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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • bob382bob382 Posts: 2
    Congratulation! Really good price. Would you mind telling me where the dealer is? Thank you very much.
  • hawi7hawi7 Posts: 12
    Well done, is your X a 4 wheel drive version or 2?
  • This dealer is in Avondale Arizona - Avondale Nissan
  • This is Nissan Xterra 2010 SE 2WD
  • bob382bob382 Posts: 2
    Great! Thank you for sharing the info.
  • 2010 SE 4x4 My area they are knocking almost $4700.00 off sticker.Swapped my 08 on a 10.
  • hey shortbread, would you mind sharing your excel doc? i'm just starting out and it'd be great to get a head start
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    I just got a 2010 Xterra 4WD S w/mats, Auto. Price was $24000 out the door. Included a $3500 trade of an '01 Maxima 20th Ann. with 101000 miles and lots of noises. Lets just say it was in what I would call rough shape.
    btw, around here, out the door means everything including taxes.
    I love the truck. Can't wait for some snow! ;)
  • Hi, Guys. After coming up to Tampa from the Keys to visit with me, my dad purchased a 2011 Nissan Xterra Pro-4X in the red brick color with gray leather. It's an automatic with the Nevada Tow Package, retractable cargo cover and the Pro-4X mats. MSRP was $32,575, and he got it for $28,078. I do have a question I'd like to know if anyone knows the answer to. I was watching the enclosed DVD that Nissan gives you to get to know the vehicle, and there was a section that mentioned that the trip meter had the distance to empty, miles per gallon average and so on. But my Dad's Xterra doesn't have this, only the Trip A and Trip B readout. So I'm wondering what year did Nissan delete this on the Xterras since obviously it was still on the DVD???
  • Hey chasboy - looks like a good deal. Ready to buy one myself by Nov 30 to take advantage of extra $500 "holiday cash". Lookin' at a 2010 "S" model 4x4 with automatic, floor mats, prot. pkg B. They're ready to sell for $25,954 out the door (includes 6.5% tax, dealer fee, no trade, etc.)...sound reasonable?
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Without consulting a spreadsheet that seems good Dallas. I figure the list price is about 28-29K, figure the tax is about 1700, so you got about 4G's off the price. did you get the $2250 rebate?? I assume the $500 is a new bonus?
  • exoman1exoman1 Posts: 12

    It seems nobody has posted here in quite some time, so I'm hoping to re-start the conversation. I have an 02' Xterra and looking to buy a 2013. There is a HUGE amount of inventory, yet dealers seem slow to discount the 2013's, given they've already had a year of depreciation. Is the Xterra getting a little long in the tooth? Yes, I think it is but it's a good utilitarian vehicle. I'd like to buy an S level 4x4 but think the right price is in the range of $22K. When can we expect Nissan to recognize dealers need more help to sell the remaining 2013 inventory?

  • exoman1exoman1 Posts: 12

    Anyone else buying Xterra's these days wish to share the deal you've made? I had feedback from one dealer who agrees with me that Nissan is slow to give incentives to move their 2013 inventory. Best case for me would be nobody IS buying the Xterra's at the moment which MAY get Nissan's attention;) Funny that I just went to the Milwaukee car show this weekend and they didn't even bother to show the Xterra... I let the Nissan folks on hand know my disappointment.

  • jdevensjdevens Posts: 3

    Apparently it's just you and me, dude! You would think these things are GOLD. Little to nothing from Nissan to move the 2013 models, no ads, almost no mention on any dealer site- it's odd, and there are lots of 2013's out there. In 4 years that 2013 Xterra will look like a model T so I'm not paying too much. I cross-shopped the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport w/ the 2.0 Turbo and the Toyota Highlander. The Highlander was $5000 off with ZERO % financing for 60 mos and the Santa Fe was $6200 off (both 2013 models). I preferred the Xterra for personal reasons: deep snow, true 4wd (not AWD), full frame, I haul a trailer, etc but Nissan needs to get competitive. I just started seeing $4000 off 2013 models a few days ago and that may get me where I need to be if the S is 28,xxx and I can get to 24,xxx...... but 22,xxx sounds better. Where are you, exoman1 ?

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