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Ford Shelby GT500



  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    If it's being made this week it won't be too much longer a wait. 2\23 might be the day and if it is you will forget the wait. I enjoy talking in this forum so much about this car. It's a shame some donkey's have to ruin it for some. I don't have anything against other cars, but this is not the forum to discuss other cars. Oh well if we ignore them when they intrude they will go away. Don't start smoking neither, it will stink your new baby up when you get her in a few weeks. :shades:
  • After it goes down the line and it's built, then from there it goes to another location to get the stripes put on. So it can also depend on how backed up they are with striping.

    So you may see it the week of 2/23 or it could be up to a few weeks longer. It is completely out of the dealers control as to when it will actually get there.

    Regardless, you will have before spring.

    We have one coming and the ETA was 1/29 and it still is not here. But it was built on 1/18. As of today, 2/14 it's still not here and we don't know when it will get here.
  • Do you have the VIN number? I can check it and find out the exact build date if it has been built.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Since you've owned a Z06, why not start a new "Z06 vs. Shelby" topic by going to the top of the discussion and clicking the "Add a Discussion" link? I'll be happy to link it to the Corvette Forum so that both groups of enthusiasts can weigh in.



  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I believe {shelbydude} is asking you [fastforagirl}for your VIN #. He will be able to get you schedule dates where he's a dealer. There is one schedule after the next. It's a little time consuming, but moving that many cars each day they have to rely on schedules. We wait for Ford to schedule a Vin#, then we wait for a scheduled build date, then we wait for a scheduled release date from plant, then it's a schedule date to be placed on a train, etc, etc. Take a deep breath and realize it won't be that much longer.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    This is a great idea Claires. Whoever wants to bash a Shelby by thinking their cars a greater should have a seperate forum. I don't like to brag about my car, unless it's with another member who owns one. I know what I have and I don't need to smash it in anyones face. There are good things and bad things about every make and model. I just haven't been able to find a flaw in mine yet and I doubt I will. :shades:
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    It's been fun chatting with all you peolple for some time now. Good luck with your Shelby's. You will enjoy it very much fastforagirl when you get yours. It's been fun and I hope to meet all of you some day at a car show. Brian signing out. :shades:
  • Hello Claires,
    Actually I'm enjoying this forum. I've only been here a few days and I feel the love you guys have for the Shelby Mustang. It shouldn't surprise you that I love em too. If I could get one at MSRP I would buy it today! I love my little V6 and would love to own a 500hp Mustang with Shelby on it. I just went to my Ford dealers web site and priced one with the options I want. It came to a little over 50K. (It's a convertible) The salesman told me they have sold only one at about 15k over MSRP. I know to some people this is just "supply and demand". I call it price gouging. I refuse to participate in such a deliberate rip off. For the hard core Shelby fans this doesn't seem to bother them but it does bother me. I love the car but a blatent rip off by the dealer turns me off. I envy the ones that get them and wish them the best of luck with their new car. I'll just slip off into the night now and dream of the old days when new car dealers were not like used car dealers. :cry:
  • One Ford Salesman told me that in this day when they have trouble selling models at invoice they plan on "riding the Shelby for all its worth." Really, can you blame them?
    My beef is when the salesman is condescending or downright rude about it. In the least, be polite.
  • It is not the dealers that are price gouging. It is the people buying that set the market price. Not the dealers. Trust me, if no one was willing to pay the mark up on these then dealers would not be charging what they do. The MARKET determines pricing.

    It's funny how you complain it is dealers price gouging. I bet you're the same type of person that would demand a dealer to pay you trade in value based on what Kelly Blue, Edmonds or NADA says your trade is worth. Then what those sites say it becomes gospel and anything less the dealer is trying to rip you off on your trade.

    So what if the same site said retail value on the new Shelby GT500 was over $60k??? Would that mean it is worth that much because Kelly Blue Book says so???

    Well guess what? Kelly Blue Book says the new Shelby GT500 is worth over $62k. That is the TRUE MARKET VALUE on this car. So if that is the true market value then paying $62k for one IS paying sticker!

    Remember, the MSRP price is merely the manufacturers SUGGESTED retail price. That doesn't mean that that is all the vehicle is worth!

    Look at the Shelby GT-H Hertz rental car. They are selling for $60k + at the auctions and those are USED with several thousand miles on them. You can get the Shelby GT Hertz version for $45k which is about $5k over MSRP!

    It is the MARKET that determines the TRUE RETAIL VALUE. Not dealers! If there are no buyers, as in, no market for it, guess what happens to the value???

    Look at the older Shelby GT500's. 67, 68, 69 and 70. They only cost about $4,700 new. Today they are almost 40 years old and PRIVATE OWNERS are getting over $200k for them! Talk about price gouging!!! That is over 40 times what they cost new 40 years ago! So how is this any different? Kind of makes the $60k - $70k price on the new Shelby GT500 a real STEAL in comparison.
  • Stock '06 C6 beat the GT500 hands down, Car and Driver last year. The GT500 isn't in the same class as the C6Z06. If I had unlimited funds I would get both. But in the real world, you get more for your dollar performancewise with either the C6 or C6Z06.

