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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • dsrtrat2dsrtrat2 Posts: 223
    New '09 off-road Xterras were quoted to me at 2000 under invoice, plus any and all stuff they can get you to accept like security, blings, etc. The $2,000.00 is Nissan's cash back deal.
  • grusongruson Posts: 17
    Hey all,

    I might be interested in an Xterra too, can someone help me out?

    Exterior Black with black or sandstone leather
    X-Gear and Technology Package
    Anything else is not needed but I don't mind having extras

    Please let me know what I can expect to pay for this. Suggested Retail is $30,120 for the above but I know I can get it for a lot less. What is invoice for this one?

    Would pay cash so do not need financing info.

    Thanks and feel free to PM me.
  • pondviewpondview Posts: 22
    you should be able to get invoice of 26,355..this is with $2,000 rebate.
  • grusongruson Posts: 17
    It looks like invoice for SE, 4x4, Tech and XGear package is $28,400 invoice, before $2000 rebate. So yes, $26,355.

    That still seems really high and only about $4k off since list is around $30k.

    I read people were getting $10k off last year....

    Anyone get something similar on 2009s yet? There has to be other incentives...Nissan reported sales were down 33% in May 2009.

    I would probably pull the trigger if I can get it closer to $21k....that would be about 33% off.

    Remember, you can now write-off the taxes too!
  • pondviewpondview Posts: 22
    Only incentive I am aware of is the $2k..invoice is invoice...dealers aren't going to give them away.

    I never look at it as how much off from MSRP..that is's how much above or below invoice that matters.
  • grusongruson Posts: 17
    Actually, invoice is not the actual amount they pay. You are nuts if you believe that.

    I know a manager at a Honda dealership. Their actual cost is way below what they show you on invoice pricing.
  • chukar1chukar1 Posts: 7
    Bought our xterra (off road) 2009 at the end of march for invoice (consumer's report invoice matched) then the $2000 rebate. Don't forget you get taxed on the $2000, whatever your sales tax is. We had a tough time finding the Off road model and I called dealers from Colorado, UT, MT and OR and finally found one within 200 miles of our home. We LOVE IT. The Nissan dealer we went thru (internet thru edmunds) was a breeze to deal with. My husband said when he picked it up it was 20 mins tops of paperwork and all the numbers matched what we had agreed up. Good luck.
  • pondviewpondview Posts: 22
    of course there is a holdback..but it's not thousands of dollars...
  • ~~ Chukar,

    Regarding the tax on vehicles... I think (and someone can correct me) that Oregon has no sales tax... Or at least that was the case last time I bought a vehicle there.

    I live in Anchorage, and there are no sales -or- income taxes here..

    I'm glad you like your xterra! ~~ I just looked at one a couple of days ago and am still debating whether it's time to say farewell to my Landcrusier for something else..

    This is a great forum.. but kind of slow.. :(
  • mlangen1mlangen1 Posts: 1
    Desert Stone
    Black Graphite Leather
    Teck Package
    Tow Package

    Dealer is getting it from another dealer so added around $300 which I am cool with.
    Washington State
  • s60leasers60leaser Posts: 53
    So Car_Man
    We meet again! Price on a 2009 XTerra,4x4,AT,X
    Invoice $24,729(incl.floor mats which I dont want and $800 Dest.)
    Costco Disc.$300(comes out of the $477 holdback-guess they keep the rest)
    PLUS (This is what kills me)
    $299 Conveyance fee("all CT dealers")
    $289 Vin Etching
    $129 plates/reg
    Sales Tax6%
    less $2,000 rebate cash
    OTD $24,688.02
    Dealer wont budge on VIN etching or conveyance fee
    What do you think? I feel like a car broker at this point. Too many kids I guess.
  • Walk
    What a joke when they push crap like etching on peeps.
    What's next, rustproofing?
  • buyxterrabuyxterra Posts: 1
    I was offered 27,450 out door price for Xterra 09 offroad. This price includes everything. Is this a good deal or should I wait till september or october. I was told that will be a good time within the year to get a truck normally.
  • hi,

    I just purchased a 2005 the etching have to do with the car windows? I though it sounded weird? would u give me your insight on that?
  • Is this a good deal or not? 2009 Nissan Xterra S Model, 4 x 2, X Gear Package, Technology Package for $371 a month over 72 months (with $2000 down). Tax and all fees included. Thanks!
  • grusongruson Posts: 17
    I have seen 2009 ORs for $26k so the deal is not that good.

    Now, the big question: Does anyone know or can anyone get us the September incentives on 2009s? It just has to be more than $2k I would think....

  • I have been shopping via e-mail quotes from various dealers throughout my state for the past few days for a 2010 Xterra SE 4X4 with the Nevada Tow Package and iPod interface as the only added options. I have received multiple quotes as expected that span a difference of about $1200. The best deal that I have found was located 90 miles away and is broken down below:

    Invoice: $29,981
    Quote: $27,988

    So essentially this would be $1,993 below invoice including the $1500 rebate for September. Do you think that I should jump on this? I was told that this quoted price is everything excluding the taxes. No additional fees. Please let me know what you think.

  • hawi7hawi7 Posts: 12
    29k seems high to pay for an Xterra SE. Espeically in this economy. 25, 26 is reasonable.
  • Price paid would be $27,988 plus TTL. Any suggestion on how to get them lower? That was the best quote that I received with others as high as $29,357 plus TTL. This is a 4X4 keep in mind
  • Not sure how the last poster thinks 4-5 thousand under the invoice is "reasonable?" I really would like to know where they've EVER seen an Xterra being sold for 4-5k under invoice brand new, under MSRP, maybe, but not invoice? If the invoice on your Xterra was 29,9xx and the dealer's offer was 27,988 which is invoice minus 1,500 rebate + whatever holdback they are offering then THAT is reasonable. Not really sure how you get that lower unless you have a car to trade in that's been paid off. If that's the car you want, and you are comfortable with the price, then that's all that matters. haggling over 100 or 200 dollars is not worth the stress and aggrevation, this dealership looks to be dealing in good faith, while the others are not. Good luck!
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