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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • newronewro Posts: 19
    I recently looked the XTerra and thought it was ok. Was interested in a lease and the truck priced out to app. $27K. The lease came back at like $460/month. I couldnt stop laughing. It was actually cheaper to lease a loaded Pathfinder, which I have zero interest in. $460 a month and I can lease a BMW. Nissan has their heads firmly up their ---.
  • What do you guys think of thise deal:

    Slightly Used 2005 Nissan Xterra SE 4x4 with approx 7,000 miles with the following option amenities:

    -Nevada Towing Package ($440)
    -Splash Guards ($110)
    -In cabin Micro Filter ($60)
    -Body Side Moldings ($110)
    -Carpeted Floor Mats ($110)
    -Auto dimming rearview mirror with compass ($230)

    The body of the vehicle and interior is in pristine condition.

    Asking $23,900... too high or a good deal?
  • Hello - I am wondering if someone can help me I talked to a dealership and started the negotiations on a SILVER SE 05 Automatic for 21.5 his response "Infortunately, I don't see a way to get an additional $1,700~$1,800 off this truck In the SE, I may still have a white model available that would run $22,684 OTD"

    Do you think this is a good price? Or do you think I could get it down to 22.500
  • I'm thinking of getting my vehicle on the 31th do you think it would be better to wait till after the new year?
  • just bought 05 xterra s,night armo 4x2 with power, utility package and some small addons. OTD is 21300.
  • tampatampa Posts: 12
    You didn't mention options, though the 2005SE is pretty well equiped, and I think you get more for your money with the SE. I bought the same X you are looking at so I will assume it is the same model since MSRP doesn't change:
    (When you say OTD, everyone's TTL are different and I didn't need a new tag, so OTD is relative).
    My MSRP was $26,630. My cost was $22.1K. (Walk out price (with a $1500 REBATE) $22.7k though irrevelent :P ). On a side note, I dealt with a sales manager via telephone that I never met and my wife took him a $22.7k check and drove home a 2005SE with 15 miles. I bought mid October and drove 80 miles to the dealership.
    If we are talking the same vehicle you should do better by $500 since the rebates have improved.
    My advice is to call every sales manager and make a specific offer (say $21.6k) on a specific vehicle (say one that lists for $26,630).
    good luck to ya'.......... tampa
  • Thank you for replying I will do that and let you know I will be going tomorrow- my concern is I went to the lot earlier today to get an idea of how many 05 Xterra models they have and there was just a handful left and only on SE model I wanted.
  • Any idea what incentives they will offer if any on 05' XTERRA now? I am still looking for one and decided to wait and take the chance that it would get better, after the 3rd? I am in TEXAS but have talked to dealers in Ohio and TN (to name a few). I will fly in to get it or have it shipped. Anyone know of dealers with inventory left and making killer deals? Thanks
  • I am in the same boat I'm in Austin and ive been contacting dealerships all over from San Antonio to Dallas and the ones they have all have over 3000 miles for an 05.
  • The dealership has a 2005 178 miles S model with power package and utility package OTD price (TTL included) 22,016
    Is this a good deal
  • upadate the OTD door was 22,116 is this a good deal or do you think the dealership will go lower.
  • I just signed my life away to the dealership !!!
    OTD 22116. for the 2005 S 4x 2 with Utility Package- Power Package -cargo net.. I'm loving it....
  • mgoosemgoose Posts: 11
    New rebates for January remain the same for 2005 Xterra at $2,000. Also a $500.00 rebate on the 06's has been initiated. Mgoose:
  • I just purchased a 05 Xterra SE 4X4 with the following options:
    Splash Guards
    Nevada Tow Package
    Carpeted Floor Mats
    Dimming Mirror w/ Compass
    Incabin Microfilter
    Body Side Moldings

    The vehicle is new but has 500 miles on it.

    I paid $24,351 + ttl

    I'm thinking this is a pretty good deal. Does anyone agree or disagree?


  • Seems like a pretty fair deal to me. I'm shopping for a Xterra at the moment. Interested in a similarly equipped vehicle. From a spreadsheet I found on another website. The site acknowledges 3% to 5% as reasonable dealer profit. The dealer probably made less than 3 (~2.8%) on your purchase.

    Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  • Since I used this forum to search for prices when I was looking for my Xterra, I figure it's only right to contribute.

    Just signed my papers tonight.

    2005 OFF ROAD 4X4
    Knight Armor
    Floor Mats
    Auto Dimming mirror
    Splash guard
    Nevada Tow package
    In cabin Microfilter
    MSRP: $28,280
    Nissan Discount: $2,000
    Dealer Discount: $2,275
    Last Sec Neg: $200
    Total Discounts: $4,475

    Final OTD Price: $23,805

    Invoice price was $26,304 which is 9.5% below dealer invoice. WIth the MSRP of $28,280, I got it for 15.8% below MSRP. And to think they are still making money!

    I always walk away from major purchases feeling that maybe I could have found it cheaper if I searched just a little harder. This time, I'm felling pretty good.

    If anyone in Souther Cali is interested, check out Mossy. They also have a BLK 4x4 SE with almost everything for $24,995, down from the MSRP of $29,430 which is the biggest of all their discounts.
  • Kevin,

    Sorry for the late reply, it's been kind of crazy with the holidays and all. My SE is an auto and the 23500 price is out the door.

  • mjcekmjcek Posts: 1
    Im a first time buyer and I'm looking at a 2006 SE with options of autodimming mirror/compass and body side molding.

    Sticker price is approx $29,000...

    How much should I be able to get below that sticker price??? (Not including the $500 cash back)

  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    do your self a favor and join, purchase the new car buying kit... you will get a true idea of what it cost the dealer to get that model on their lot and what accessory packages come with that vehicle. the se model is loaded with everything so you will not need to tell them you want this and that - simply you want the se 4x4. you will have a true price to work with. I recommend going through any internet department and getting a quote if they are giving you a price that puts more then 1,500 in their pocket , call another dealer.. good luck
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    oopps..........mossy nissan the dealership in california. they still have some 05 se 4x4 you should be able to get those at a better price then 06. good luck
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