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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • Pricing is net of rebates - November is just around the corner; rebates could increase. More than one dealer told me that Nissan is not trying to push 2006 onto dealers; they will start selling 2006 to any dealers who have cleared (or just about cleared) 2005s. My problem is that I have a 1999.5 Pathfinder to sell before I can take advantage of any deal on the Xterra; dealers can't afford to drop draw on prices and then offer hefty trade in prices. Oh well.
  • crbcrb Posts: 10
    Hi fcollins,

    So far, the deal is the same. However, I have actually shopped this around to two other dealerships looking for a possibly lower offer, and I was told that the offer I have is "unrealistic." They said that they could NOT match the offer, but that there has to be a catch with the offer because they would have to lose about $800 in order to sell the car at that price.

    So, I am going back to the dealership tonight to do a final check and chat with the salesman. If everything is on the up and up, I think I will take the car. I already have a loan from my bank approved at 6.52% interest (which is decent I think), so it's not as if they will be able to recover any money by screwing around with the financing numbers.

    I'll let you know what happens! :)
  • We have been trying to buy an 06 S type Xterra but can't find anyone to work with us anywhere close to what we are reading here. We have an '01 gold Pathfinder LE leather loaded, new tires, under 50000 miles and no one wants to give anything for it. We are trying to get the Xterra for about a $5000 trade that expecting too much?
  • crbcrb Posts: 10
    Have you thought about looking at an '05? There are thousands of them left, and you can probably get a great deal on one. They are basically the same as the '06.
  • crbcrb Posts: 10
    Just to update my earlier posts:

    Here is the final offer I came away with for a Black 2005 X Terra.

    Trim: S
    Trans: 4x4
    - Power Package
    - Utility Package (includes VDC, Step rails, first aid kit)
    - Protection package (includes rubber mats, emergency road kit, and wheel locks)
    - Splash Guards
    - floor mats
    - auto-dimming mirror w/compass
    - in cabin microfilter
    - body side moldings

    Final offer was $22, 475. I took the deal (since I wanted the stability control and step rails), and picked up the car this afternoon. I also got $2000 for my trade in, which was a 2001 Saturn w/150K miles.
  • tom827tom827 Posts: 1
    I think you made a great deal for $22,475. What dealership?
  • crbcrb Posts: 10
    It was a dealership in Northern New Jersey, called Lynnes Subaru-Nissan. I actually shopped this deal to a few other local dealerships, and no one would match. One salesman went so far as to say it was "unrealistic" and that there had to be some hidden fees.

    Originally, the price quoted was $21,975 on a model without the utility package, but with some add-on marble trim package (which I didn't really like at all). So, I was able to get one with all the other options I wanted, but without the marble trim, for $500 more.

    I think if maybe I'd waited until November, I could have gotten a better deal via manufacturer incentives. However, the dealership only had two models I wanted with all the options and in my preferred colors (black and night armor), and there was another guy that purchased the night armor one while I was there. They were just bringing it in to prep when I left the dealership! :)
  • Was able to get a 2005 4 X 4 with extras (MSRP $28,800) for $24,495 and a trade on my 1999.5 Pathfinder SE (with 98K miles) of $7,500 for a net of just over $17,000. Would have liked more for my Pathfinder but KBB trade in was $6400, and since no one was pounding down my doors for the Pathfinder, I thought it was the best I'd be able to do.
  • I've been researching the 2005 SE and am quickly becoming a fan. I see from the forum that people were getting $1000 to $1500 manufacturers rebates. Does anyone know if those are still available in November or if they might have gone up since the 2006's are here?
  • Just bought a new 2005 XTerra SE 4x2 yesterday. Granite color.

    MSRP $25,300
    Splash Guards
    Body side molding
    cargo cover
    in-cabin microfilter
    Total $26,310

    - Discount of $3,310 to make it $23,000 and then $2,000 rebate to make it $21,000 before TTL
    - Add TTL for a total of $23,143 out the door.

    Sounded like a really good deal to me.
  • Just test drove a 4WD S model with the power, utility, and protection packages, (white exterior & desert/graphite interior). The vehicle also has splash guards, body side molding, and floor mats, but they may be part of the protection package - not sure right now.

    MSRP $26,450, Invoice $24,782, Out the door (tags, taxes, title, destination, and processing fees) price offered to me after a few rounds of negotations: $23,400

    I think I am going to jump on the deal, but....I kind of want the upgraded stereo and the foglights that come standard with the SE. Problem is, they don't have a white 4x4 SE and I really like the wheels on the S model better than those on the SE. Also, I'm much too impatient to wait for them to locate one and I really don't want to get hit with the dealer transfer fee that always comes up when one dealer locates/transfers a vehicle.

    So....take the deal on the S model or hold out for the SE?

    Any info/advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I just signed a contract...

    MSRP $27,980 (icl. destination fee $580)
    invoice price : around $26,000 (icl. destination fee $580)
    discount $2,980
    rebate $2,000
    selling price $23,000
    out the door price (car price + sales tax + new plate + reg + sticker(state inspection) + doc fee) : $24,433

    I live at Cambridge, MA and the dealership was Marlboro Nissan in MA.
    I should go again to pick up the car on Wed.
  • bkjsxbkjsx Posts: 3
    Good to know that the extended warranty is a real deal! Thanks for posting it. I just got a 2005 SE 4x4 10/22 from cars direct as well. Got $3616 off sticker with the then $1500 rebate included. Total cost = $25,784 (MSRP=29,400) and $28,469 out the door. (SF area) Included dual air bags, molding, tow pkg., carpeted mats and splash guards. I noticed a lot of the Nissan accessories available online for cheaper and have ordered a few of them seperately. You can put your own microfilter in! Check your car but the filter needed only to be ordered and put into your glovebox (see manual). :)
  • bkjsxbkjsx Posts: 3
    Since the 10/31 rebates for $1500 has expired, it looks like the current rebate is at $2,000. And the only difference that I know of between the 06 and 05 is a locking glovebox with a light? I think all else might be almost the same. :)
  • magnificent,

    Where in Central Jersey??? Was it DCH Nissan?
  • bkjsxbkjsx Posts: 3
    Check out, its where I saw the rebate info. for my region. (N. CA) I think they may have added a lock to the roof latch and maybe armrests in the front row for the 06s. Good luck!
  • DFW area:

    Power & Utility Pkgs
    Body Side Moldings
    Splash Grds
    Autodim Comp
    Cargo Cover & Org
    Protection Pkg
    Floor Mats

    MSRP: 24,800

    Their first offer was 22,500, our counter was 19,500. They came back with 20,890, we balked, they came back with 20,440, we accepted. Bought the xtended warranty.
  • That is a good deal. Which dealer in DFW did you go?
  • Don Davis Nissan in Arlington
  • I just bought a 2003 XTerra XE, power windows and locks with 25,700 miles for $16,500. It was about $1200 less than the KBB rating. I feel I got a good eal but then later on I was looking in at the dealer's web site and the car I bought was still isted as an "internet" price of about 1 grand less. I wonder if the internet price was a ploy to get people to come in, because none of the other dealers had prices that good.
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