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Ford Shelby GT500



  • Are you saying $10,000 over dealer cost or MSRP? I ordered mine on 3-20-2006, and the salesman was talking $10,000 over MSRP. I will get my deposit back if he honestly thinks i am going to pay $10,000 over MSRP.
    Thank you
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    If you ordered one how much did you expect to pay? Dealers don't pay what's on the sticker they pay invoice. The deals I've heard and seen are as high as $25,000 to $30,000 over MSRP. If you agreed to pay $10,000 over MSRP with your salesman and have one on order for you, your a lot better off than some.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    While I ordinarily blast dealers for such mark-ups over MSRP, in this case it seems to me that it's the customers who are nuts - folks who have more money than sense.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I don't fault the dealers either. The true blame I feel needs to go more towards Ford and Shelby for hyping these cars up for close to 1 1\2 years and then setting a low production amount to be built. If I could build one at MSRP prices I would order one today, but that option is not available to me. To be paying this huge mark-up to own one is absurd. If these Shelby's were being made as the original ones were by Shelby's employee's that might be different. Where these Shelby's are being made strictly on an assembly line to me there not worth double the price. :shades:
  • killjoykilljoy Posts: 20
    Come on guys.....If your going to pay over MSRP your crazy.....It's like the guy in Dublin, CA. who was trying to justify to me that spending $62,000 for a SVT 300. He told me it was on a AMG frame. So its like getting a $120,000 AMG for half price. I told him no matter how you look at it, you don't spend over MSRP or 60k on a chrysler. It took me 20mins on the internet to locate a dealer who would sell me a SVT 300 at 46k MSRP. But even that was to much to give to a salesman. Do you really want to give anyone 10k to 15k just to sell you a car? They have a big laugh as you drive away. And yes your picture goes on the wall. It will say another proud SVT owner. But thats not what the salesmen really says about the pictures on the wall.

    Ford has pushed me over to waiting for a 400 hp Camero. This doesn't mean chev will not try the same tactics. It will be harder when camero's line their lot just like the mustang GT out here. Just remember chev will release their SS and it will probably be 500hp or more.

    There are V8 GT out here just sitting on lots and not selling. Don't believe anything the dealer says.

    Its all in the hype.........
  • sssstsssst Posts: 21
    I too have jumped ship. Been a Ford guy all my driving life until now that is. Been waiting on the Shelby since I found out about it just after I sold my 96 Cobra 4 years ago...(Dream Car White 68 Shelby GT 500 KR). With the demise of SVT so do I go banging on the GTO's door or maybe I'll hold up till the Changler get to town. It does look like Ford will be down for a while. :( :mad:
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    I spoke with my dealer about purchasing a new GT 500. Price will be $20,000 over MSPR with a non-refundable deposit of $15,000 required. Period, end of discussion. Good thing I don't really want one. I can get an SRT8 Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum, or Jeep Grand Cherokee at invoice from the same dealer. It's all about what people are willing to pay. P.T. Barnum said it best, "There is one born every minute!"
  • Ford is going to build about 16,000 Shelby's. About 8,000 per year for two years only. If you think it about it, getting one for only $10k over MSRP is CHEAP! The 2005 GT Mustangs were selling for $3k - $5k over MSRP and the Convertibles were selling for $5k - $10k over MSRP. So a Shelby with such a limited production and only being built for two years and being able to get one for $10k over MSRP is a gift! There are Ford Dealers offering to buy dealers allocation on these for $20k over! A dealer paying 20k over and the public being able to get one for only $10k over??? I'd say that's a GIFT!

    Here is the real scoop on how this works. Every Dealer get's at least ONE! If they sign up for it, get certification, and pay Ford the fees! The fee is $1,500 to Ford from the dealer PLUS the dealer has to buy special tools from Ford to work on this car. With MOST dealers only getting ONE of these cars, and having to pay $1,500 in fees plus buy the tools, the dealer would LOSE money at MSRP!

    Every dealer that signs up, get's certified, pays Ford the $1,500 fee plus buys the required tools, will get at least ONE Shelby Mustang. Dealers that are SVT Focus dealers will get ONE for that. Dealers that are Full Line SVT Dealers will get TWO for that. Dealers that are 2005 Presidential Award wiiners will get ONE for that. Any remainder units will be divided up based on prior year sales. IF there are any remainder units left, which will be few, far and between!

