
    Having researched Edmunds comparative data and these excellent Xterra Forum postings, we have decided to order a 2008 Xterra OR as soon as they are available. Our local Nissan dealership is the dealer for the Costco auto program, which seems to be a hassle-free and fairly efficient way to deal. Does anyone have any experience, positive or negative, in using this method rather than a more traditional approach? Advice is appreciated.

  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    this is the best way to purchase a vehicle.... since there are models from x s se and off-road. you get a fair price. make sure that you dont add any options.. all xterra models come with almost everything from the factory.

    at least when i purchased mine on my own, when they asked me the options, i simply said no, dont need that, dont want that. and everything they mentioned came with truck. 4X2 s auto. i just checked for my future 2007 off road and the price is trully great. sure if you start adding the options the price will go up.... please post your final purchase through cosco so that it will help the rest of us when buying. good luck
  • exfaciorexfacior Posts: 1
    I've been contacting a long list of nissan dealers, and got an OTD quote of 22658 for a 2007 Xterra S w/Util package and standard equipment. Is this decent, and should I take it now or wait until next month? Any idea if they will have an even better rebate in August?
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    You should be able to get the vehicle for Invoice -($2000) rebate. I wouldn't expect to get more than a $2000 rebate, I waited 3 months for Nissan to offer a better rebate than $1000 last year and it never happened. What a deal this year, $2000, you can't go wrong with that!!!!
  • My best quote from the dealers are below. According to Edmunds, this is $340 below invoice (zip code 32817). This deal sounds great, is anyone else getting numbers like these in FL? Should I jump on it?

    2007 Nissan Xterra SE Automatic

    Suggested Retail Price - $27,415.00

    Internet Price - $25,542.00

    Minus factory Rebate - $2,000.00

    Total - $23,542.00



    Tag and Fees

    Specs on this truck:

    2007 XTERRA SE-V6 4X2 SUV AUTO

    Invoice MSRP
    BASE $24,224 $25,900
    CGO $63 $80
    FLO $78 $110
    MIC $46 $60
    MIR $179 $240
    ORG $114 $150
    PRO $133 $170
    50S $0 $0
    Freight Charge $705 $705
    Total $25,542 $27,415
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    that seems like a great price. rebates untill 9/04/2007. i have been checking into they seem to be a no nonsence car buying aproach. if anyone is looking to purchase a xterra, going through carsdirect seems to eliminate the usual dealership purchasing situations. and they show dealership rebates. if anyone goes this route, please post how it went.
  • Recently bought an '07 Xterra with the below specs. Paid $23710, which is invoice with all of the options. This is approx. $300 below TMV on Edmunds..

    2007 Xterra SE RWD
    Tow Package
    Floor mats
    Auto-dimming rear-vew
    Retractable cargo cover

    $25710 - $2000 incentive = $23710.
  • joe150joe150 Posts: 1
    My company has some relationship with Nissan and they extended an offer to our employees listed below. Is this a good deal or would I be better off negoitating on my own?

    D PLAN
    Dealer invoice
    Minus VPP discount (Nissan 2.87% : Infiniti 1.65%)
    Plus 2.5% delivery fee of dealer invoice after VPP discount has been subtracted
    Plus destination and handling charge
    Minus applicable incentives
    Equals participant's purchase price
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