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Pontiac G6 Coupe



  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    Good to hear you are happy with your purchase.

    Three questions:

    What options did you go with?

    Was the dealer dealing or taking a hard line on price?

    Were there any GTPs on the lot? (I've seen a few GTs, no GTPs yet).

    Nice to hear the G6 Coupe is mixing things in the segment up a bit.
  • My G6 does not have two tone so I purchased a black carbon fiber dash kit from and it looks great
  • We have had many come through our lot in Davison, Michigan. They are awesome cars. With the plant only about 30 miles away, we get a lot of workers coming in here that have information on the convertibles. They keep the rebates on the cheaper 4 and 6 cyl's. The lease rates are still somewhat high, but the car looks and drives awesome, especially with the slap shift. The adjustable foot pedals is also a great touch.

    Thats my input, if you are interested, you must drive one for sure.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    Thank you.

    I am and I plan to.

    Day after Thanksgiving when everyone else is flocking to the mall, I will be at the local Pontiac dealer.

    (Who, as it happens, has a Saab dealership under the same roof. I hope to check out the Combi at the same time)
  • Ohh yeah...very happy!!!!!!!!

    I went with the basic options to keep my payment under 600. My payment is high because I am a first time buyer with a not so good interest rate. But.....I really feel like the car is nice enough that it is still way cool without leather and the 6-CD changer. I hook my IPOD into it anyway so the 6-CD changer was easy to go without. However I do regret not having the sunroof since I live in the nicest part of California just outside Beverly Hills off of the sunset strip. Great weather for sunroofs. Oh..well. It has a V6 engine...AC...17" Wheels...elect windows....elect seat height adjust...traction control is awesome (tested it out on wet roads recently)...the interior looks nice with chrome touches even on the basic control on my steering wheel buttons....can't think of anything else right now. Things I do miss out on are the upgraded stereo controls on the right side of the steering wheel. But I am sooooo happy!

    Yes there were GTP models on the lot....WOW! they are awesome with on star and satellit radio. However in my opinion, the wheels on the GTP are too fancy looking for the hot sporty look of the car (they don't match). The brushed aluminum on the GT's looks way better...more racer and infiniti like.... and less luxury car like.

    I received a great deal with no hassle. I was the first guy to buy one at the local dealer. It's been a month now. I talk to my dealer still and he says they may have only sold one since then. The commercials just started airing so maybe that will change and they won't bve so negotiable. Until now I think most people only thought about the Solstice. But the G6 Coupe just kinda snuck out from behind all the solstice hype.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    Oh man. Those first time new car buyers' credit ratings. I bought my first car 14 years ago (Saturn SL2, my niece is still driving it). They really nailed me on the rate.

    This is your big chance though. You played it right keeping the price workable. Make the payments, maybe even pay it off early, and you are on your way to a higher rating and lower interest rates in the future.

    I like the engine and six speed in the GTP. I agree with you on the wheels and the base stereo. Now that I have an I-Pod, I would just as soon leave my CDs at home.

    My last car was a convertible, so I would probably want a sun roof. I could live without one.

    A good friend of mine from college, his wife (and two kids now!), live near Willoughby and Fairfax in West Hollywood. I've been out there to visit a few times. I know exactly what you mean when you say it is the nicest part of California. West LA is a great place to live.
  • Yeah Fairfax right near off Sunset near Beverly Hills...just down the street......I would definitely get sunroof if I could. Also, yeah I am going to continue always making payments on time and even pay off early, Next time I want to get leather. My workout partner loved my car so much when I bought he's buying one too.
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    I saw a new G6 Coupe yesterday and I thought it looked a lot better than the Grand-Am coupes of recent years. Much better fit and finish.
  • Yeah, personally i never liked the GA or GP coups. I liked then that they were there, but they looked too much like a sedan with its errr you know what chopped off and doors lengthenned. (I think the same for mercedes coupes.)

    This one looks like a real coupe!
  • "I hook my IPOD into it anyway so the 6-CD changer was easy to go without.

    Congrats on your G6...Just curious how you hook up your iPod. I've got a Malibu Maxx with basically the same radio, and it doesn't have an aux input. Are you using one of those gadgets that transmits on some FM channel? If so, are you happy with the sound, or is there significant degradation? Finally, is the gadget iPod specific, or can you hook up any "head phone out" or "line out" to it? Thanks...
  • I love it! :D it handles great, has wonderful power, and nice luxury for the class that it's in. I looked at some of everything out there before I bought it and it by far was the hands down winner. I really do sometimes wish my drive to work was a little further :) I was able to negotiate a great price. You can guarantee get the processing fees and doc fees deducted from the price of the car and other options that you don't want, or if they don't want to take some options off, tell them you'll pay just the invoice price for the option. Do your research, stay confident, and firm and I promise you'll get the price to what you want. If all else fails just walk out of the dealership and it's guaranteed that they will accept your offer or will be calling you back soon. ;) And for all the woman out there, don't be intimidated by the salesman and managers. Even with two managers hassling me and telling me what they COULD'T do, I still come out with the deal I wanted by just staying firm and knowing a few tricks to the game.
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    All G6s have hydroformed steel lower engine cradles.

    pic one

    pic two

    pic three
  • Hey, Glad you got a great deal!

