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Pontiac G6 Coupe



  • Was wondering if anyone is having the same problem we are. The pan. sunroof on our 2007 g6 got stuck in position 3 and would not close, after several attemps it finally closed. Then a few days later the same thing happend and it wouldn't close at allWe took it to a gm cert. dealer and they had to call gm to find out what to do. GM told them to replace the motor for the sunroof. That seemed to fix the problem. A few days after getting it out of the shop it began to leak, we got that fixed. within a week of being in the shop the second time, I was driving down the road and the sunroof made a noise that made me think the glass had shattered, turns out the shade on the sunroof had broke. Again we put it in the shop. It was returned to us reinstalled wrong, the gm cert. mechanic told us they didn't have alot of training on those types of sunroofs, he actually had to find a car on the lot and take that sunroof apart to see how to fix ours. We now have a problem with wind noise and cracking sounds from the sunroof. It is now in the shop for the 3rd time to fix the sunroof, this after we got it out of the shop for an oil pan leak. The sunroof is driving me CRAZY! It appears to me that GM has no idea how to fix their own product, yet from what I have read, they have to be aware of the problems with these sunroofs. We had this car for a year before the problems started, thankfully we are still under warranty. We have contacted GM and are hoping they will let us out of this car and loan at no loss to us. If anyone has had this problems and know a solution, please help. We feel like we have paid all that extra money for an option on the car that is usless!
  • I have several of the same problems, My pan. sunroof got stuck open. I had to put it in the shop to get it fixed, GM told the dealer to replace the motor, then the shade that covers the sunroof broke, it is now in the shop for the 3rd time for sunroof problems. My g6 is a 2007 model was wondering what yours is. We have a popping sound all the time in the car that sounds like a car sounds when it is cooling off. We have contacted GM and are hopeful they will make it right. We had an envoy and traded it when the lease was up for the G6, BAD MISTAKE! We bought this car rather than doing a lease thinking in 5 years we'd have no more car payments for awhile, our warranty will soon be up on the car and we are worried on top of the car payment we will have regular maintainence bills on the sunroof. Have you found a solution?
  • lisa106lisa106 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any trouble with their electrical systems? My car is 4 years old and it has been a mess for quite some time. The first thing that went wrong was my door handle. I went to open the door and the handle just came off in my hand. I had the car about a year at that time. I took it to the dealer. They told me that wasn't covered under the warranty and then told me it would cost me $235.00 to fix. It's a door handle! $235.00 seriously!? Then my starter, alternator, AND ECM went out! That got me for about $1400.00! Can anybody say OUCH! And the the check engine light is STILL on for the ECM! Then my clutch actuator cylinder went out and they had to replace that as well as the clutch plate. And even though the part that was covered under the warranty caused the clutch plate to go out I still had to pay $225.00 for it. Now my temperature gauge and my air conditioner are out! I hate this car! I too called GMAC. They don't care. The dealerships do whatever they want and we are helpless against them. And if you complain they rip you off worse. After they kept my car a whole week without providing me with transportation (it cost me $300.00 to rent a car for the week) Finally I called and complained to the manager at the dealership. They gave me a car to drive but then promptly kept mine another whole week! I hate to admit it but I will not be buying American again. I will look into an import. I have always owned American, but the Americans who are running things are jacking me around so I won't go there again. When you pay that much money for something you expect it to work like they promised it would.
  • synigalsynigal Posts: 2
    due to many issues with the G6 I owned I recently got rid of it and traded it in on a 2011 Cruze. Love the car no issues so happy to be rid of the pontiac. good luck
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001

    I apologize for the problems you have are experiencing with your vehicle. Have you contacted GM Customer Assistance? Please keep me posted.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • ronp7ronp7 Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I also have a 2008 g6 coupe. It has only 12000 miles. I bought it in March 2011. Just 2 months into owning it the exterior driver side door handle just broke off. I went to dealer and they said it wasnt covered under warraty, but they fixed it for free anyways. Then just 4 days ago (less than 6 months owning and just 2 months after fixing) the same exterior handle broke off in my hand. The dealership ia fixing again for free, but now Im worried that I might have more serious issues ahead and if it breaks again they might not fix for free. I hate the feeling of not knowing.
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