    So if you are a dealer and not a SVT Focus or not full line SVT and not a 2005 Presidential ward winner, you get only ONE.

    Dealer plus SVT Focus dealer you get only TWO!

    Dealer plus full line SVT dealer you get only THREE!

    Dealer plus full line SVT dealer and 2005 Presidential Award Winner you get only FOUR!

    Any remaining allocation left after that will be divided based on prior year sales. So top volumn dealers MIGHT get an extra unit. MAYBE!

    Since the mark up on these from Invoice to MSRP is likely to only be about $2k which is about the same as a GT Convertible, a dealer that only gets ONE will have paid out more than that for the $1,500 FEE that it cost to enroll to get this car, plus the cost of the tools required, plus the cost of materials required by Ford to be displayed in the showrooms, ANYONE that is able to buy this for only MSRP will be one LUCKY individual! The dealer selling it for MSRP will LOSE money on the sale at that price unless they are a dealer that gets more than ONE unit to sell!!!

    This is FACTUAL information here based on FORD's information provided to the dealer.

    Yes, I'm a dealer!
  • BTW,

    Orders are now being accepted. No pricing is available yet. Production on this car starts June 5th, 2006.

    Ford is releasing both coupes and convertibles side bt side. They were going to release convertibles about six months later after the coupe, but decided to put both out at the same time.

    Also, the coupe will have racing stripes over the top and on the side. Convertibles will NOT have over the top stripes and on the side only.

    You can have the option to delete the stripes if you choose.

    We are a dealer. We will get two. They are both sold! We turned down $20k over MSRP from another Ford Dealer to buy our allocation! We sold ours at MSRP plus $750 over on each to cover the $1,500 fee charged buy Ford to enroll to get this car!

    A lot of these will sell for $75k. Anything less than that is going to be a good deal! Whether you like it or not, they will sell out at a premium because there are more buyers for this car than there are cars being built to meet the supply and demand.

    Also remember one important thing. The dealers do not set the pricing on these. YOU, THE PUBLIC DOES! If NO ONE was willing to pay a premium the dealers would have no choice but to sell them for less. But is YOU the general public, that sets the pricing on these based on supply and demand and the willingness to pay the extra money to get one!
  • You will get your deposit back if they are selling it to you for $10k over MSRP, but you gladly agreed to $10k over dealer cost???

    And just how much do you think dealer cost is in relation to MSRP??? Dude, you're talking about $2k from cost to MSRP! So you are saying you'll pay $10k over cost but not MSRP and will get your deposit back over a measly $2k difference between cost and MSRP??? LOL
  • "LOL" all you want. First off, I am a vehicle dealer (not Ford), and there is no way the margin on a $40,000.00 product is only $2000.00, but this is totally beside the point. I am not sure where you get that I said anything about dealer cost, as it is not mentioned in my post. My post says clearly that I will not pay $10,000 over MSRP, which has nothing to do with dealer cost. I agreed over 1 year ago (March 30th, 2005, $10,000 down payment) to buy one of these cars sight unseen at MSRP, and the salesman agreed to this. Now, this salesman has quit, and the deal has changed. Plainly, and simply stated, I will not pay $10,000 over MSRP. I will wait until they are sitting on the lot, or buy one used, just like I did my current 03 Cobra. 03 Cobras also started out with Dealer Added Markup, but cooled off later. The Cobras were discounted, and had large factory incentives at the end of 2004/beginning 2005 model year.
  • On a 2004 GT Convertible that stickered at $31,500 the margin was only $2,000.

    I just looked up a 2006 GT Convertible that stickers at $34,855. Invoice $32,171. That's only a $2,684 margin. I suspect the Shelby won't have much more margin than that.

    As far as waiting until they are sitting on the lots, good luck! This isn't like buying a Cobra. The Cobra was built for many years. The Shelby is only being built for two years with approx. 8000 units per year. Only about 16,000 total units over two years and that is it. The demand is extremely high on this car and most have deposits on them already and have been spoken for. You will not see any sitting on a lot down the road and I doubt you will ever see a rebate on this car like the cobra had.

