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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • ps30ps30 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2007 Xterra from Jeff Roberts at Colonial Auto Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. Great experience!!! No hassles, no pressure, no haggling. I got my Xterra for invoice minus $2000 manufacturer's rebate. Jeff was fabulous to deal with. I could not get this deal in the city where I live...I spent too much time trying to get local dealers to come down to a good price. It was well worth the drive to Charlottesville. Jeff is far from the stereotypical car salesman...thank goodness!
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Got '07 Off-Road MT with all the options except for upgraded stereo for $23.5( + Dealers fee + taxes) out of the door. I went thru the fleet manager so all negotiations were done over the phone (took about 30 min) and all papers ready for me to sign and loan approved by the time I came there to pick up the truck. It took him couple of days to get the vehicle from a different dealer and I was out of there in less then hour and a half.
  • $27.3 - $2 Rebate = $25.3 Love my new truck!
  • In Alaska I think they have close to 30 2007 models on the lot

    I'm looking at the following:

    The internet sales manager quoted me this:
    07 Off Road 6-Speed (Gray)
    26,200 base price + 2180 opt + 650 dest +250 license fee minus 2750 cash back = 26,530

    I countered with a (near invoice) 24,500 base price. I told them I'm not paying MSRP on an 07 when the 08 models are already out.

    Do you think that is a good price?

    When you go to the lot the car has additional $1995 dealer markup and $199 doc fees which I said I was not paying. I hate buying cars!
  • In Texas, was quoted the following for a new vehicle

    2007 Nissan Xterra S 2WD
    Base Price 24,860.00 - $4890.00 in rebates and preferred customer discount

    Out the door, 21,500.00

    Is this a good price?
  • Pulled the trigger.

    2007 Nissan Xterra S 2WD White New
    Final Price was $20,995.00 OTD

    Options included
    (F95) Adjustable Cargo Organizer

    (F96) Retractable Cargo Cover

    (L92) Carpeted Floor Mats

    (L92) Carpeted Floor Mats (Fleet)

    (M10) In-Cabin Microfilter

    (U01) Utility Package
  • That sounds great, where in the US are you, could post your break down and experience
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Congrats rmactahoe! One quick question though...

    Is your OTD price including Tax, Title, & License? (TTL)?

    I'm about to get one as is where I'm at right now:

    2007 Nissan Xterra S 2WD (A/T) (Night Armor) New

    (M10) In-cabin Microfilter
    (U01) Utility Package
    (L92) Carpeted Floor Mats
    (N93) Auto Dimming EC Mirror w/Compass
    (W94) Tow Package

    Right now, I'm at $20360 + TTL (no other fees) with a dealer here in SoCal. Tentatively scheduled to do the deal either on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. However, I'm waiting on my Turbo Check / Financing to be delivered by DHL (probably tomorrow).

    The $2750 rebate that was supposed to expire on 10/31...has anyone heard if it has been extended or possibly increased? I can't imagine it going away or I'm hoping for increased :)

    However, it's not showing up anymore here on maybe it's gone. My dealer will probably pull the offer on me today...if he does that, I'll just wait for the next rebate...hopefully it will still be a go. Was supposed to purchase last night, but my lender sent me the wrong turbo check yesterday, so I'm having to wait for a new one. Arrrr!
  • Purchase was made from Bankston Nissan in Lewisville, TX

    Yes, my above price was OTD including TTL and all the other small fees etc.
  • webbewebbe Posts: 15
    :confuse: Hello,
    I was wondering if someone could tell me about the rebate Nissan is offering on
    the Xterra X. I am thinking of buying and have been quoted $22,500 , the MSRP
    is $24,900. What I am wanting to know is about the $2000 cash back, to get
    this does it have to be financed through Nissan? I am already approved through
    my Credit Union at a low rate and wanted to stay with that.
    One place I read implies that you do and the other doesn't-go through there
    dealer. Does anyone know? Does the $22,500 sound right-I am in Lou, Ky.
    Another question-Is the gas millage that noticeable?
  • I just came from the dealer: 2007 = $2750 and the 08 = $2500 this isn't based on financing

    I haven't been able to verify this yet.

    Has anyone tried Carsdirect? they seem to have the best prices.
  • wow!! that is a great price ofr an OR MT. WOW again!!!

    I bought an 05 SE black for 25.3k, before TTL.

    I crashed head first two months ago and looking to sell it or trade it in cuz i know front end collisions are the worst thing to happen to SUVs one uses for off road terrain.
  • vex321vex321 Posts: 16

    Im currently looking to trade/sell my vehicle and I was wondering what kind of offer I can get for my car

    Its a 2001 xterra XE with 4 wheel drive ( YELLOW which is the best colour for xterra lol )

    Has all the options that XE can be had from the factory as well as front and rear guard which costed around 2 grand from dealer.
    It currently has 73000 miles on it.
    There are some problems on the car.
    The driver side seat does not move back and forth ( I think I have a coin stuck on the rail ) and the heater/ac does not work from gauges 1-3 but does work as normal on the 4th dial.
    So my only choice is either freezing my [non-permissible content removed] off or sweat like nutz lol ( has anyone encountered this problem by any chance? if so what did it cost to fix? )
    Other than that the car has the normal wear and tear that a car of 6 year should have , nothing major.

