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Nissan Murano 2006

up4styleup4style Posts: 1
edited March 20 in Nissan
Just dropped by a Nissan dealer and the 2006 Muranos are soon in production, ready for delivery mid-October.
NEW UPDATES as per the sales manager:
Exterior: new grill, new tail lights, new colors, new wheel styles
Interior: New 7" LCD info screen (like the FX-45's) standard with rear-view camera on all models, new center console, other interior redesigns...
There were rumors they were fixing the cheap feeling interior, I hope it is true...


  • pmendupmendu Posts: 14
  • pmendupmendu Posts: 14
    They will also have IPOD integration PACKAGE, using that 7" Navigation Screen....

    So u can use ur 7" Navigation Screen, to see song name and control IPOD w/o touching actual IPOD :)))

    But $2800 !! :(
  • I say just put a 20" LCD in there and get it over with. Kidding! I am really curious to know why they changed the grill. It was supposed to be one of the "artistic" features of the murano. I bet he was probably referring to the piece of plastic grill in the lower bumper. I will have to roll into a Nissan dealer this fall and do some comparisons.
  • droodroo Posts: 35
    Not sure this really means anything, but...

    NHTSA crash test site:

    They say it's a 2006, looks like the current wheels and grill...does anyone see anything different here from the current model? I can't view the side crash test video to see if there are any other visual clues...
  • rx10rx10 Posts: 3
    from here u can tell it is wrong, clearly it is not a 2005 or 2006 model, it is a 2004
  • droodroo Posts: 35 shows the same photos for the 2005 crash test:

    Not sure what the CR-V link is for...I guess it's basically the same thing, a 2005 photo on a page that says 2006...why would they post pages with old photos and info for new models they haven't tested yet? :confuse: :)
  • droodroo Posts: 35
    Some interesting sales info from

    · Best month ever for Nissan Division
    · July sales for Nissan-brand vehicles of 93,905 units were up 20.5 percent when compared to last year with 80,935 units sold
    · Murano (7,550 units sold) and Titan (9,114) had their best month ever; Altima (24,865), Pathfinder (8,249), and Armada (3,909) had their best July
    · Calendar year-to-date sales are up 17.3 percent with 570,202 units sold

    :) Oh, yeah, there was also this:

    To maintain Murano’s fresh look in 2006, Nissan adds several refinements, including two new colors. 

    Enhancements to the 2006 Murano:
    · New wheel design and restyled front grille
    · Brushed aluminum roof rail (SE)
    · Chrome accent lower front bumper
    · Chrome accent fog lamp rings and side sills (SL, SE)
    · Brushed aluminum rear bumper protector
    · LED rear combination lamps
    · Enhanced driver instrumentation to improve both daytime and nighttime visibility
    · 7-inch LCD color display standard on all models
    · Audio system adds the ability to play mp3 CDs
    · Illuminated steering wheel controls
    · Added Advanced Air Bag System (AABS)
    · RearView Monitor standard on SL and SE
    · New Leather Package
    · New interior color – Hazelnut, and new exterior colors – Sunset Red and Brilliant Silver

    Props to gstyve01 at, he found it.
  • pmendupmendu Posts: 14
    Hmmm no mention of IPOD integration or Redesign interior cheap look ?? :(
  • droodroo Posts: 35
    ...thought we might also see some of the handling mods/improvements from the Euro version.
  • I think the biggest improvement for 2006 will be an alternator that does not break ;)
  • droodroo Posts: 35
    ...won't that deprive newcomers like me from having the true Murano experience?

    :P ;)
  • ybmybm Posts: 5
    *pout* We have an 04 and are going to purchase a second one. I can't find what I want in the remaining 05 stock here in the NoVa area. Oh well, the upgrades sound good, I just hope the price doesn't go through the roof with them.
  • With all these new improvements, where is the locking gas cap? : :confuse: :
  • Boy...considering this is supposedly coming out in just a few weeks, they are keeping this pretty low-key. I found this page and especially noticed the audio system shot (looks nice so US probably wont get it) :)...and wonder if it's the new 2006 model. I was looking for a few features of the newest model and they hit 2 of my 3 wishes. Restyling of the (flat out ugly) grill...check. mp3 playability (finally!!!)...check. TELESCOPING steering wheel, which is needed for my 6'7" frame...uneasy feeling not. What is it with crossovers/SUVs not having this??? Subaru Tribeca doesn't either!
  • droodroo Posts: 35
    See, in the Photos and Multimedia section for the only US model 2006 photos I know of.

    Grill barely counts as a redesign. If you don't like the current one, you won't like the "new" one.

    We do not get the Japanese center stack. When I first saw that link you posted, I thought for sure we'd see it on the US version, but no.

    Still haven't seen any pricing or ext/int color options yet. They sure are keeping a tight lid on any Murano info. Wonder if that means we won't see the '06 models at the dealers until even later this year, seems like they didn't show up til November last year...
  • Thanks for the link. The pics were nice. I kind of don't like the swiss cheese rear lights, the grill looks about the same and the interior just got a little extra in it. I do like how the dials light up though. I really like the chrome roof rails and the running boards. Other than that its still looks the same. No one but a Murano owner could tell the difference.
  • I purchased the new Pathfinder about two months ago. My wife drives a Maxima, our 4th one, and decided that she really enjoys the pathfinder feel and sitting higher up. After telling her that we will not have two Pathfinders, she started looking at the Murano and the FX35. After having the Murano and FX over the weekend, she decided the Murano has a much better ride. We are trying to decide if we should wait for the 06 or make a deal on one that we located at the dealer.

    I noticed on the high res image that it appears that the 06 Murano will offer the autoshift feature, just like the FX35. Does anyone have any idea when they will make the official announcement?
  • Not sure where you think autoshift was visible in the photos. If you are referring to the auto button, that comes standard in all Muranos for temperature control. Nissan Is only adding mostly cosmetic upgrades. Nothing major to the mechanics of the car for 2006.
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