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Mitsubishi 3000GT help



  • tru1tru1 Posts: 4
    hey guys. i have a 92 sl and i want to put a 99 vr4 spoiler on it. the thing is they cost close to a thousand bucks and i don't have that kind of money. i was wondering if the spoiler off of an lancer evo 8 would fit. i can get one of those for about $250.00 off ebay. they look about the same but i dont know if it would fit. can anyone help me out on this? thanx.
  • freenowfreenow Posts: 5
    Hello Aaron or Jeffrey,

    Aaron's post describes the situation with my 1992 3000GT SI exactly. Was running great, starting driving - and in a blink I'm getting no spark. Like someone cut off a light switch. Problem is intermittant. I have an excellent mechanic and he is crying aftre chasing this for 3 days without resolution.

    Did you resolve the problem and what was the fix?

    Thanks in advance.
    Ron Belliveau
  • Well i just got my 93 3000gt but its an automatic and as far as i know not twin turbo. Im not really that savvy with vehicles but i would like to know as much as possible about my own car. Im not sure if it has to have the Twin Turbo to be a vr4....i know it sounds dumb but im not sure and i dont want to be a total idiot.

    Im also not sure if i can buy performance mods. If i can are they different for the twin turbo and manual transmission versions?
    I reall really need help otherwise ill never know.
  • Does anyone know where I can get a set of headlights for a 1999 3000GT. My son bought one without the lights because someone stole them. We are in central Texas and having a hard time finding someone with replacement parts for this type of least in a reasonable price range. He located some that the guy wanted $1500 for, I just can't believe that it will cost that much to get the car right. Thanks for any help.
  • freenowfreenow Posts: 5

    I recently purchased one flip-up headlight for my 1992 3000GT for under $50, including shipping to my home, on eBay. A search for "3000GT headlight" turns up 53 results on eBay Motors for parts.

    If you are just looking for the lens/light, it should be fairly easy. If you need the unit that the light mounts into, it may take a while and you will want to save one or more searches so eBay will notify you when it is available.

    You might also want to consider obtaining a 3000GT manual on CD to help ID parts.

    And ( is a very helpful community that you may wnat to join.

    Good luck with your search.

  • jamj1234jamj1234 Posts: 24
    Help, My oil light sensor is on. (Looks like an oil can in the dash). Started coming on and off a few weeks ago and now is in all the time. Oil pressure gage is showing good pressure. I bought a new electrical oil sensing switch but can not find where it goes on the engine. Can someone direct me? Do you think I am going in the right direction to solve this problem.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,422
    This is a duplicate question that is already being handled in our magnificent ANSWERS department:


  • i just bought a 91 3000GT for 250 dollars and im having problems with the clutch. the clutch master cylinder cap isnt going on all the way, is there a ring or collar that fits around the cap. the clutch wont engage at all and i need help or a good picture of the clutch master cylinder cup.
  • jamj1234jamj1234 Posts: 24
    I recently replaced my clutch master Cylinder. The new one has a white snap on plastic cap. I will send a picture to your e-mail address from my cell phone camera.

    My car is a 95" 3000GT. In the last year I have replaced the clutch (aprox. $1700.00 I think) and recently the Clutch master cylinder. I have owed the car for 2 years and previously the clutch was grabing very high. Now it is working as it should.
  • thank you very much for your reply to my question im hoping that this is my problem i cant wait to get the pic of the clutch master cylinder if you can send a pic of the car also and thanks again from this new 3000GT owner
  • jamj1234jamj1234 Posts: 24
    I will need your e-mail to send a pic. However I am bot sure the cap will be causing your problem. When I bought my car the clutch was grabing high on the pedal stroke. eventualy the clutch started slipping when driving. The new cluch resolved that problem to the point I almost could not puss the pedal far enough to disengage to shift. The new Cluch master cylinder then solved my 2nd problem.
    Your car not engaging could mean your clutch friction plate is wiped out.

