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Mitsubishi 3000GT help



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  • jamj1234jamj1234 Posts: 24
    Sorry for the late reply, I have not visited for a while. Never figured out the problem. Replaced oriface valve, and o rings and no success. Still does the same thing.
  • jamj1234jamj1234 Posts: 24
    My gas gage and speedometer are not working on my 95' 3000gt. Tried replacing the gage cluster ( bought on e-bay). The speedo registers 20 mph at a stand still and the gas dial still is not working. Any ideas?

    The rest of the features on the cluster are working fine. (Rpm pointer, lights, directional s)

  • jamj1234jamj1234 Posts: 24
    I have put a second gauge cluster in my Mits 3000GT. At first the Speedo and Gas gage still did not work. Then suddenly the Speedo started working. Since then the gas gage started working but only read 3/4 full. The gas tank was just filled to the top. It then stopped working, went back to reading empty, and has again started working but only reading back up but to 3/4 of a tank
    Any suggestions?
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