    Tell ua what some of the tricks you used are?

    I know this is not a forum for prices paid and all that, so meybe you can tell us something else, any problems so far?

    One of the things that (in my opinnion) hinder people purchasing this car is fuel economy, particularly the city fuel economy. What do you guys think, would it be ok fo the G6 to get 20mpg city if you loose a half second in acceleration?

    GM should probably change the gearing. Another was to get this fuel economy up would be to lighten the car up a bit. If it was 200 lbs lighter the fuel economy hsould also go up.

    I see the same thing with the G6 and Cobalt, when you look at it from the side, it looks a bit front heavy (i mean the coupe) because of the front overhang. What do you guys think?
  • Hello there,
    I just purchased the G6 coupe in black as well. After just about a week, and one car wash (by hand), I noticed a tremendous amount of surface scratching/swirls on it. I'm wondering if you've had any problems along those lines? The car is actually back at the dealership, as they recommended putting some type of protective polyutherane varnish over it to further protect from sensitive scratching. Would love to hear how your finish is doing now that you've had it for a few months...
    Thanks so much!
  • I recently bought a G6 Coupe in Electric Blue (bright blue)which had this same problem right off the dealer's lot... very fine swirl scratches in the paint surface. I attribute this problem to somebody along the way using a power rotary buffer to polish the car, and bearing down too hard on the surface... easy to do. Fortunately, I was able to remove most of the swirl scratches by hand using Meguiars Polymer Sealant (non abrasive). I made the mistake of buying this car at night and did not see the swirl scratches until later in the daylight. Never will make that mistake again.
  • Thats a nice color. How are you enjoying your car? The coups look pretty good, hell even the tailights are growing on me. The Pics GM released earlier sucked though.

    Did you get a GT or GTP. If you got a GT tell us how you like the sterring, meybe at 2006 GM fixed the small lockup problem.

    This car should get you plenty of looks, though :)

    Any Idea is the G6 will get a Nav system and the 6speed auto any time soon?
  • G6 improves compared with Grand Am: In contrast to the Pontiac G6's good performance in the frontal test, its predecessor Grand Am was rated poor. When the Institute tested a 1999 model, the driver's survival space wasn't maintained very well, the steering wheel moved up toward the driver, and a high head acceleration occurred when the dummy's head hit the pillar behind the driver seat. Intrusion also contributed to high forces on the dummy's right leg.

    "The performance of the G6 is dramatically better," Lund says. The structure was maintained very well, there was minimal intrusion into the occupant compartment, and most injury measures were low.

    This car is rated acceptable for side impact protection, but only when equipped with optional side curtain airbags designed to protect occupants' heads. All injury measures recorded on the driver dummy were low, but forces recorded on the rear passenger dummy indicated the possibility of rib fractures or internal organ injuries. Without side airbags, the G6 is rated poor in the side test. This car earns the second lowest rating of marginal for rear crash protection.

    here: s-video/
  • I just got a black gtp coupe 6-speed around christmas and i must say it is amazing. i test drove the accord v-6 coupe, the new civic si, a mustang gt, the new wrx, an acura rsx-s, and a couple other random cars/suv's. there was just something about the way the car felt that i really liked. also, the price was right. i got every single box checked except for the onstar for under 26K.

    i dont care what the magazines say about this manual tranny(nobody likes it thus far), i really like it. the shifter is large and a bit heavy feeling so it makes it seem like youre really driving a powerful car. not like the toy-feel of the accord and certainly the cheap feeling civic si.

    also, on the topic of gas mileage, i get BETTER than sticker! when i take it easy in-town i can squeeze 20 out of it, and on the freeway at 65 i get 31.5 sometimes over 32 if the a/c is off.

    all-in-all this car is very well built and feels very solid. i am extremely happy with my pick of this car and would recommend it to anyone! i get tons of looks and when i have my windows down i get random compliments at stoplights. its funny cause ive never really experienced that before. :)
  • about throttle response, is it too sensetive?

    PS why do you think so many ppl ignore this car? All the specs have it pretty good against its competitors.
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