    And buying a used one will still cost you as much if not more than MSRP. Used 2005 GT Mustangs have selling close to what MSRP was. Resale on these have been high. Partly due to the fact you couldn't get one and a lot of those in 2005 sold for $3k - $5k over MSRP because Ford couldn't meet the demand. Now there are a lot of 2006 GT's around so resale should cool off some on the 2005 used, but they are still getting a good price on them considering what the used 03 and 04's got.

    Since most if not all 2007 Shelby's will be sold out quick, resale will demand a premium. Especially when you have new car dealers offering to pay $20k over for your allocation.

    Over 228 million people over the age of 16 in this county and only 16k units to go around between them all. You do the math. That's ONE unit to every 14,250 people over the driving age in this country. So they only need one person for every 14,250 that is willing to pay whatever price to get this car.

    Of course, that doesn't account for any dealers that plan to keep one for themselves. About 4,000 Ford Dealers in the US. So if only half keep one or sell one to an employee that leaves only 6,000 units to go around to the public.

    And like I said earlier in another post, most dealers will only get ONE of these. Every dealer has to pay Ford $1,500 as an enrollment fee to get one, plus buy special tools at what ever cost that will be, plus buy display materials required to be displayed in the showroom at whatever cost that will be. So a dealer only getting one of these would be lucky to break even if they sold theirs at MSRP! The margin is gone and eaten up in the fees and cost of tools and materials required to enroll in this.
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    I'll buy a Vette before I pay anything over $40k for a Mustang.
  • Well fellas tell me something why is the new chevy camaro better than the mustang its better in just just a about all things with the 07 shelby gt 500 dont believe me check it out on chevy web site.
  • Well shelbydude, I just my call from the dealer to place the order, the kids woke me up Yelling Mom (the dealer) is on the phone. Wow I have waited like forever.
    I believe your posts, have read them all, the numbers will be limited and with Mr. Shelby's age, these are THE LAST ORIGINAL SHELBY COBRAS TO BE BUILT AND APPROVED BY THE MAN.!!!!! So with the money Ive had down, now my verbal order is placed, dealer is saying we've bumped you to number 1 on our list, also hearing the same as you said the tools, sending mechanic for certification on the cobra, hearing but not remembering where, svt dismantling due to internal problems, these cars are CHEAP, one only has to watch Barett Jackson auctions to know this statement is true. and with the production of the gt 40's coming to an end, this car will be an instaneous collector's item. Its time to shelf the die cast model and get ready to drive the real thing. By the way Im 50 something and my son is handicapped, How much over MSRP, for my son to ride in that car and see it in the garage, THE PRICE IS REAL CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    You know, as much as I was looking forward to being given the opportunity to buy a brand new Shelby I took my 66 Mustang to work tonight and was quite excited. First drive of the new season is all ways fun. I don't begrudge anyone who has the financial backing to pay the premiums for the new Shelby's. A little jealous, but all the power to the ones who can afford it. What I don't understand is all these posts about buying chevy's or dodge's instead. Once a true Ford man all ways a Ford man. PONI 66
  • sssstsssst Posts: 21
    ">What does Ford have for us now with the demise of SVT other than the Mustang GT with-in a reasonable cost? At least the SVT Cobra was attainable and a great car for the money. I loved mine and was looking forward to the new Shelby. Now, I just purchased (today) an 06 GTO and it's a monster I'd have to say it would have put my Cobra to bed!
  • Get real dude!!! A GTO??? The resale on that car sucks, BIG TIME! Fast car? Yeah, but it looks like an oversized chevy cavilier. You couldn't GIVE that car me! Now had they nade that car retro to a REAL GTO then they would have made a WINNER! But it's a loser! I'll take a Shelby, Camero and Challenger. Those are NICE cars! The new GTO suchs!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Let's focus on the Shelby Cobra GT500, please!

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  • sssstsssst Posts: 21
    Hey dude,
    You may have the loot to spend on a Shelby but alot of us working non dudes don't. If I could get past the Ford dealers and had the money I would gladly take the Shelby, why not it has been my dream to own one of them since 1968. Maybe some day I will luck out like you DUDE! Camero and Challenger in case you haven't been around, these two are not in production as yet and maybe never will be DUDE! Enjoy your $75000 Mustang man, I mean DUDE!
    Sorry for the masked profanity in last posting. I just get so worked up with meatheads!
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