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Ford Shelby GT500



  • You sound like a Dealer to me. Are you a dealer or work for a dealer?
    The rip off comes from the fact that Ford is only producing a limited supply of Shelby Mustangs. This creates an artificial shortage of units available to customers who like to buy the car. I don't mind that if they are then sold on a first come first serve at the MSRP. But dealers recognize they have the customers who want the car in a bind. They are taking advantage of the situation by charging thousands more for the car than Ford Motor Company intended. This is not Ford policy. This is simply dealers taking advantage of the situation and filling their pockets with money they don't deserve. It's not like I can go somewhere else and get a Shelby Mustang. Dealers are given the exclusive monopoly to sell this car and decide to stick it to the customers for whatever they can get. If it were a normal supply and demand situation then Ford would make as many Shelby Mustangs as they could sell. That's standard business practice. If ford makes too many F150 trucks and can't sell them it's because they are trying to force vehicles on the public that they don't want. Blaming the customers for that is silly.
    So we have different points of view. You are entitled to yours and I'm entitled to mine. So not only will I not purchase a Shelby Mustang, I will never purchase a Ford of any kind again. That's also my right.
  • My car is here! I just got an e-mail from the dealership!!!! I may have to clear my calendar this afternoon! You say you have seen pictures, I'd be curious to look at them. Are they on a website somewhere? I wonder how it would look to have the blue le mans stripes with a black ragtop.
  • I spoke with the dealer this morning and he assured me they have an allocation for my order and as soon as they receive my check today they will place the order.
    Here is a link which shows the Navigation system. 085845185QQihZ004QQcategoryZ6236QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    This is a car currently on Ebay. I ask the dealer to order my car in Ebony Black with White Stripes and Black Interior. I am not interested in the Shaker 1000 Shelbydude because of the extra weight and the room it takes up in the trunk. I also don't like all that "base" at my age. If I were 20 years younger-maybe! Thanks for the help in advance.
    Is it wise to order a car from a northern Florida dealer and then have it delivered to a southern dealer? Is this possible and ethical since this dealer sells his at $20K+?
    Retired in Cape Coral Florida
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Hopefully you will not read this until after you have picked your new baby up. If you are close your internet and go get her. I am very happy you have her finally. When you have a chance hope you post pictures. Congratulations the wait is over. Good luck and don't forget to post pictures. :D
  • Dealer just called me and said the order was placed and it was order# H001. Does that sound right shelbydude? I was also able to order the shelby car cover which will show on the window sticker. It was $375 for anyone interested. They gave me a wait time of 2 to 4 months.
  • I have an opportunity to buy the Shelby Cobra (Black w/White Stripes) from a buddy for 54K it has 600 miles on it shaker 1000 + everthing but nav. He wants to order the new one coming in the fall (not cobra) Should I buy it? Thanks for the info.
  • Yes, I think it is a fair price. You might be asking the wrong guy though. I think that is a fair price based on the market and it is about $10k over MSRP which from all my homework, seems like a good deal. The dealer here in my town has sold them as high as $80k and now wants a minimum of $20k over MSRP. That is why he keeps reposting the red one on EBay and it is there now again. Makes me mad I have spent $70k on 2 cars with them in 2 1/2 years and I can't get at least a matched deal. Oh well, maybe I have found a new dealer.
  • Right you are!

    I have her! I'm so happy! Will post pictures this weekend. I'm so glad the dealership did not jerk me around, and still can't believe I got her in four months' time. Will post pics this weekend when I come down off cloud nine.

    I'm just so happy right now.
  • The navigation was added around December as another option.

    It wasn't available before that.
  • Funny you mentioned the Cervinis side scoops! I was just on their site today thinking about ordering those myself. The side scoops and the side window scoops.

    I think that is the only thing Ford left off this car since every Shelby I seen has them.

    They are attached with 3M double sided tape. But I'm still considering putting them on.
  • Moronix,

    It doesn’t create an “artificial” anything! There is nothing “artificial” about it. It is REALITY and FACT! The entire history of Shelby’s has been a very limited number. In fact, the 2007 and 2008 Shelby’s will be the highest production ever on a Shelby Mustang. They are building about 18,000 of these over two years. That is a LOT more than all prior years combined!

    Dealers don’t have customers in a bind. It the CUSTOMERS putting themselves in this bind! FACT! There are more customers WILLING to pay a high premium to get this car, period!

    FACT! If customers refused to pay a premium just like you refuse to pay one, then the premiums would drop drastically.

    So what you are saying is, I don’t care that people will pay over MSRP! I don’t care dealers have customers to sell to over MSRP! I want mine for MSRP and the dealer should sell it to me instead of the customer willing to pay more and that is more than happy to do so! How DARE that dealer! Get real, man!

    Would YOU take a lot less for something you had to sell just because I wanted to pay you less for it even though you had buyers willing to pay what you wanted???? Of course you wouldn’t and you know it! But if a dealer does then they are just a bunch of rip offs! Please!

    As far as what Ford Motor Company intended, where in the heck do you get that idea from? Ford Motor Company does NOT set the prices of what dealers sell their cars for! If Ford Motor Company did then dealers would not be allowed to mark them up NOR would they be allowed to take anything less! Oh, but paying LESS than MSRP is all good and dandy, huh? But paying more is just a down right crime! The MSRP is nothing but the manufacturer SUGGESTED retail price. Key word here, SUGGESTED.

    Do YOU pay MSRP on every new car you buy? Or do you usually pay less? Who are YOU to determine what price a dealer has to sell their products for???