    If you have hydrolic fluid in the master I don't believe having the cover off should not matter for it to function.

  • 3kgtvr43kgtvr4 Posts: 19
    I had a problem in which mine would just choke on rapid acceleration only. Turns out it was the ECU. This is a widely known problem on the older 3S cars. Do a search for guys who do ECu repairs. Check the DSM boards also those guys have done more mods and repairs than us 3S guys. its about a $150 fix. And my car ran like new afterwards.

    My 3000gt website
  • 3kgtvr43kgtvr4 Posts: 19
    The twin turbo models from the factory only came in manual transmission. Now someone could have upgraded your engine to twin turbo. Its been done before. You can look at the pics on my 3000gt VR4website and see what your engine bay looks like. If you are an NA (naturally aspirated) model you can still upgrade your intake and exhaust for some horsepower gains. Check with the guys at 3SX for those and other mods you can buy for your car. I met those guys at the 3S National Gathering and they are true 3S guys all the way.
  • 3kgtvr43kgtvr4 Posts: 19
    Well the reason they were probably stolen as they are HID lights. That is also why they are very expensive. There are tons of 3S members in central Texas. I know I used to live in Oklahoma and have met many of them at the Texas club gatherings. Do a google search for the 3S Texas club. You can also check the boards at 3Si Forums to see if any one is parting out a 99 model.

    If you are going on a tight budget maybe see if you can put in some regular ones from a 96 to 98 year model. They wont be HID and the power systems may not be compatible. If you join the 3si club local or national you can get discounts from many Mitsubishi dealerships around the country. You can find one out of state and they might not charge you sales tax. Good luck in your hunt.
  • dirty13dirty13 Posts: 3
    i don't care what they say but i know your problem. i had the same thing happen to me and since i'm in the military also i know what you mean about money. know one could figure out the problem and i just had to do it myself. it's your battery terminals. check your ground if you can wiggle it or the other wires connected to it. if you can than just tighten the wire. i bet that will work. to make sure every time you drive the car look at your bat when you are driving if you see it drop than the next time you turn your car on and it won't turn on than that is the problem
  • dirty13dirty13 Posts: 3
    check your battery and tighten the terminal
  • dirty13dirty13 Posts: 3
    it's your windshield wiper fluid light if it looks like a cage than that's what it is. if you have your fluids topped oof. alot of people forget to fill there rear window fluid. just pop the trunk and it's on the right side near your taillight
  • sdarbesdarbe Posts: 6
    Name is scott, I just replaced my clutch prolly 3 months ago. When driving my car around I go to shift and it shifts really hard. I try to down shift and I fight my car everytime I go to shift from 3rd to 2nd and from 2nd to first it is really bad. Why is it doing this!!! also when I am driving I go to out my foot in the pedal and if I hold my foot on the pedal for more then 3 seconds or so, the clutch will suck to the floor and be stuck down there, I then have to reach down and pull it back up and it goes back to normal.. I just had my slave cylender replaced and that did nothing.. I am pretty sure I had my master cylnder replaced bout year or 2 ago.. But cant quit remember. I was always having to put clutch fluid in and had that fixed, but cant remember if they just replaced the line or the whole masters. I just want to know why its doing this. I have put alot of money in this car and plan to do whatever it takes to fix my baby. If any one has had a similar prob I would love to know about it and what I should do to fix this problem. If you need further info about it I am open for answers. PLEASE!!! its a 1993 SL!!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,422
    You have a problem with the clutch hydraulics. Either the clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, or the line is leaking or either master or slave is defective. This shouldn't be too hard to figure out. You can't shift because there's not enough hydraulic pressure being applied to the clutch.


  • dadallendadallen Posts: 2
    My 3000GT is in Default mode. The trans will only shift into Park, Neutral and 3rd gear. I was told that the ECU needed to be replaced and that was all that it needed. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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