    I'd be interested in a road test comparison between the supercharged Rousch and the GT 500. Anyone got a link to this?

    Future resale value is purely speculative, btw. It may or may not pan out. Cars are not a good investment, relative to other choices, imo.
  • My wife and I are getting close to signing a purchase agreement for a GT500. Any recommendations as to what should be included in the written agreement would be very welcome; thank you. We have heard stories of dealerships holding deposits and then returning them to the potential buyers when a better offer comes along. What would bind the dealer to the contract? What is a reasonable deposit and should the signed purchase agreement be notorized? Again thanks, and my apologies for sounding a bit paranoid.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,623
    You're really at the mercy of the dealer, regardless of what you have in writing. The dealer is not required to sell you a vehicle. If they don't fulfill the sales agreement then you can sue them for damages. But you can't force them to sell you the vehicle.
  • Sue them for damages? Hmm...I don't follow. What damages would that be other than denying me the pleasure of owning the car? Seems to me the contract could be written to obligate them to sell me the vehicle at the agreed upon price.
  • I saw the comparison somewhere but can't remember where. Seems like they did the job for a little over $5k and slightly outperformed the Shelby. Maybe a internet search will turn it up.
    Just found this:
    It's not what I was looking for though. I think now it was a special I saw on TV... maybe the Speed channel.
  • How much over MSRP is the dealer agreeing to sell it for?

    Does the dealer have the allocation to get the car?

    Is this on a 2007 or a 2008?
  • There are a lot of things that can be done to increase the power and performance on any car. Especially modifying one to out perform one that is stock from the factory.

    If you also noticed that was an older clip. The guy in the video said both cars had the 4.6L which is incorrect. He said the Shelby had 475 HP which is incorrect. Originally it was said to have 475 HP but it actually has 500 HP.

    He said they did nothing on the brakes and suspension. That is incorrect. The Shelby does have different brakes and suspension over the GT Mustang.

    Also notice they used the convertible instead of the coupe? There is a difference in the weight distribution on the coupe VS the convertible and a difference in the sway link bars between the two.

    Basically that was a video trying to promote the Roush over the Shelby. But he did say the Shelby is faster on the straight away but on the track the Roush is supposedly better. Well how many people are going to be using their Shelby to race on the track?

    The Shelby GT500 suspension is shared with the 2005 Championship winning FR500C Grand-Am Cup Mustang.

    80 percent of the underpinnings on the FR500C race car can be found on the Shelby GT500, But they did "nothing" to the suspension, huh?
  • Absolutely correct. That Brit twit is sputtering utter nonsense. The GT500 has bigger brakes (and tires) and a completely different suspension than stock. Contrary to what that Euro idiot says, the GT500 sits lower than stock. In fact, during that same video, here not shown in its entirety, the dope drives a V6 Pony and says straight-faced, right into the camera, that he's driving a GT -- poor fool doesn't even know which car he's driving. (Sorry, Anglo-jerk, slight difference between the Pony and GT: like different engines, transmission, exhaust, suspension, brakes, wheels, and tires.) That video, btw, is all about the Vette C6Z06, which that Brit snot, has to admit, in spite of himself, is the ultimate car orgasm.

    I had the hots real bad for the GT500, after falling in love with and buying an '05 Mustang GT Premium. Trouble was dealers, those lowly, slimey, greasy critters: they wanted to pick my pockets. I ain't gonna fork up, no way, not in this world, a markup of $10k for a Ford, when for the same money, in the neighborhood of $54k, I can get a Vette which will leave that front-end heavy Ford behemouth in the dust. The GT500's super-charged cast-iron engine throws the weight distribution way off, towards the front, and adds pounds to the car, making it a candidate for Slim Fast.

    Trouble with the Roush's is that they're overdressed, vulgar, like so many of the Mustang GT's I see on the road. Eighteen inch chrome wheels, hood scoops, and God knows what only make the car ludicrous and hype the already-aggressive look, especially the front end (imo, of course). :shades:
  • As a newcomer to this forum I would lake to take a moment and share a few observations.
    I somewhat expected to read posts specifically addressing the GT500 which would be helpful and cogent. Instead, I find myself scrolling through numerous posts about how great the vette is and disgruntled posts belittling the Shelby by those who have no intention of ever owning one, for whatever reasons, the most likely being they simply can't afford it.
    If I wanted to read how terrific the vette is, which I personally find butt ugly, I would visit a vette forum. In the meantime, if someone knows of another more focused forum for the GT500, please let me know. Thank you for the consideration.
  • Cars aren't a religion, one doesn't exclude the other.

    Here's the Car and Driver road test of C6 Vette vs.GT500:

    The whole appeal of the GT500 was that as a Mustang it wasn't going to be that expensive. Before the car went into production, press releases put the figure at $40k or below. But when dealers starting adding ridiculous markups, bringing the car in the lower to mid 50's range, consumers, myself included, had to start thinking, "What else can I get for that kind of money? What's the competition?" Answer: the Vette. :shades:
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