    Do you complain at all the grocery stores about paying over MSRP on their food they sell? Obviously there are grocery stores charging over retail since the prices all vary from store to store on the same food items. Do you stand and complain to them? Or gas stations? Or any other type of store? Doubtful. It’s called FREE enterprise! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! It’s that simple! Quit blaming the dealers!

    BTW, the good news is that anyone that buys one of these won’t have to worry about losing money. Regardless of what they pay they will get every penny of back or more if they decide to sell it! There have been some people that have already sold their Shelby which is USED with miles and got MORE money than what you could have paid for a new one! I have seen them sell on ebay!

    This is another reason for the higher premiums. This is a car that everyone feels will only appreciate in value VS depreciate like most cars do! History of the Shelby Mustangs have proven this to be the case.

    So are those people that own the older Shelby’s just a bunch of crooks like the dealers are? Heck, they must be bigger crooks! They are getting over 40 times what those cars sold new at! But, they know they have the buyers in a bind because they are not making them any more and they hold out for every penny they can get! Shame on those people! Oh, well, I just won’t be buying one for the $200k plus they are demanding! I guess I’ll have to settle for the new one at $60k which is only about a $15k mark up VS the $195k mark up for an older Shelby!
  • niptuck,

    The dealer you order this from COULD have the car dropped shipped at any dealer where you could pick it up from. This way you wouldn't have any extra shipping costs involved.

    Check with the dealer and see if they would do that for you. They may require you to pay for the car in full in order to do it, but is up to the dealer.
  • Not sure on the order number.

    But are you getting a Shelby GT500 or the Shelby GT? There is a big difference between the two. The Shelby GT can be purchased all day for only $5k over MSRP where the Shelby GT500 is going anywhere from $10k - $30k over MSRP.

    Did you get a particial vin number? When they place the order they should get a particial vin number and when Ford schedules it they will get a complete vin number.

    For the Shelby GT500 the first part on the VIN will be 1ZVHT88 for the coupe or 1ZVHT89 for the convertible.

    The T88 represents the Shelby GT500 coupe and the T89 represents the Shelby GT500 convertible.
  • Correct. The navigation and the car cover are two new added options available on the Shelby GT500. These options were not available prior to December orders.
  • fastforagirl,

    YOU GO GIRL! Now you are going to be REALLY FAST FOR GIRL!!! ;)

    You are going to really enjoy that new ride!

    Looking forward to your pictures!
  • Sounds pretty good to me! I wouldn't sell mine for that!

    If it has the Shaker 1000 and the other two options, sirus sat. radio and premium interior package then MSRP on that would have been $45,060 which means you are just under $9k over MSRP. Not bad at all!
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I agree. It was my only knock against Ford when I rated mine. In my visual a true Shelby has the Leman's stripes and the side scoops. My dealer asked me why I didn't want to order a convertible when I placed my order. It was the stripes and to me the coupe looks so much like the 67 fastback did. My wife knew I fell in love with Elenor and at the time considered buying one from Shelby. Just didn't have the money for one or I would have. If I do mine it will be with the Cervini's. I'm a little hesitant on the idea tape will hold these on, but I wouldn't buy them if it wasn't tape holing them on. I'm on top of the fence waiting to hear more from customers that have them.
  • I have to assume the 3M tape would hold up OK. I assume if Cervinis has been using them on all their kits then it must hold up OK.

    The one thing I like is that with the tape you should be able to remove them later if you wanted to put everything back to normal.

    I think if I do it I would order an extra set just to have incase one did come loose and lost on the road somewhere.

    I checked with the parts department on the side scoops Ford adds to the CS model. Those do have two holes in the side to mount onto the car. So those would require drilling holes which I don't want to do.

    BTW, if I wasn't lucky enough to of gotten the Shelby I was going to go with getting a GT and having Cervinis do their Eleanor kit on it. I think that is a hot looking car! My wife has a 2005 Mustang V6. I have been trying to get her to let me trade her out of that and get a GT with the Cervinis Eleanor kit.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "Dealers are given the exclusive monopoly to sell this car and decide to stick it to the customers for whatever they can get. If it were a normal supply and demand situation then Ford would make as many Shelby Mustangs as they could sell. That's standard business practice."

    It sounds as though your beef then is with Ford for not making enough Shelbys to meet demand.

    Prices SHOULD always be determined by the market IMO. ALWAYS. If demand is low and supply is high, then the dealers (and Ford) would be stupid to insist on MSRP. You mentioned F150 trucks where supply often exceeds (by a good margin) the demand......yet I'm sure that if YOU were in the market for an F150 you wouldn't insist on paying MSRP just because that's the suggested price.

    Why then insist on MSRP when demand far exceeds supply? Personally, I don't have ANY problem with dealer's getting as much as they can. It's called free enterprise; if I don't like the price, then I don't buy. But whining about how 'unfair' it is is simply pointless.

    Where I DO have a problem is when the dealer's tell folks that the demand will CONTINUE to outstrip supply 6, 8, 12 months from now so there's no point in waiting. In reality the dealers are simply HOPING the demand continues strong since that just means more money in their pocket.

    Ford needs to sell lots of cars. There is NO point in Ford NOT MAKING more high $$$ cars IF they feel the market will support it. If their analysis indicated that the market would only support 16k, 18k, or 20k Shelby Mustangs over a 2 year span, that's all they'll make. But if dealers are STILL able to get 10k over MSRP a year or so after production began, for what POSSIBLE reason would Ford halt production?
  • Hello Shelbydude,
    As I already said we will just have to agree to disagree. I just took a look at Ebay and noticed one dealer advertising (Hartsville, Oh) he has 9 Shelybs in stock. How is that possible? Just curious.
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