    I got KBB TRADE IN value of 6000 on fair ( 8000 for excellent and about 7000 for good but I thought my car was just fair )

    Do you think its reasonable for me to get 6 grand on a dealer trade in?
    Im really not looking to do a private trade since its a lot more hassle than trading it in for a new vehicle

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    For an expert opinion on the trade-in value of your car, try posting here:

    Real-World Trade-In Values


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Before I share the details of my acquisition, I would like to thank Edmunds for making this Forum available. The voluminous data available plus the real-world experience of fellow owners and enthusiasts makes the decision making process far more pleasant, rewarding, and cost-effective. We bought our '04 BMW 325iT Sportwagon via European Delivery after extensive Edmunds research and have had over 4 years of sheer driving delight, reliability, and economy.

    We ordered the '08 Xterra OR with automatic, despite having a combined 75 years of having driven manual transmissions. Again thanks to Edmunds Forum, owner's problems with the Xterra clutch dissuaded us from the 6-speed. We used the Costco Buying Plan through Shasta Nissan here in Redding, California, and were very pleased with their friendliness, professionalism, and honesty.

    We ordered Tech Package, Supplemental Airbags, Tow Package, Auto Dimming Mirror, Protection Package, Adjustable Cargo Organizer, Floor Mats, Retractable Cargo Cover. Also ordered Desert Stone with charcoal interior.

    Total, including factory incentive was $27,503.33. Given that Edmunds TMV is $29,160, we are quite satisfied to have received precisely what we wanted in the vehicle at a very fair price.

    Took delivery last Thursday evening, and after a weekend trip to the coast, have over 600 miles on it. The Xterra is even better than anticipated, and since I can't pry it out of my wife's hands now, perhaps I'll finally get to drive the BMW (Sport Package, manual).

    I can't imagine buying off the lot when ordering the BMW and Xterra exactly as desired has been so easy, thanks to Edmunds data. We keep cars for a long time, and it pays to get what you want.

    Happy shopping,
  • I too am interested in purchasing an 08 Off Road, AT, through the Costco program. They said 500 over invoice minus factory incentives which are $1500 right now. Sound the same? How much negotiation room is left?

    Looking at an Xterra Off Road with tech. package and will have to add tow package.

    What kind of price should I be shooting for?

  • Well I guess I answered my own question.

    We came home with an Avalanch Off Road, AT with tech, tow, auto mirror and protection. MSRP was 30,380 and sticker was 31,875. Invoice was 28,800 with 500 over for Costco was 29,300 minus the 2500 rebate put it at 26,800 before TTL.

    We also had to add side steps for my wife which were not cheap that took us back up to 27,800.

    It was great they didn't have an OR with Tow but one rolled up while we were there. We snagged it right off the carhauler...only 9 miles! We knew it was our car!

    Overall it was easy and we were pleased with the expwerience and happy with our purchase.
  • skin1skin1 Posts: 1
    Yesterday I bought a 2008 xterra in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I wanted to share my experience to anyone looking at buying. I went through edmunds for research and came across a get dealer quotes page. I entered my information on location and how far I wanted to go for quotes. Within minutes I had dealers sending emails and calling to verify info. The internet pricing system was extremely satisfying and comfortable to use. I sent out the price I was looking for and some sent their offer in an email and some sent their offer by calling on the phone. I visited some dealers before I started the internet process and the best price I could get was 23500 out the door price everything included for a 2008 xterra x base with no extra's MSRP 24840. I was asking 21000 out the door through the internet unfortunately the very best I could do was 21963 out the door price everything included. This price was actually the first email sent by Bowser in pittsburgh. I went in to the dealer and asked for the internet sales and they pulled up my email and we walked away with the deal. I felt the price was very fair. Not many dealers would even come close. The internet is the way to go if you are comfortable with computers. I had 10 dealers working for my price. I did have to counter a few times to get the price. I have gone on enough. In closing this was the best car buying experience I have had!!!!
  • Bought a new 08 Xterra SE just before Christmas.There was a $2500 rebate and 1.9%....You can't get both. Got the 1.9% and they knocked off $2500 from sticker.
    Guess i got both.
  • I just bought a new 08 Xterra S w/ tow package and a few other options. Sticker price was $27,255. With $2500 factory rebate & $500 college grad rebate our final price was $21,945. That would be an AMAZING deal; however, i only got $11,300 for my trade in 06 Honda Civic Coupe LX. That is low kbb. With the condition of the car, i imagine i could have sold it privately for about $2000 more. We did get a tax savings of approx. $1000 for the trade in though. Overall, i consider my negotiated price to be $22,945 (negotiated price + trade in loss). With that all said and done, we had $780 above my civic payoff for a down payment and our total out the door price with TTL was $22,880. It was a great buying experience and we are stoked!!
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